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Pioneer Woman Statue

Ponca City, OK – Bryant Baker, Sculptor – Dedicated April 22, 1930.

Marland Mansion

Ponca City, OK - Constructed 1928.

Ponca City Library

Ponca City, OK – Constructed 1935.

Standing Bear Museum & Education Center

Ponca City, OK - Dedicated September 29, 2007.

Kay County Courthouse

Newkirk, OK – Constructed 1926.

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"Why waste your money looking into your family tree? Just go into politics and your opponents will do it for you." - Mark Twain
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Welcome To The PGS Website

It is our intention to provide a place where a variety of genealogy-related information and tools can be shared with family researchers.

Our society organized in 1971 and draws its name from the Pioneer Woman Statue erected in Ponca City in 1930. This statue celebrates the noble spirit of determination displayed by the women who settled this region. We seek to honor the determination of all of the pioneers and their descendants, along with the Native American cultures that were early inhabitants, who continue to be a major element today.  Our focus is on Kay County but we also include limited information related to the surrounding counties of Osage, Pawnee, Noble and Grant;and also Sumner and Cowley counties in Kansas.

Our monthly meetings are open to the public and held at the Ponca City Library. We also answer queries (see restrictions), publish a quarterly newsletter, compile local genealogical records, and provide a mentoring program for genealogy assistance in cooperation with the library.

Our object is to make this website easy to navigate.  The following are some brief comments that may help in learning about the website content.

  • Current PGS events can be accessed using the "Calendar of Events" link icon.
  • Links to local libraries and museums are included in the "Area Repositories" section (including a link to the state office for obtaining birth and death certificates).
  • Access instructions to the electronic data bases (Heritage Quest) from a personal computer are located on the Ponca City Library page.
  • The "On-Line Records" section contains a variety of information collected from different sources - see the sub-menu for different categories of interest.
  • Kay Co. marriage applications for the period of 1893-1999 are located in the "Online Records/Marriage Records" section.
  • Interments in all Kay Co. cemeteries before 2003 (and some to 2010) are located in the 'Online Records/Death-Obit Records section.  A link to the Master Index of these individuals is located on the Kay County Cemetery page.
  • Maps of county townships with individual section numbers designated are included in the "Property Records and Maps" section.
  • The 1941-1942 Kay Co. Atlas with a listing of propety owners is located in the "Property Records and Maps" section.
  • Links to popular websites that are used frequently to assist in various elements of research are located in the "Related Websites" section.
  • Information about up-coming events (not sponsored by PGS) that may be of interest to the visitor are located at the bottom of the page.

We would invite the users of this website to help us make improvements and any needed corrections by sending a message to our webmaster.  Thank you for your assistance!

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Workshops - Training Opportunities - Meetings of Interest

(Use "Related Websites" on the main menu for links to these sites)

*On Demand*  Internet - Relative Roots Webinar Introduction to Genetic Genealogy at Family Tree DNA

*Oct 4* - Internet - (Live)  Legacy Webinar:  No Easy Button: Using "Immersion Genealogy" to Understand Your Ancestors - Lisa Alzo

*Oct 6* - Internet - (Live)  Legacy Webinar:  Sweden's Multiple Naming System and How They Changed in the 1800's - Martha Garrett

*Oct 6* - Internet - (Live)  Legacy Webinar:  Past Conflict Repatriation: The Role of Genealogists and Methodology in Fulfilling Our Nation's Promise - Jeanne Bloom

*Oct 6* - Internet - (Live)  Legacy Webinar: Reasonable Exhaustive Research of African American Families That Came Out of Slavery - LaBrenda Garrett-Nelson

*Oct 6* - Internet - (Live)  Legacy Webinar:  Using Timelines for Correlation and Analysis - Jill Morelli

*Oct 6* - Internet - (Live)  Legacy Webinar:  Land, Licenses, Love Gone Wrong, and Other Assorted Courthouse Records - Ann Staley

*Oct 6* - Internet - (Live)  Legacy Webinar:  Systematically Using Autosomal DNA Test Results to Help Break Through Genealogical Brick Walls - Tom Jones

*Oct 7* - Internet -(Live) SCGS Webinar:  Think Like a Historian: Why Do People Do What They Do? - Sara Gredler

*Oct 10* - Internet - (Live) ISGS Webinar:   Funeral Homes and Family History: They're Dying to Meet You - Daniel Earl

*Oct 11* - Internet - (Live)  Legacy Webinar:  Southern States Migration Patterns - Mary Hill

*Oct 13* - Internet - (Live)  Legacy Webinar:  Is Your Society Growing? Social Media May Be Your Saving Grace - Dear MYRTLE

*Oct 17* - Internet - (Live)  Legacy Webinar:  Databases, Search Engines, and the Geneagical Proof Standard - David Ouimette

*Oct 18* - Internet - (Live)  Legacy Webinar:  The WPA: Sources for Your Genealogy - Gena Philibert-Ortega

*Oct 18* - Internet -(Live) SCGS Webinar:  Family History + Health History Lead to Personalized Healthcare - Dr David R. Dowell & Elizabeth Balkite

*Oct 25* - Internet - (Live)  Legacy Webinar:  Midwestern & Plains States Level Census Records - Paula Stuart-Warren

*Oct 29* - Internet - (Live)  Legacy Webinar:  Filling in the In-Between of the Jewish BMD - Rose Feldman

*Oct 29* - Internet - (Live)  Legacy Webinar:  Introduction to the Use of Autosomal DNS Testing - Tim Janzen

*Oct 29* - Internet - (Live)  Legacy Webinar:  Google for Genealogy: Search Tricks to Tease Out Information - Jessica Taylor

*Oct 29* - Internet - (Live)  Legacy Webinar:  Discover Your Family History with MyHeritage's Unique Technologies - Daniel Horowitz

*Oct 29* - Internet - (Live)  Legacy Webinar:  How to Pass Your Ancestors' Legacy to Your Grandchildren - Jessica Taylor

*Oct 29* - Internet - (Live)  Legacy Webinar:  Advanced Autosomal DNA Techniques used in Genetic Genealogy - Tim Janzen

*Oct 29* - Internet - (Live)  Legacy Webinar:  Jewish Family Research Challenges - Garri Regev