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Pioneer Woman Statue

Ponca City, OK – Bryant Baker, Sculptor – Dedicated April 22, 1930.

Marland Mansion

Ponca City, OK - Constructed 1928.

Ponca City Library

Ponca City, OK – Constructed 1935.

Standing Bear Museum & Education Center

Ponca City, OK - Dedicated September 29, 2007.

Kay County Courthouse

Newkirk, OK – Constructed 1926.

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"Why waste your money looking into your family tree? Just go into politics and your opponents will do it for you." - Mark Twain
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Death & Obit Records: T

Jeff Tanzey March 26, 1941 Loyd Bishop
John R Tate November 19, 1908 Loyd Bishop
Sarah A (Dyer) Tate October 16, 1902 Loyd Bishop
Child of John Taylor July 22, 1907 Loyd Bishop
M S Teter March 04, 1920 Vicki Ebert
Chas Thomas May 19, 1904 Loyd Bishop
Odell Thomas November 2, 1899 Loyd Bishop
George B Thompson June 6, 1907 Loyd Bishop
Mrs Luther Thompson February 13, 1902 Loyd Bishop
Charlie Thorp December 29, 1904 Loyd Bishop
Edith Marie Thorp August 22, 1947 Vicki Ebert
Mr and Mrs Charles Tieman's Daughter May 25, 1905 Loyd Bishop
Royce Wayne Tomlin February 23, 2007 Louise Willison
Susan Abigail [Lyon] Toney March 05, 1963 Vicki Ebert
Lewis Ferrell Toney October 13, 1983 Vicki Ebert
Myrtle Mae [Jones] Toney September 20, 1988 Vicki Ebert
William A Toney March 30, 1951 Vicki Ebert
Irwin Topsy February 21, 1907 Loyd Bishop
Lena M Treadaway October 31, 1975 Shirley Harlan
Albert Tremble Jr October 20, 1988 Vicki Ebert
Oliver Tican Tripp June 26, 1919 Vicki Ebert
Cornelius Trump January 16, 1908 Loyd Bishop
N W Tubbs April 03, 1900 Loyd Bishop
Turner Child October 14, 1897 Loyd Bishop
Thomas W Turner August 16, 1936 Vicki Ebert
Dianah Turvey  February 18, 1904 Loyd Bishop 
Elmer Turvey August 29, 1895 Loyd Bishop
Dora A (Standley) Tyler November 10, 1904 Loyd Bishop
Sarah E (Endicott) Tyner January 14, 1907 Loyd Bishop


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*Mar 27* - Internet - (Live)  Legacy Webinar:  No Purchase Necessary: Free Genealogy Tools for Your ipad/iPhone - Devin Ashby

*Apr 2* - Internet - (Live)  Legacy Webinar:  One Touch Genealogy Research: How to Handle a Record Just Once - Thomas MacEntee

*Apr 6* - Internet -(Live) SCGS Webinar:  US Colored Troops and Their Civil War Service - Karen Burney

*Apr 9* - Internet - (Live) ISGS Webinar: Using Bureau of Land Management Tract Books - Michael John Neill

*Apr 10* - Internet - (Live)  Legacy Webinar:  (Swedish) Fran DNA-match Till Slakting (Swedish) - MyHeritage Webinars

*Apr 10* - Internet - (Live)  Legacy Webinar:  Plain Folk Researching Amish and Mennonite Families - Peggy Clemens Lauritzen

*Apr 16* - Internet - (Live)  Legacy Webinar:  Transcribing Documents: There is More Than Meets the Eye! - LaBrenda Garrett-Nelson

*Apr 17* - Internet - (Live)  Legacy Webinar:  Boost Your Germanic Research: Understand Historical Jurisdictions - Tersa SteinKamp McMillin

*Apr 17* - Internet -(Live) SCGS Webinar:  Tracing Female Ancestors in WWI Military and Non-Combatant Records - Debra M. Dudek

*Apr 18* - Internet - (Live) NEHGS Webinar:   Researching Women in Archives - Judy Lucey

*Apr 23* - Internet - (Live)  Legacy Webinar:  Censuses Around the World: What You Need to Know About Census Collections and Genealogy - Mike Mansfield

*Apr 24* - Internet - (Live)  Legacy Webinar:  Comparing the Genealogy Giants:, FamilySearch, Findmypast and Myheritage 2019 edition - Sunny Morton

*Apr 26* - Internet - (Live)  Legacy Webinar:  How I Built My Own Brick Wall - Rebecca Whitman Koford

*Apr 30* - Internet - (Live)  Legacy Webinar:  English Parish Records: More than Hatch, Match and Dispatch - Helen V. Smith