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Queries - B


Will Babb [] October 2010

"Pioneer Staff":
About 4 years ago, I spent one full day in Kay County, OK.  My routine is to take pictures of every stone in a cemetery, go home and upload the non-duplicates to; all the while, looking for my Babb relations.
One cemetery was New Home Cemetery, the "town" of Eddy.  I call it southwest of Blackwell but I did not find the town, cemetery is on a slight rise in the prairie.  Among the pictures I take is Sarah E Taylor/Babb and Inez B. Taylor/Babb.

Another cemetery was Prairie Chapel Cemetery, Blackwell, Kay County, OK.  This cemetery is northeast of the New Home Cemetery, and northeast of Blackwell.  Among the pictures I take is Sarah E Taylor/Babb and Inez B. Taylor/Babb.

These photos were taken maybe 4 hours apart and I did not notice the similarity until I got home and was putting names on my pics. I went to my family files and found them; Inez B. Babb was the daughter of Sarah Elizabeth McNemar & Marion Wilson Babb.  Marion Wilson is my "3rd cousin, twice removed".

Without going to any trouble, do you have any comments about these two gravestones in separate cemeteries?  I'm sure we agree that the four burial sites are not occupied by these two ladies.

Thanks in advance for you assistance, please have a good day,

Will Babb

Your people are definitely buried in Prairie Chapel Cemetery
According to my records they are as follows
Marion Wilson Babb  Aug 4 1862  Mar 21 1945         Block B  Lot 12  Sp 1
Madeline Babb Inkster  Dec 8 1906  Dec 21 1971        B        12       2
Sarah E. Babb   1870-1959                                       B        12       3
Inez Babb Taylor  1889-1964                                   B         12      4
Sarah & Inez have a c/s (common stone)
My suggestion to your thinking the pics were in 2 different cems are probably due to when you downloaded them you had no way to distinguish when you changed cemeteries. Only possible thing that could have happened.
Now are far as the New Home Cemetery or Eddy Cem. that cemetery IS NOT IN KAY CO.
It is in Grant Co. That cemetery is located on the WEST side of the road that divides Grant Co. from Kay Co. That road is the dividing line between the 2 counties. East side of road is Kay Co.---West is in Grant Co.
Lots & Lots of misinformation people make when putting that Cemetery on-line.  The little town of Eddy was pretty much a spot in the road years ago. Several houses, elevator, grocery store, ect. But is no longer there as I'm sure you noticed :)
Hope this has helped you. Just know your people are in Prairie Chapel



Fred Ferguson [] June 2011

What is the best way to find out information about my great grandfather and
great grandmother who died around Bartlesville, )K.

William Andrews Bailey who died in 1926 and Selina Shervington Bailey who
died in 1944.

This is all the information that I have been able to find on them.

Any help would be appreciated.
According to my checking neither of them are in Bartlesville, Washington Co. Ok.

By your death dates you listed, they are both buried in Shawnee, Pottawatomi Co. Okla. in the Fairview Cemetery.

This is what I found on each. If this corresponds with what you have or know, then this is the right track. Otherwise, that will need more work :)

William (Will) Andrew Bailey b. 12-2-1861 Iroquois, Illinois d. 2-10-1925 Shawnee, OK.
Ida Selena "Lena" Shervington Bailey b. 3-28-1871 Missouri d. 8-28-1944 Shawnee, Ok.

I'd advise you to start checking census records, as that will help you trace them down at least every 10 yrs.
Let me know if I can be of anymore help

Thanks for the help Shirley. I am new at this. Is there somewhere online I can check the census data?
Thanks again,



Michelle Banks Watt [] March 2004

I've been searching for Mary Ann (Stevenson) Banks' place of death. I noticed that the Genealogical Society also has it possible you might have a paper that contains her obituary? Below is the last known census which includes her. We have not been able to locate eith James or Mary in the 1910 Census
1910 Census Kay Co, OK ED 93, Pg 11 Longwood Twp
James M (sic) Banks, WM 65 b. Nov 1934 b KY parents B KY married 43 years living with wife Marry (sic) Banks in household of son Solomon P Banks.

Mary A Banks [husband James W] died Sep 25, 1904 burial in Longwood Cemetery. James is not listed. Newspaper issue which should have had obit is missing.

Dr. Garold Barney [] July 2005

Dear Persons:

I have been searching for three years now to find the origin of my Barney family. This I know of reasonable certainty: My father, Edward C. Barney was born in 1906 in Seiling, Oklahoma.
My grandfather, also, named Edward C. Barney, was most likely born in Kanakee, Illinois, in 1866-7. Grandfather had a brother named Napoleon that,too, moved from Illinois to Seiling, Oklahoma (1910) and then to Blackwell, Oklahoma region.
Napoleon married a woman by the name of Mae (or May) White. Napoleon registered for the draft during WW I in Kay County. There is no record that he served in the military, however.
Several children were born to Napoleon and Mae and lived in Kay County---perhaps in Blackwell. Napoleon and family appear in Federal Census as late as 1920 in Kay County.
It appears that Napoleon died---or was killed---in about 1926.
No existing family members know the first name of Edward or Napoleon's father. Perhaps an obituary would contain some helpful information.
At one time Napoleon was Catholic but may have changed his religious preference to a Protestant church.
If I knew the names of newspapers in Blackwell and Kay County, I might be able to search further.
According to some family members, Napoleon was shot to death while sleeping in his home. If that is true, a news paper must certainly have covered that story.
Any suggestion that you care to make will be greatly appreciated.

Blackwell Morning Tribune Oct 1, 1934
Barney, Found with throat cut, succumbs Sunday

Blackwell Morning Tribune Oct 2, 1934

Blackwell Morning Tribune Oct 3, 1934
Funeral services were held at 2 o’clock Tuesday

***Note: Survived by daughters Mrs. Marie Roeder of El Dorado, KS & Mrs. Lucile McGowan of Tonkawa, Sons W I Barney of Tonkawa, Elvin Barney of El Dorado, KS, Floyd and Harold Barney of Corpus Christi, TX.

Copies of newspaper articles available on request

Misty [] January 2008

I am looking for the gravesite of Julius H. Bartels. The little information I have is as follows:

Julius H Bartels was born approximately 1900, place unknown. He died between 1955-1957 in a big Blackwell tornado. His is supposed to be burried there.

Julius married Ola Lauren Riley on Feb 22, 1921 in Oklahoma. They had one daughter, Lucille F Bartels, born January 3, 1922 in Kingfisher, Oklahoma. They divorced shortly after and he went to Blackwell, Oklahoma.


Yes, he is buried in the Blackwell Cemetery B. Jan. 24, 1895 D. May 25, 1955

May 25, 1955 was the date of a devasting tornado that hit Blackwell. So he was evidently killed the night of the tornado. Shirley

Betty Fredrick []

Can you help me get a death records on my great grand pa Berryman Barnett Nov 2 1827 pass away Newkirk Okla. Thank you betty
Sorry, birth and death records must come from Oklahoma City.
Here is the address

Vital Records Service
Okla. State Dept. of Health
1000 Northeast 10th Room 117
Oklahoma City, OK. 73117
Ph 405-271-4040

I would advise you to call them first to find out what you need to do and how much the charge is. I do know you have to furnish proof of that person is your ancestor. Also, if the date you gave me below is a born date, they will need a complete death date.


Adam Baughman []

I am trying to research my family lineage and when I did a search of Irvin W. Baughman, my great grand father, on the Metacrawler search engine, it brought up this website. I could not find his name on the website however. I would have thought this search result just a random matching of the words Irvin and Baughman except that I know that my relatives did live in Ponca City for quite some time. I was wondering if you could be of some help. Irvin has been my "brick-wall", so to speak since I have not been able to research farther than him. He was married to a Bertha Davidson and had at least three siblings, Homer Olive and Laurie. Irvin had four children, Ira, Harry, Loren, and Fannie. Any help in this matter is greatly appreciated

Kay County Marriage Records [Application dates] Kay County Courthouse-Newkirk, OK

Baughman, Irving W - Davidson, Bertha E 9/24/1906 Book 6 Page 123
Baughman, Ira – Dupee, Laura 7/2/1931 Book 23 Page 616
Baughman, Loren – Kirkpatrick, Marguerite M 1/10/1942 Book 34 P 184

Adam Baughman [] June 2011

I'm searching for information on the parents of Irving Baughman who married Bertha Davidson in Kay County in 1906. I have struggled to find his parents as I've seen documents with an "Irvin" or "Erwin" and "Irving" spelling. Are there any records with his parents names? Perhaps associated with his marriage certificate?
According to my records, yes, they applied for a marriage license 9-24-1906.

Also, they both are buried in Ponca City IOOF Cemetery.
Irvin W. Baughman 1882-1938 Pioneers of Okla.
Bertha E. Baughman 1891-1951

I think their children were--Ira I. Baughman, Harry Baughman, Loren Baughman.
There is a Harry H. 1910-1966 along w/his wife Veda L. also buried in Ponca IOOF. So this could be one of their sons.

As for the numerous spellings of Irvin name, that is most common on census records since census takers early on weren't too swift about spelling. Guess they never asked how to spell a persons name, just wrote it down as it sounded to them.

But according to 1917-1918 draft registration card this is the way it was listed:
Irvin William Baughman b. Feb 20, 1882 Indiana. He was listed as a carpenter.

As far as Irvins parents, I found Jacob Baughman b. Nov. 1855 Ohio mother, Alice b. Dec 1857 Indiana
On the 1900 census Wayne, Starke Co. Indiana
Jacob Baughman
Ervin 18
Laura 16
Margret 13
Homer 11
Ollie 8
Ida 5
All the above kids were b. in Indiana. Notice the spelling of kids--I put it down just like the census showed.

They are all on numerous census from 1860 on.
Jacob's parents seem to be George Baughman b. Ohio and Margaret b. PA

P.S. Irvin's brother Homer & sister Ida are also listed in the Ponca Cem.
Hope this will help you go on with your checking. Let me know if I can help further.

Thank you so much Shirley!

I had found Irvin's father Jacob and Alice on a census too (when we went to he LDS Temple in Salt Lake) but if I remember correctly, there was something incongruent about it; either dates, ages, or places of origin. I will have to dig back into it.

Ira Baughman is my grandfather. He died early at age 42 or 44 when my dad was only 2 so much of the namesake died with him.

I'm very excited now! I will check back in with you soon to confirm this lineage. Thank you so much!
I looked in my research sources and found the same 1860 census with George Baughman and family. I didn't commit to it because of the spelling of "Ervin" for Irvin on the later census (thinking I was going up the wrong tree.) The other inconsistency was the 1900 census has Jacob's mother's birthplace as Ohio, not Pennsylvania as stated on the 1860 census. Any thoughts?

It's amazing how common George Baughman and Jacob Baughman names were.
Don't let the census's throw you!! As I said before back then census takers wrote down what they heard & evidently asked no questions as to spelling. And probably spelling names exactly right wasn't for them to worry about.

Also, the state a parent was b. in was sometimes wrong. Maybe due to all of them moving so much, the kids couldn't remember where their parents were born, let alone themselves!!!!

I checked the 1860 Census again + 1870 for Geo. Baughman & wife Margaret. Positive they were the parents of Jacob. According to those 2 census's I came up with 11 children listed.
At that time they were in California, Indiana Starke Co. Does that meet with what you found??

Then sometime between 1870-1880 Jacob was married to Alice. As they were in North Bend, Starke Co. Indiana listed as:
Jacob Baughman 25
Alice " 22
Nora " 5
Edward " 10 mons.

Then the other day I sent you them on the 1900 census.
Couldn't find the 1910 Census but found the 1920 census in Jordan Valley Pawnee Co. Ok.
Jacob Baughman 65
Alice " 62
Homer " 30 Single (he is Jacob's brother)

See if this is close to what you have been checking. You might check Pawnee Co. Ok. to see if Jacob & Alice stayed there.


Heath [] Feb 2004

Do you have any info pertaining to a W.B.(William Benjamin) Beach?? That's all I know. Well, I do know he lived in Ponca City during WWII. He had a son, also W.B. (William Benjamin) who was a WWII vet and was shot down in Vienna, Austria. He was in a B24 Bomber. Do you have info on the son also??

In the cemetery records for Ponca City, there is a W.I. Beach 1885-1952
Will Beach 1874-1936 (brother)
Hal Beach 1879-1948 (brother)
These three are in the Ponca City IOOF cemetery.

John Chase [] December 2004

I am looking for information on my Third cousin Nancy Cordelia Lunceford b.February 27, 1868 d. March 13, 1942 at 303 W. College St, Blackwell, Kay Co, OK.
I know that her husband John William Beatty d.April 09, 1917 I know that she was buried at The I.O.O.F. cemetery in Blackwell and I am only
assuming that John is also buried there.

I would like to get John's burial location confirmed and his date of Birth for my records and any info that you might be able to assist me with.

Nancy Cordelia Lunceford was a daughter of James Monroe Lunceford and Margaret Elizabeth Chase. Nancy's Grandparents were John Chase and Nancy Campbell. My Great Grandparents were William Elvin Sr. Chase and Jane "Jennie" Campbell from TN. The two Chase brothers married two Campbell sisters.

Your assistance will be greatly appreciated!

Respectfully, John Chase

They are both buried at the IOOF Cemetery south of Blackwell
Block 154 Lot 8 which is located just inside the North Gate.
There is also a monument which Cordelia Beatty placed there in 1938. Pictures of the tombstone are available on request.


Vicki Reynolds [] Feb 2004

Researching information on my Uncle who was DR. James T. Bell who lived in Ponca City Oklahoma back in the 1950's He had a Chiropractic practice on 1315 Gore Blvd..& 305 1/2 East Grand St.. He was born 5-27-1920 in Sherman TX, Died 11-14-1973 in Cheyenne OK. Married to Elwanda Wood-Bell 8-23-1945 in Dallas TX. Had two sons, Chris Adrian Bell and Jeff Scott Bell. He attend a Presbyterian Church in Ponca City,OK and was a mason. Thank you

No information found.

[] April 2004

I am trying to find out what cemetery Analiza Benge, wife of George Benge and her infant son Leonard are buried. They died between November 1902 and probably February 1903 near Ponca City and the Arkansas River. Analiza was born Mary 27, 1869. Leonard was born in November 1902.

No information found


Ed Heselton ( May 2012

From Ed

I'm trying to locate an obit for Della who died 5 Feb 1973 in Ponca City. She is buried with her husband, Edd, inI OOF' cemetery. I am most interestd in her maiden name and place of birth in Arkansas. Any help greatly appreciated.

Ed Heselton Florida

From PGS

It is our society;s policy to charge $2 for obits. Both Della and her husband's obits can be found. Would you like Ed's also or just Della's??

Thanks.... Vicki

From Ed

Many thanks for this. I just need Della's as I have Edd's. Happy to pay your fee; do you need my address or do you send it in an email?

From PGS

Attached is the obit for Della.



It was published in the Ponca City News, Ponca City, OK February 5, 1973



You can mail the $2 to:

Pioneer Genealogical Society P O Box 1965

Ponca City, OK 74601




I hope you have great results in your research









 bennett Della Obit.jpg


Barbara Day ( February 2012

Pioneer Genealogical Society Staff:  According to my grandmother Beulah BERRY's Kay County marriage license, she was living in Blackwell at the time of her marriage to Stanford Joseph McCALEB in December 1916.  According to family lore, she was working in her sister's boarding house, and Stanford was a boarder there.  Although I image the boarding house is no longer standing, it would be really nice to at least have an address for the house where my grandparents met, to include in my records. I will be in the area for family history research in early May, and I would very much like to search for information on this boarding house.  Therefore, could you please tell me if there are any Blackwell and Ponca City street directories available for the period 1915 to 1920?  And, if so, where are they located, such as at one of the public libraries in the area?   I would also welcome any other suggestions you may have for locating an address and additional details on this boarding house.  Thank you in advance for your time and reply.  Regards, Barbara J. Day


I have exhausted all ideas that I have for finding the boarding house. 

I have checked all the area libraries and the historical society for city directories or for any book that might have the info that you are requesting.  I checked the advertising in a 1921 warden Atlas and 1917 yearbook that I have with hopes of finding advertising for a boarding house. Also checked the North Central Oklahoma History book that was published a few years back. None found.  Hotels advertised but not boarding houses.  I imagine boarding houses advertising was more likely to be by word of mouth.

The Top of Oklahoma Historical Museum has some old tax books rescued from Kay County court house in Newkirk.  You might find something in them.  They are located on Main Street in Blackwell. [Across the street south from Bob’s Grill – only building on the block]

I did find Stanford and Beulah’s marriage license date 12/6/1916 Book 10 Page 305.  If you don’t have a copy, you can write the court clerk and get a copy for $1 and a SASE.

Just for your information:

Blackwell Public Library – 123 W Paden [right behind above Museum] doesn’t have much of a genealogy section. Earliest Directory they have is 1933.  Has town newspapers.

 Newkirk Public Library  - 116 N Maple – Not sure about their genealogy section.  Has town newspapers, but The Microfilm reader is ancient.

 Tonkawa Public Library – 216 N 7th – Librarian said they didn’t have much on genealogy

 Ponca City Public Library – corner of 5th and Grand Ave [downtown] Only directory even close to that time frame is 1909-10 and it is locked up.  They have a very large genealogy collection, but I don’t believe there would be any thing there that would help you locate the boarding house. If you have other genealogy info you’re looking for in this area…this is the place to go.

 Have you searched the LDS Library to see if they have any Directories? They microfilmed so much they might have done some.

 I hope that this info will help you during your research here.

 Vicki Ebert


Dear Vicki....You are indeed a fine example of what is best about us genealogist - the willingness to go to great lengths, turn over every rock, and hunt down all possible resources, just to find another clue that may help another genealogist move his or her research along.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate your extensive search for this simple boarding house on my behalf.  For example, I probably wouldn't have thought to check for it advertising, and it makes sense that this probably modest boarding house would advertised word-of-mouth, anyway. 
Finding the boarding house's name and address in a city directory was just a shot-in-the-dark to try, since events in Blackwell, like my grandparent's marriage and my grandfather's WWI draft registration, took place between the 1910 and 1920 census.  None the less, I hope that eventually locating a reference to it will help me determine which of Beulah's married sisters she was living with when she met Stanford.  And, I'm sure the house has long ago been torn down, so I had no real expectations of just driving by while I'm in Blackwell.  But, thanks to you, I now have so much more information to work with than before.  Per your suggestion, I will likely skip the Blackwell Public Libr., or at least just make a brief stop, and I will plan some time for the Ponca City one.  It also sounds like the best place to search for books that may have historic Blackwell and Ponca City town pictures, which would give me some insight into what those town were like when my grandparents lived there. Plus, Bob's Grill sounds like a good place for a hamburger while in town.  So, afterward, and armed with the married names of my 4 great-aunts, I just may find the boarding house on the old Kay County tax records right down the street.  Yes, I do have Stanford and Beulah's marriage record, but it's a poor microfilm version.  So, I thought I would try to get a better one in Newkirk, since it's so close.  Now that I have the actually book and page numbers, that whole process will be much faster. And, thanks for reminding me about the LDS resources.  I've been so busy planning my May research trip to Oklahoma that I forgot to check their website for available Kay County microfilm for my annual September trip to the library in Salt Lake City.
Finally, I realize that you have spent a lot of time researching my request, for which I am very grateful.  To further show my appreciated for your time and efforts, I would like to make a contribution to your Pioneer Genealogical Society, in your name.  If you could please tell me how and where to send my check, I'll get it in the mail this coming week.
Regards, Barbara Day


Thank you for all the kinds compliments...They are very much appreciated.

I did finally  get in contact with a writer friend and she reminded me of the fact that they were mostly located in the vicinity of the railroad station. In the 400 block of West Blackwell. There is one she said she found mentioned in the old books at the museum which is right across from the station on Blackwell Street.  There is also a big yellow house across the street North that was probably one.  If you can schedule it where you are at the museum in the morning, the lady the usually runs things and would know more then the others is there.

A donation would be so appreciated by our small society. You may send it to the following:
Pioneer Genealogical Society
P O Box 1965
Ponca City, OK 74601
And Thank you very much.

If I can help with anything else, please feel free to contact me.



Vicki....Thanks for the additional information.  Who knows, I may uncover an address in the old tax records, and find it was one of those located on W. Blackwell.  Be sure to thank your writer friend for me. This has become a fun quest!  Usually, I spend these family history research trips digging through dusty old 17th. and 18th. century records, pouring over huge land record ledgers, or strolling through cemeteries, not to mention cranking a lot of microfilm.  This time will be a bit different because the details I'm researching are more contemporary, and sketchy at best, since the two parties are long deceased, as are their siblings and 3 children.  I grew up 3,000 miles from these grandparents, so I never really got to know them as people.  However, after 15 years of genealogical research, I now know a great deal about their family histories, way back to the original Colonies.  I have, of course, interviewed family members, so I know a bit about Stanford and Beulah's personalities, and I have a little family lore to work with, like how they met.  Now, I thought I would just roam around the areas where my grandmother was born near Oklahoma City, in the tiny town of Kendrick, take some time to look for her father's land in Yukon, now a suburb of Oklahoma City, and then take a casual drive up to Kay County, to explore where my grandparents met and married.  You've been so very helpful in that last goal.  Plus, I like to tell folks that genealogical fieldwork is a great way to see interesting parts of our country, that I might otherwise not have explored.  So, I very much look forward to visiting your area.  I probably won't find a lot of documentation, but it promises to be a memorable trip, none the less.  Thanks again for helping me make the most of this little journey to learn more about my grandparents.  My contribution will be mailed this week.  Regards, Barbara

February 2005

Libby Stone [] February 2008 Updated May 2008

I am searching for information of JAMES T. BICKSLER b. 1848 Virginia. He relocated from Henry County, Iowa to Kay County, Oklahoma in 1903. He married Catharine Mathews. She died between the 1910 and 1920 census. Children were:
1) Minnie b. 1873 married Robert Davisson Pool
2) Ella b. 1877 d. 1895
3) Frank b. 1880 married Mary Inez Oldt d. Bef 1910
4) Nellie b. 1883 married Pinkney W. Carter
5) Clarence b. 1885 married Jessie

I would welcome any information of this family, especially death information of James T. Bicksler and first wife Catharine. I know that some of the children stayed in the area, and I wonder what happened to the land that James purchased in 1903. James was married to Mary L. Handy and living in Kansas City, Missouri on the 1920 census. Family information says that he died in 1921. Did he die in Oklahoma or Missouri?

Thank you,
Libby Stone

Search of available records finds the following:
Bicksler Buried in Blackwell Cemetery Block 164 Lot 6
Ownership lists CW Bicksler
Sp 3 James T Sep 01 1848 – Mar 12 1921
Sp 1 Kate Oct 24 1850 – Sep 26 1913
Sp 5 Clarence W Nov 12 1885 – Aug 23 1969
Sp 7 Jessie Lee Mar 23 1886 – Sep 02 1982

Kay County Marriage applications shows

James T Bicksler and Mary L Handy Dec 22 1915 Book 10 Page 103
Clarence Bicksler and Jessie Bush Mar 28 1910 Book 7 Page 503
P W Carter and Nellie Bicksler May 10 1915 Book 9 Page 467

Newspaper index online shows [This is not complete]
Clarence obit Aug 24 1969 Pg2/6
Jessee Obit Sep 3 1982 Pg 8/8
Mrs Minnie Pool Dec 8 1944 Pg 1/7
Rev Robert D Pool Apr 23/24/25/26/1934 Pg 5/8 3/7 5/5 5/2

Kay County court records shows [Not sure how much of this they have online]
Jessie Lee Will Case P-82-00208 Sep 16 1982

1921 Warden atlas shows
JT Bicksler is listed in Carlisle Twp SW Qtr of sec 26
Nellie [S1/2 of SW sec 19] and Pickney Carter [NE sec 17 – NE sec 21] are listed in Round Grove Twp

You mention that copies would be available for Jessie's will, and also land records for James T Bicksler and descdendants. In the Henry County Iowa newspaper it says that in 1903 James and family departed for Oklahoma " where Mr. Bicksler purchased a large tract of land last spring." I don't know if this implies homesteading or not, but it something that I would like to follow up on.

I am attaching photos of the Bicksler's tombstones at the Blackwell Cemetery, Kay County, OK.
The 1921 Warden Atlas Carlisle Twp and Round Grove Twp plat maps.

Well, you made me cry with the tombstones ! I don't know why ! When I saw James tombstone, I just lost it. I guess when you have been tracking someone for a decade and finally find a resting place, emotions take over. The funny thing is, this is really a collateral line for me. James T. Bickslers son, Frank, married my great aunt, Mary Inez Oldt. This is such a sad story. Mary died the same year as their only son was born. She died of consumption. Her husband Frank and little son, relocated to Kay County Oklahoma with his Dad and family. This was 1903. Before the 1910 census, Frank had drowned in the local river, leaving John Paul an orphan at age 4 !! James raised him. He is the one I am actually tracking. (John Paul Bicksler) He is my Dad's first cousin. My Dad will be 91 in May and has always wondered what happened to John Paul. I have tracked him through 1938 in Fargo North Dakota, but then he and family disappear. That is another story altogether !!

Hey, one thing more from Oklahoma would be what actually happened to Frank M. Bicksler. His death date on the tombstone in Henry County, Iowa reads that he died July 9. 1904. Would there be death information on that? That would be only one year after arriving in Oklahoma. Evidently they took his body back to Iowa to rest with his young wife.The family thinks he drowned. Now I have just asked you for yet another favor !! Vicki, if you don't send one more piece of information, I will still be one happy camper !1 There is no way I could have found any of this information, and pictures too !!

July 10, 1904 Kansas City Star, Kansas City, Missouri carried a article that Frank Bickslet had drown and the body had not been recovered. [Nothing could be found in the local papers]
Jesse Bicksler's will Consists of 30-35 pages
Probate started about Sep 16, 1982 and ran til 1985
There are 5 People listed. As follows:
Ivan L Bush 3226 E 34th St Tulsa, OK Brother
Grace Bush Foster 6007 E 8th Wichita, KS Sister
Ruth Bush Isle The Sequoas Box 8182 501 Portola Valley, CA Sister
Lloyd J Bush Jr 2004 Arapaho Rd Edmond, OK Nephew
James Morton Bush 77 E Missouri Ave #43 Phoenix, Az Nephew

General Inventory listed:
1 1st Nat Tonkawa, OK $10,000 CD
2 1st Nat Tonkawa, OK $ 5,000 CD
3 1st Nat Tulsa, OK $10,000 CD
4 1st Nat Tulsa, OK $15,000 CD
5 US Treas Note $10,000
6 US Treas Note $10,000
7 US Treas Note $10,000
8 Merrill Lynch Stock $45,000
9 1st Nat Tonkawa, OK Checking
Checking $4,834.25 + Interest on above = $17, 248.77
Expenses: Burial, DR & Etc, Estate Tax, Atty fee, $10,570.05
Leaving a balance of $6,728.72
Each of the 5 were issued checks for their share as follows
Feb 1984 $23,200 Mar 1985 $1,046.49

James T land was purchased from A D Landphere So no homestead.

Carter Land The sec 19 piece came from James T to Nellie. The other pieces were purchased Times must have been very hard for them as it appears that it was mortgaged time and time again.

***Note: I did not get any copies
P W Carter marriage application says AM Carter Father
Married May 12, 1915 in Ponca City
Age 40 born Ark
Nellie's section says she was 31 born in Iowa J H Bicksler
Robert D Pool ME Church minister of Woodward married them

Clarence Bicksler Marriage application says James Bicksler Father
Married Mar 30, 1910
Age 24 Born Iowa
Jesse Bush James Bush Father Age 24 born Kansas
T H Oarkhill Methodist Minister married them

James T Bicksler marriage application says Samuel Bicksler father
Married Dec 22, 1915
Age 67 born Virginia
Mary L Handy age 50 born Kentucky NO Father listed.
M Porter Methodist Minister married them
Blackwell Journal Tribune Dec 8, 1944
Pool, Buesing rites at Porter's Saturday
Two services will be held at Porter's Funeral home Saturday.
Rites for Mrs. Minnie Pool, former city resident who died at Larned, Kans., Wednesday morning, will be conducted at 2 pm with Rev O R Henderson of Wellington officiating. Burial will be in the IOOF Cemetery.
***Note I did look and could find no other obit.

Blackwell Journal Tribune Sep 3, 1982
Bicksler graveside service set
Tonkawa – Graveside service for Jessie Lee Bicksler, 96, a resident of Hillcrest Nursing Home, will be at 2pm Saturday in the Blackwell IOOF Cemetery under the direction of McCafferty-Bolick Funeral Home. She was a longtime Tonkawa resident and died Thursday night. She was born March 23, 1886 at Augusta, KS. Her husband Clarence, died in 1969. Survivors include one brother, Ivan bush of Tulsa and a sister.

Blackwell Journal Tribune Aug 24, 1969
Clarence Bicksler Services On Monday
Tonkawa-Service for Clarence W Bicksler, 83, 101 South 10th, Tonkawa, who died at Ponca City General hospital Saturday morning will be at 2 pm Monday at McCafferty-Bolick Funeral home chapel. Rev W R King officiating. Burial will be in Blackwell IOOF Cemetery.
Mr Bicksler was born Nov 12, in Salem, IA and came to the Round Grove aread in 1906. In 1948 he moved to Tonkawa. The lone survivor is his wife, Jesse Lee, of the home.

Blackwell Morning Tribune Apr 24, 1934
Pool funeral will be held on Wednesday
Reverend Pool was born November 14, 1872, on a farm near Burlington, Iowa—the son of a Methodist preacher. He has been blind since 12 years of age. August 28, 1895 he married
Survivors include his widow, his son, a brother, John W Pool, pastor of the New London, Iowa Methodist church, a sister, Mrs M L Poulter, Mt Pleasant, Iowa and Miss Lydia S Pool, a sister, a missionary at Khandwa, Inda.


This is the entry I found on line:

Just found this entry January 2008


Name: John P. Bicksler
Date of Death: 21 Oct. 1949
Place of Death: Tacoma
Age: 49
Estimated Birth Year: Abt 1900
Gender: Male
Certificate: 17941


One of our members has been transcribing the obits and death notices in the old newspapers 1893-1908. These are on the PGS Website.
This was found in his transcriptions of the Ponca City News.
At least now you know "The rest of the story"

from the Ponca City Daily Courier, 16 July 1904
Death by Drowning.
-- The Chikaskia near this place claimed another victim last Saturday, in the person of Frank Bicksler, a young man living southeast of the city. Mr. Bicksler, in company with several other men, was in swimming Saturday afternoon and sank from their view without warning and completely disappeared despite their efforts to recover the body. Saturday afternoon and evening and all day Sunday searchers worked in vain trying to locate the drowned man.
Explosives and other means were used but all seemed futile. Early Monday morning some boys found the body in a measure lodged or held by the overlapping branches of some trees. They fastened the body to the tree and came to town to notify the undertaker. Chas. Richards and Undertaker Fyffe went after the body and it was prepared for interment. Bicksler was a single
man and made his home with his parents on the farm commonly known as the Charley Goetting place. The funeral was at the farm home southeast of the city Monday afternoon, conducted by Rev Woodward of the Methodist church, and the body was taken to the old home in Iowa, Tuesday, for burial.--Blackwell Times



Kimberlee Bishop-VanHeulen ( 6, 2013

From Kimberlee

I stumbled across a photo of my father's best friend who was killed in WWII

here: His name was Lawson Goodner.

I wonder if there is a page with soldiers from Kay County who actually survived the war? Lawson's twin brother Lawrence Goodner, and my dad Dale Bishop were from Ponca City and they survived the war. My dad made it to staff sergeant and was a sharpshooter in WWII. He came back with severe shellshock and spent time in hospital. He had been injured 3 times by grenades and bullets. I am trying to find any photos of my dad when he was young. He would have been the same age as Lawson Goodner. My dad was best friends with the Goodner twins. My dad's name is Dale Bishop, no middle name, and DOB is 6/8/1923. I know he moved to Ponca from Pauls Valley when he was a very young boy and he must have attended Ponca City schools. It is believed he only attended school through the 8th grade and I am trying to verify this. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Kimberlee VanHeulen


I am seeking information on the family of George and Loula (Stilwell) Bissell who resided in the Mulhall/Blackwell area on land obtained in a lottery. It is believed that she was Dean of Women at a nearby college. Send information to: Arlene Clewett VroomanPO Box 1054Woodbridge, CA 95258-10


Douglas Smith [] April 2007

I am working to establish the early history of the Blackwell branch of my family, which is concentrated in central and southwest Missouri. However, due to some information I have discovered, I believe there may be a connection between the two brothers that brought my Blackwell's to Missouri and other Blackwell's who may have settled in Oklahoma.

More specifically, I was wondering if you could put me into contact with anyone who might know the genealogical history of those Blackwell's who founded Blackwell, Oklahoma. Please feel free to forward this e-mail to anyone you believe might help me.

My Missouri Blackwell's, the brothers Joseph and George W. Blackwell, migrated from what is now Meigs County, TN, in 1831 and 1836 or '37, respectively. They were both reportedly born there in 1794 and 1805. They established themselves in what is now Hickory (formerly Benton) County, MO. There were several other Blackwell's of similar ages in this part of Tennessee in the 1820s and early '30s, and some in my family believe some of these went on, eventually, to found Blackwell Oklahoma.

I am eager to find links to other branches of this family, and I am looking for someone who might be able to help prove or disprove the possible link between my Blackwell's and Blackwell, Oklahoma.

Can you help? I would be very grateful. Thank you, Douglas Smith April 2007

I'll try to help you if I can concerning your Blackwell branch.

The name of the Blackwell, OK. founder was A. J. [Andrew Jackson] Blackwell b. in Gilmore Co. Georgia in 1842 and came to the Cherokee Nation in the 1880's. He died in 1903 of pneumonia and was buried in Chelsea, OK.

His wife was Rosa "Vaught" Blackwell

3 children King David Blackwell Solomon Blackwell Hazel Blackwell

Of course there are numerous write ups & books on the town. So if he happens to be in your line, I could give you more help. I just gave you the bare necessities to get you started.

There would be charges for any copies & mailing fees if you find you want more info.

Let me know if you need more help.

Shirley Harlan

Thanks very much for your prompt and helpful response to my earlier message.

I think this is sufficient information to discredit the rumors that AJ and his clan were related to my ancestors. I am fairly clear on my line from the very late 1700s until the present, and there is no Georgia connection. In fact, by 1842, all my line was already in Missouri.

Thanks very much for helping me close off this avenue of research. Best regards, Doug Smith

Anthony Andres Rodgers [Email bounced] Feb 2004

I am looking for any and all information concerning Rhoena Bland or Samuel Bland. They were born in your state in the early 1900s. Rhoena's mother's name is Hicks


Rosa [] January 2008

on my great grandparents grave, the headstone says pioneers of ok, how do i find proof of this and were Effie and William bonham in an org? they are buried in Blackwell ioof cem. thank you Rosa

Not exactly sure how to answer this, but a family member who was responsible for burying them had to know that or it wouldn't have been put on the stone. They could have made the run into OK, or come soon after & staked a claim.
There were 5 different runs into OK. & you didn't say which one they were in nor if they settled around Blackwell or just where else in Kay Co.
If you could give me a time period, that might help.
Sounds like you already have a pic of the stone, so probably have their b. & d. dates from that.

If you need anymore help, feel free to email again

Thank you for getting back with me. I did some calling but no one is still alive that knows why or how they were Oklahoma pioneers.

their birth and death are;

William Henry bonham b/11-4-1866 d/7-13-1939

effie Josephine hempsmyer bonham b/3-14-1885 d/1-17-1972

Where can I find info on the land run names or how to find how they were pioneers?

I checked the library with their land run books of families & did not find any Bonham's listed. I don't know of any other way to check.

I looked up their obituaries in the micro film while I was at the library & nothing is mentioned about them being Pioneers.

Do you know where each of them were b. & their children?? Maybe you already have their obits. Anyway, all that is listed. If you should want them, I can email them to you

William Henry bonham b/ Ohio
effie j hempsmyer bonham b/ cherryvale Ks
One child b/ walkweda OK, rest in blackwell OK.

Yes, please send all you have on this family. Thank you for your time and response. it is very much appreciated. Rosa


Funeral services for William Henry Bonham, 72, who died suddenly at his home, 815 E. College, at 6:00 P.M. Thursday, will be held at the Roberts mortuary Saturday at 4 P.M. with Rev. E.W. Harrison, pastor of the Christian Church officiating.

Burial will be in the IOOF cemetery.

Mr. Bonham was born in Ohio, Nov. 4, 1866 and had been a resident of Blackwell since 1924, coming here from Cherokee.

Surviving are his wife Mrs. Effie Bonham, a daughter, Mrs. Dorothy Day of Jefferson: four sons, Charles, who resides in Montana, Johnnie of Blackwell, Howard of Enid, and Earl, who makes his home in Arkansas: a sister
Mrs. Lizzie Rogers of Mt. Hope, Kans., and a brother, George Bonham of Supply, Okla.


Mrs. Effie J. Bonham of Blackwell died at 11:05 a.m. Monday in Hillcrest Manor Nursing Home where she had
resided for the past four years. Her residence was 707 W. Dewey. She was 86.

The funeral service will be at 2 P.M. Wednesday in Barr Funeral Home chapel with Rev. Lew Davis, pastor of the First Christian Church, officiating. Grandsons will be pallbearers.

Burial will be in the IOOF Cemetery.

Mrs. Bonham had lived in the Blackwell area since 1924 coming to the community from Lamont. She was born
March 14, 1885 at Cherryvale, Kans. and was a member of the Christian Church.

She was married to William Henry Bonham on March 22, 1903 at Grant City, He preceded her in death in 1939.

Also, preceding her in death were one son, Howard; a daughter, Rosa Conill; 2 brothers and two sisters.

Survivors are three sons, Charlie O. Bonham, Drummond, Mont.; Johnie W. Bonham, Blackwell, and Pearl D.
Bonham of Billings; one daughter, Mrs. Dorothy Day of Elkhart, Kans. 23 grandchildren, 53 great grandchildren
and 23 great-great-grandchildren. and one brother Roy Hempsmyer, of Enid.

Thank you so much. Info does the dates work to join the pioneers of OK?

Will have to get papers for you to fill out. Get back with you when I find out what you need to do.

Mary Ann Strote [] October 2004

The family i am researching on is booth. and their may also be another family that lived there in the area family name is carlton. the farm area is in Newkirk
isaac boothand wife Josephine are my direct family
there is an alford lee and lillian booth i want to find out more about them also
the carlton is walter carlton and there may be children to him that have died and i wonder if they are in the newkirk cemetery. as i said there are a lot of questions i need to write and make things clearer as to what i want.
my isaac booth i believe purchased his farm land in newkirk before ok became a state i have some land purchased papers that i would be glad to send also to you to have and look at. and i am sure you will be able to explaine them more to me what exactly they are. i also believe i have a copy of isaac's receiving his naturalization ship paper from there also.
tryed to find the marriage of isaac booth to josephine (shaffer) carlton up in Kansas smith center smith co Kansas that is where she was from but there was no record of marriage of Isaac and Josephine. Josephine was married to walter carlton up in smith center i did find their marriage but i can not find the death of Walter Carlton in smith center smith Kansas either. so this is why i want to try and see if by chance walter is buried there in newkirk and that isaac and josephine married there in Newkirk also. do you have death records of around 1894 and marriage of 1894
i know josephine and walter had 1 living son he was walter carlton jr. per the 1910 census there in Newkirk Kay co ok Josephine had 8 children there were 4 alive and that of course is the son of walter calrton and her 3 children of isaac booths there may have been a child verny Carlton and of the 2 other Carlton children i do not know. Verny and 2 other i would say are buried with Walter Sr. i would say. i checked all the records in kansas and found none of them there so i am hoping they are there in newkirk or area.

Isaac Booth - Josephine Corralton Marriage Oct 12, 1894 Isaac - Age 57 born England - Resides K Co, OT - Father: Thomas Booth Mother:Elizabeth Woods Josephine - Age 37 born PA - Resides Smith Co, KS - Father: Wm Schoffer No witnesses are shown Ceremony performed by John Mundy Minister.

Alfred L. Booth - Lillian S Cole Marriage Nov 7, 1906 Alfred - Age 36 born IL Resides Newkirk, OT - Father: John Booth Lillian - Age 37 Resides Newkirk, OT - Father: Julius Pochel Witness: HG Stocks and Mrs JA Stocks. Ceremony performed by Jessie AB Oglevee Pastor Presbytrian Church.

"Cemetery Inscriptions  Kay County Oklahoma"

Newkirk Cemetery - Newkirk, Oklahoma

Isaac Booth  14 Nov 1834 - 21 Mar 1917
Josephine Booth 2 Apr 1862 - 23 Mar 1930
Alford Lee Booth  No date - 16 Mar 1918 Aged 47 yrs
Lillian S Booth 1869-1923

Warden Atlas of Kay County 1921
List Isaac Booth Heirs in Dale Twp [Copy Twp map]

Patent record for the land issued to Isaac Booth 4/17/1903 Certificate #4080 Application #6601 Kay County Court Records

There was extensive research done on this family - copies available on request

Bonnie Baker Roth [] August 2009

Seeking obituaries for the following people and dates:

Nellie Blanche Braithwaite (nee Baker) died 17 Mar, 1927
buried: St. Mary's IOOF Cemetery, Ponca City

Florence Edward Braithwaite died 4 Aug, 1954
buried: same as above

and their son
Lawrence/Laurence R. Braithwaite September, 1973
last Soc. Sec. payment Perry, Noble County, OK

I would be happy to pay for any services rendered, or I can send a retainer for someone to begin research.

Correction: the gravestone said Florence Edward died on August 4th. The death certificate says August 11, 1954. He died in Perry, Noble County.


Have attached obit for Nellie Braithwaite. From The Ponca City News, May 17, 1927.
Could not find others.

Obit is online

Richard [] October 2005

I found the following information on page 222 of the "Cemetery Inscriptions-Kay County Oklahoma" published by our Pioneer Genealogical Society of Ponca City, Oklahoma in 1978, under the Newkirk Cemetery.
Brent, William S; 7 May 1855 - 29 Nov 1936 W/Delila Ann
Brent, Delila Ann; 31 Aug 1856 – 1 Feb 1942 H/Wm S
[Marlene Hume Stewart]

Thanks very much. We were lucky enough to be helped by your group a couple of years ago. Verle's great grandfather disappeared from Orange Co, Indiana in 1910 and never heard from again. Some rumors had him murdered. One son looked for his father for the rest of his life & never knew what had happened to him. His grandson was very grateful to find out what had happed to him. Thanks again. Richard

Connie [] February 2005

John F. Bridgess (often misspelled as Bridges or Burgess) and Helen M. (?) are shown as man & wife in 1930 Blackwell, Kay Co., OK, census and we are interested to know if there was a marriage license or certificate filed. Any information or assistance is greatly appreciated.

I am a member of the Oregon Genealogical Society of Tillamook Co. and will gladly help someone needing information from this area

I searched our Marriage application database and did not find John F Bridgess/Bridges/Burgess and Helen M. Have you tried Sumner County, Ks.? Lots of people who lived in this area, went to Wellington, KS to get married


Rick Albright [] October 2005

I found a William W Bright listed on page 222 for the Newkirk Cemetery. It reads: Bright, William W - no date - died 9 July 1919 Age 70 years; also a second one:
Bright, William W – 1908 – 1944 [Marlene Hume Stewart]

Thank you so much for the above information. William Walker Bright, 1849-1919 was born in Gallia Co., OH; the youngest child of Virginia-born Jacob Bright & Maria F Shields Bright. The family moved to Decatur Co., IA when William was about two years old. William’s sister, Mrs. Emeline Bright Hinds, also moved to Oklahoma, settling in Payne County. I have no record of William marrying, but the younger William you found would seem to be a son. I was stationed in Norman, OK at the Nave Air Technical Training Center in late 1957, so my family has several connections to your state ,gg. Thanks again for sharing your records.

I did some follow-up research after your e-mail arrived and found that the older of the two William W Brights WAS married—three times!—and that the younger William W was his grandson, via son Arthur Bright, who also lived in Kay County, as did a second son, Earl Bright. Between living in Iowa and moving to Oklahoma (before 1900) the older WW Bright also lived in Washington Co., KS (1880) His first wife was Loisa----and His third was Alice--. I don’t mean to flood you with a bunch of information you don’t need, but I just wanted to show that your cemetery data produced several breakthroughs for me and I do thank you. WW is only a cousin to my direct ancestor but I work all the family lines and I love adding leaves to the family tree…Rick


[] January 2004

I'm trying to research the death of a "BRINEY" infant/child, first name unknown, in the 1920's, Blackwell, OK. My grandparents were Jessie Blanch (SHAW) and John "Nels" BRINEY. They had a son who died and was buried in Blackwell somewhere. I'm assuming the Briney's were farmers since that's what they did most of their lives; or built bridges. Believe they moved to Iowa in 1930's. The death would have been prior to 1926, since that's when the mom died (young). Any information or assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Briney is buried in the Plainview cemetery, northeast of Blackwell. The stone says
Briney son March 4, 1900; f JN; m Jessie B.
per Kay County Cemetery Inscriptions page 304

Nancy May []
October 2004

Looking for where Catherine M (Owens) Brookhart died, death date, where she is buried. The last census I found her on was the 1910 in Tonkawa Township, Kay County, OK. Also looking for obit on her, still unable to find out her parents. and help would be appreciated. Her children: Newton Samuel, Henry Clifford, Mary, Anna May, William E. First spouse Redmond. She is alive in 1911 as she is deeding her land to her children. Thanks


BROWN, Cleveland Charles

Deb DeVusser ( Sept 28, 2012

From Deb

Cleveland Charles Brown, Deceased 23 Feb 1920 in Blackwell, Kay, OK. Born 16 Sep 1889 in

Cherokee Co KS. Looking for birth cert for children Burl Brown & Mel Brown (twins) born 01/09/1917, Edna Fay Brown born approx 01/28/1919. Edna "adopted out" we think at about age two, to Critchlow family...

Any ideases where I can find BC & DC

Deb Arthur DeVusser

From PGS

Deb, if the children were born in Okla. you will have to obtain any b. & d. records from Oklahoma City.

Vital Records Service

Okla State Dept of Health

1000 Northeast 10th Room 117

Oklahoma City, OK 73117

Ph# 405-271-4040

I would advise calling them first as there will be a charge and I have no idea what that is. That way they can tell you what you need to do. I can also tell you that Okla. began filing birth & death records in 1908, however, mandatory filig was not until 1917. Years oruir ti 1940 are sometimes sketchy.


Deb DeVusser [] May 2009

I am trying to assist my 92 year old step-father locate lost sisters.
In the early 20's Cleveland C. Brown died from influenza, and his wife Myrtle Brown became incapable of raising their children:
Charles Leroy Brown , Rosa Mae Brown, Burl W. Brown, and Edna Faye Brown.
"Roy" and Burl were farmed out to distant family while the two little girls were placed in an orphanage. The entire family was in the 1920 census on W. Dewey St. I cannot find anybody past that date. Is there any possibility that there are adoption records or state census records to track the girls? Burl says that it might have been an Oklahoma City orphanage, but records were lost (not sure if a fire or what) but he has come to a dead end after years of searching. He is in very poor health, and I am attempting to help find a miracle.
Debbie DeVusser:

Could you give me some born dates of the below?
Are you sure they all stayed in Kay Co. I would have no other records or way to check for any other Co. should they have moved.

Adoption records, if able to access them, would probably have been in Okla. City.

Since Brown is such a common name there are numerous Brown's in my marriage records.

I found an Edna F. Brown / W.F. Camden applied for marriage in the 40's. Would that be a date that could apply to your Edna??

Also, there are several Rosa Brown's listed also.

I also found a Charles Leroy Brown b. in the 20's.

That's why I need some kind of b. dates. Give me as much info as you can find out or even come close to and I'll do some more checking.

Dear Shirley,
Thanks so much for responding to my query. I have the 1920 census data that my step-father verifies is his family.

Living on West Dewey Ave (around 700 block I think) of Blackwell.
Charles LeRoy Brown (the oldest) in 1920 he was 7 yrs. old. (Roy) Was his nickname. Went back with his mother in Texas in 1922. So his date of birth would have been circa 1913
Rosa May Brown She was 5 yrs. old. DOB circa 1915
Burl Wilson Brown was 3 yrs. old. DOB 1/08/1917
Edna Fay Brown Was 1 Yr. old. DOB circa 1919, so yes she could easily have married in the 1940's
Father: Cleveland Charles Brown. 30 yrs. old DOB circa 1890 and must have died shortly after the census
Mother: Myrtle Edna (Castle) Brown. 25 Yrs. old. DOB circa 1895 in Missouri. She married Erby Noblett circa 1924.

Burl seems to think maybe the girls were in and orphanage in Oklahoma City, but not sure why.
THANKS SO MUCH, for any assistance you can provide. I had planned to scour the 1930 census records at my local library (they have but they are closed on Sundays

So far I have found nothing on your family.

I did find the Charles Leroy Brown I told you about is not yours since he was born in 1929.

The Edna that married a Camden have been unable to find the Camden name anywhere, either. May have left this area.

If you can find out anymore detailed information, if they are in this area, write back & I'll check again Otherwise, I can't seem to help you.


Thanks Shirley,
If I find out anything else, I'll let you know. One thing Pops said was that one of the girls (not sure if Rosa Mae or Edna) was in Bartlesville, OK in 1936---- this was per Mabel Bassett ( a woman that used to work for the state, now deceased)

Have a great day!

Also see Shupe

Lynda Daily [] August - October 2009

I am seeking information regarding Phoebe Burgell, b. 28 May 1884 in
Tennessee and d. 1943, possibly around the 19th of the month, at Ponca
City. I have information that she was buried at Ponca City Cemetery, which
I presume is the IOOF Cemetery.

The 1900 Kay County Census has her living with her grandparents, Andrew and
Judith Shupe in Blackwell Township. Her mother was Sarah Ann Shupe, but I
don't know the name of her father. She married Charles Edward Burgell
circa 1905. They had 10 children born in Oklahoma and Kansas.

Any information you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Both Phoebe and Charles Edward Burgell are buried in Ponca City IOOF cemetery.

C. Ed Burgell 1873-1963
Phoebe Burgell 1884-1943
also there are

Tom V. Burgell 1907-1955
Sally (Sallie) M. Burgell 1897-1974

Thank you for the information on Charles and Phoebe Burgell. Their first child, Florence Lee Burgell, was born in Oklahoma 21 Aug 1906, I presume in Kay County.

Tom Burgell was their 2nd child. I didn't know he had married or what had
happened to him, so thank you for the information you found. Is there a
marriage record for them or an obituary for either Charles or Phoebe or Tom or Sally?

Did not find marr. for Charles & Phoebe.
Also, did not find marr. for Tom V. & Sally

Did find Florence Burgell / Benjamin F. Lear application date for marr. 6-29-1926 from Newkirk, Kay Co. But can't seem to find them in any of the surrounding cemeteries, so could be they left this area.

Also found Charles Edward death date--Jan 28 1963

It could be that the Burgell marriages took
place in Sumner County, Kansas.

The SSDI shows Charles Burgell's last residence was Colorado at the time of
his death, so I don't know if there would have been an obit for him in PC but would love to have it, as well as one for Phoebe Burgell, Tom and Sally.

The information on Florence Burgell is most interesting. According to the
1930 Noble County, Oklahoma census, Florence was married to Otto Thornton
probably around 1926 as their first born child, Wanda Lee, was born 6 Jan
1927 in Noble County. Living with this was Florence's daughter, Rosemary
Stephens, who was born 6 Sep 1924 in Kansas. I haven't come across any
other Florence Burgell in my research, so would guess the marriage to
Benjamin Lear did not take place. Florence and Otto Thornton died in
Were there any obits for the Berieters?

I notice the listing of the Blackwell Cemetery shows Bereiter infant born and
died 1912 buried there. Arthur and Mattie didn't have any children that I
know of, unless this infant was the only child.

Also, hoping you might be able to find one for Phoebe Burgell, since she
died in 1943, don't know the month.


These people are buried in the Blackwell Cem.

Effie Lula Bereiter
W. T. Bereiter
-------Bereiter 1912-1912 Our darling infant daughter

I'm assuming this is husband & wife.
Am attaching 3 more obits.

Don't know if you need newspaper dates for all these obits or not but here are the ones from the 3 I'm sending
Obit for Emma Shupe Legard Blackwell Weekly Sun----Thurs. March 21 1912

Mattie Beriter----Blackwell Journal Tribune---Sun. July 22, 1951

Tobe Beriter------ " " " ----Sun. Aug 5, 1951
I am sending 5 more obits. Paying when we finish is fine with me.

All of these came out of the Ponca library microfilm

C.E. Burgell 1st one Ponca City News Mon Jan 28, 1963 (dies in Colorado)
2nd one "" "" Tues Jan 29, 1963

Phoebe Burgell Ponca City News Feb 11, 1943

Thomas Burgell Ponca City News Mon. May 2, 1955

Sally Burgell Forman Ponca City News Fri. Mar 22, 1974



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