Obituary/Death Notice - Dayle Eugene Smith

Submitted By: Loyd Bishop

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Dayle Eugene Smith


Died May 11, 1899. Dayle Eugene, infant son of Bert and Hattie Smith, after an illness of five weeks.
His suffering was intense and for the third of his life he fought death seriously. But he is gone, our hands are empty our hearts are sad, but grieve not. The Lord gave the Lord hath taken away. He is at rest. We shall meet him again; over on the other shore he waits to bid us welcome. The funeral was held in Baptist church May 12, conducted by Eld. J. M. Via. Text, 2 Kings 4-26, is it well with the child?
Many friends were present to offer aid and condolence.

The air is full of farewell to tho dying.
And mournings for the dead;
The heart of Rachel for her children dying
Will not be comforted.
There is no death! O' that seems so is transile
This life of mortal breath;
Is but a suburb of the life clycial,
Whose portal we call death.
He is not dead-the child of our affection,
But gone unto that school
Where no longer needs our poor protection,
And Christ himself doth rule.
And this is the end of it all,
Of my waiting and my pain;
Only a little funeral pail.
And empty arms again.
O baby, my heart is sore
For love that was to be;
For the untried dream of love, now o’er
Twixt the, my child and me.
T'is a weary world at best,
This world that he will not know;
Would I waken him out of such perfect rest?
For its sorrows and strife? Ah no!
Escaped are its thorns and harms,
The only path he has trod;
Is that which lends from to mother’s arms
Into the arms of God.
A Friend.

The Kay County Sun
Blackwell, Oklahoma
May 25, 1899

Submitted By: Loyd Bishop


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