Obituary/Death Notice - Bennie Sanders

Submitted By: Loyd Bishop

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Bennie Sanders

SANDERS – Bennie, son of John Sanders of Hunnewell, Kans., met with his death by drowning in the Chikaskia river last Saturday afternoon. He with is brother Joe and sister Beatrice came to Blackwell with their grandmother last fall to attend school. When school closed Joe and Bennie returned to their home on a farm near Hunnewell last Friday. The boys were delighted to get back. Bennie had been out enjoying his chickens and riding the horses and enjoying other pleasures of a farmer boy. After this he thought he must go to the river. He asked his father for permission, who refused him several times, but finally granted him his request thinking he had been pent up with school work during the year, and also thinking he would be safe with his older brother. So they started for the fiver in great glee with some neighbor boys. Bennie and some smaller boys left their older brothers, and went around the bend of the river and went in bathing. Heretofore the river had been shallow at this point, but as is commonly the case with these rivers, it had washed out and was deep. His companions swam out safely, but Bennie went down to rise no more till rescued by some men who came too late to restore him to consciousness. Bennie was eleven years eight months and nineteen days old, and very bright for his age, was loved by all his playmates and teachers. He always knew his lessons, and could quote scripture like a grown person. When Bennie’s name was called there was profound silence and attention. He possessed a happy and cheerful disposition, usually wore a smile and had a happy greeting for everyone. He was regular in his attendance at Sunday school and junior C. E. and when called upon responded promptly and cheerfully. His mother died in Kentucky when he was a year old. A few months later his father came to Oklahoma with the children, and Bennie’s grandmother took him in charge and cared for him as on of her own. Bennie’s oldest brother Eddie died at the age of three years. The friends and relatives have the deepest sympathy of the community in their bereavements. “For I am persuaded that neither life nor death, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things to come, nor height, nor depth nor anything shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”
The body of Bennie was brought to Blackwell, where the funeral was held at the Christian church on Monday, conducted by Rev. Isom Roberts, and the interment was in the cemetery south of town.

Card of Thanks

For the kindness and sympathy given us in this hour of deep affliction by dear friends and neighbors, we desire hereby to express our grateful thanks.
E. J. Sanders,
Mrs. A. B. Sanders,
Mrs. M. E. Ralston.

The Blackwell Sun
Blackwell, Oklahoma
April 26, 19086

Submitted By: Loyd Bishop


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