Grafting Broken Branches: Queries - D

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Pioneer Woman Statue

Ponca City, OK – Bryant Baker, Sculptor – Dedicated April 22, 1930.

Marland Mansion

Ponca City, OK - Constructed 1928.

Ponca City Library

Ponca City, OK – Constructed 1935.

Standing Bear Museum & Education Center

Ponca City, OK - Dedicated September 29, 2007.

Kay County Courthouse

Newkirk, OK – Constructed 1926.

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Queries - D


Jack Balthus [] August 2007

Ran across your web site while surfing for information on Blackwell and Kay County this morning and noticed two names of great interest: Diane McDowell -as Vice president and Shirley Harlan- as Corresponding Secretary both are cousins that I have not seen for quite a long time now.
I was searching for information on John Dale of Blackwell who served in WW II and was involved in the battle of Wake Island.

Can you be of any help about this person??


Hi Jack,
Small world isn't it!!!! Long time no hear. Hope you're doing ok.
Yes, we both belong to the society. Have for several years.
Know John Dale quite well & have for probably over 30 yrs. He worked at the Kay Electric all the years Jerry was there. What is it you need to know abt. him??? He is still kicking & doing well. Just saw him & Wilma in Wal-Mart abt. a month ago & visited with them.
Let me know what you need & I'll try to help.

As for information on John Dale. What I was most interested in was his time in the WW II and the infamous battle of Wake Island. It was as I understand it like the Texas battle "Battle of The Alamo". If John has an e-mail name please share my e-mail name with him so as we may get together on the Internet. If not, maybe he can relate any experiences to you to send on to me.

Talked to John Dale this morning & he does have email & is willing to correspond with you.
So will send his email to you thru my own personal one.

Kim Brittain [] May 2008

Looking for all the Darland’s, Almack’s, Robert’s buried in the Mount Olive Cemetery in Nardin, OK. Can you help me? Are there any free sites I can go and check. My Grandma/Grandpa and my Great Grandma/Grandpa are there. Would like the find out if there are other’s there and if we are related.
Kim Brittain


According to my Kay Co. Cemetery Book there are 22 Almacks listed in the Mount OliveCem.
As a result, I must have first names & some kind of either b. or d. dates before I can help you.

There are 4 Darland's---Amanda, Anna Ella, Lester C. & Vanloo. Evidently Amanda & Vanloo are married.
Anna Ella & Lester C. are more than likely their children based on all of their dates. If these are yours, I will give you all the b.&d. dates.

There are 6 Roberts---Amanda Belle, Ethel May, George, George A. Georgie W. & John Renfrow.
Have all the b.&d. dates for these, if they are yours.

Let me know which ones are yours.


Good Morning.
All 4 of the Darland’s are mine.
Lester C & Anna Ella are my grandparents.
Vanloo & Amanda are my great grandparents. That much I do know.
I know we are related to Almacks as my grandma’s maiden name was that. Where would you start to find whom Anna Ella’s parents were and her brother and sisters? Do you think the Medford Courthouse. Would a paper office. All though, they may not have existed in 1900 and before. I’m also guessing that my great grandma was a Roberts.
Trying to find out the genealogy for my family and to be able to pass this on down to my children.


Gloria Davis [] July 2005

How much do you charge for an obit look up?
I really need one for Eugene Davis (d) April 1978.

Date of death April 17, 1978 @ Blackwell General Hospital, Blackwell, OK but was a resident of Braman, OK. Roberts & Son Funeral Home handled the funeral
Burial in Braman Cemetery, Braman, OK.
Survivors: Daughter, Mrs Jeannette Harlow, Hugoton, KS and Son Willis E Davis, Brownville, TX

Born April 5, 1906 at Braman, Oklahoma Territory to J Frank Davis-born Indiana and Bertha Craig-born Illinois. He was married to Betty Clark.

Copies of the obit and Funeral record are available upon request


Phyllis Parli [] July 2008

Hello, I am trying to obtain copies of Obits on the Hartman, DeBoard, Willbanks and Busby family. They resided in the Braman, Blackwell & Ponca City area. Would you be interested in doing some research for me. I have the dates and names of the papers the obits are located in .
Please advise your pricing and if you are interested.

Phyllis Parli
Perry, OK

What you are asking depends on how many obits your talking about for all the families mentioned.

First, I would have to have the exact death date (month, day, year) in order to go through micro film at the library) and where each are buried.

To do 1 or 2 maybe 3 there would be no charge through the PGS other than for whatever it costs me at the library.

If you have numerous ones you want, I can do it on my own time, which you would have to give me plenty of time, depending on how much research your talking about. Let me know what kind of research your talking about, if other than obits.


I am asking for Obits. I have the names of the paper the date and the page and col they appear. I will be happy to pay for your time and copies. We can break this down however you want. I have sent the DeBoards I am looking for. At anytime you wish not to continue I will totally understand. Please send me an address and what I owe and I will send a check.

Thank you so much for your response.

Deboard, dorotha Faye Yaden 6/12/1955p1/4
Deboard, Howard PFC 1/19/1945 p1/8
DeBoard, Lewis 3/31/1965 p2/4
DeBoard, Marilyn Leigh [Mrs Adamson] 12/7/1993 p8/5
DeBoard, Mrs Melvin 1/30/1957 p2/4
DeBoard, Mrs Melvin 1/30/1957 p2/6
DeBoard, Mrs Melvin [Naomi Maurine Wolfe] 2/6/1957 p9/1
DeBoard, Mrs Melvin [Naomi Maurine Wolfe] 1/28/1957 p1/7
DeBoard, Mrs Melvin [Naomi Maurine Wolfe] 1/29/1957 p1/5
DeBoard, Roy Adrian 5/30/1963 P1/3

[Some of these obits are online in the death section]


Jeannine Harber [] October 2010

My great grandfather James T. Donaldson, born in Clark Co., KY in 1841, moved to  the Braman area in Kay Co., OK  about between 1895 and 1900 from Warrensburg, Johnson Co., MO. He worked as a Blacksmith.  His wife Armida had died and he put his 4 children in foster homes in MO and disappeared.  For years no one knew what had become of him until I discovered him in the 1900 Oklahoma Census, where he claimed to be single.  There is a story floating around our family that Grandmother received a letter from Oklahoma in the 1920's in a different language from English and she wondered if it could have been information about her Father.  He also applied for a Civil War pension while living in Kay Co.  We don't know if he died there or not, but would appreciate any information.
Jeannine Harber
Great Granddaughter of James Donaldson

I've been unable to find your person in any of the cemeteries in Kay Co. So I would assume he must have moved on at some point in time.
However, I checked the marriage records and found a J.T. Donaldson / Mary Jane Russmann took out a marriage license in Kay Co. on 3-4-1901.  Book 3  Page 228
Whether this is your person, I have no idea. Should you wish to take a chance on this being him, you can send for a copy of the marriage license to
Kay County Courthouse
Box 450
Newkirk, OK. 74647
Send your request, required information (names & dates) book & page #, Fee is $1.00, and a SASE.

Thank you for the information.  It's probably is him.  We know his son William Henry Donaldson married a Nellie Russman.  I will  be ordering the license.  Thanks for the address.  I also need to find out about Oklahoma Death Records.
Again, Thanks
Jeannine Harber

Birth and Death Certificates for Oklahoma began filing in 1908. But mandatory filing was not until 1917. Also, years prior to 1940 are sketchy.
The Search fee for the record is $15. If the record is found, one certified copy will be issued.
If not found, you will be notified by mail and the fee will be retained.
Send to
Vital Records Service
Okla. State Dept. of Health
1000 Northeast 10th   Room 117
Oklahoma City, Ok. 73117
Ph 405-271-4040
I don't know whether calling first might be a benefit to you or not. Especially to find out if this fee is still the same. They may be able to give you more details about what they want you to send, information wise.

Susan Webber [] Feb 2004

My dad, William Harold Doolin was born in Ponca City 1929-30 to Harold and Opal (Lamb) Doolin. I am looking for genealogy for my grandfather, Harold Oscar Doolin and anything you can tell me about our Indian roots. Thank you.

[Email bounced] Feb 2004

Wallace Edward Doolin b. 4/26/09 Kaw City, OK..son of Perry Dooln and Martha Mary Denoya. Need any info on all 3. Thanks

Kay County Marriage Records [Application date] Kay County Court House-Newkirk, OK

Doolin, Perry - DeNoya, Martha 6/27/1903 Book 4 Page 31


Don R Gray [ ] March 2003

William E Dossett and Mary Flossie Shriver were my Grandparents. But I don't have much Info on them, especially the Shrivers. Thanks again Don R Gray

Oak Grove Cemetery (aka Uncas)

Dossett, Dosha A. June 10, 1843-Jan. 29,1897
Henry W. 1867-1935 ; wife Minnie
Mary F. Dec 16, 1883-Oct 25, 1936
Minnie 1877-1966
Ruby May Nov 7, 1900-May 23, 1901
William I. Oct 28, 1840-Oct 26, 1926
page 298

page 301
Palmer, Alpha M. Dec 17, 1885- Jan 8, 1895
Ida E. Sept 12, 1870-July 8, 1897

Blanche D. Dossett (21) b: Illinois, d/o William J. and Dosha Palmer Dossett m. Samuel Buster (38) b: Kansas s/o William and Nettie Ellis Buster
m: July 6, 1897, Newkirk, OK V.I pg. 72

Henry W. Dossett (29) b: Illinois s/o W.J. and Dasha Palmer Dossett m: Minnie Drake (19) b: Iowa d/o Wm. and Sidney Benge Drake m: Jan 4, 1898 V. 2 p.15

William E. Dossett b: Illinois, s/o William I. and ??Palmer Dossett m: Mary F. Shriver (19) b: Nebraska d/o James J and ??Lamb Shriver m:Feb 14, 1903, Newkirk V3 p.35


I am currently doing research on the family line of DOUGLAS. In particular, I am trying to find information on Samuel Patton DOUGLAS who died 30 May 1902 in Ponca City, OK. My husband's name was Claude William Douglas. His father was Frank Douglas. Samuel Patton Douglas was the father of Frank Douglas. Any records you might have on this family line would be appreciated. Also looking for: DOUGLAS, GREATHOUSE, MINNICK, MUNION, DUGGER, SUBLETTE Contact directly: Betty I. Douglas 3108 So. Summit BLVD. Sand Springs, OK 74063

Sharon Tipping [] March 2009

I am looking for information on my Mother's birth father and any family that may be located. My mother, Verla Dean, is the daughter of Robert Earl Duncan and Emma Jane McClung who were married in Newkirk, OK in 1923 and divorced in 1924. My Mother was raised by her mother and her step-father Levert Ackart also known as Brownie. My Mom would like to locate any information about her father and his descendants.
Thank you,

I really need more information than you sent.
Birth date & where born. Was he raised in Ok. & Kay Co. as a child or young man??
There are a lot of Duncan's in this area but without some names, I don't know who I'm supposed to be looking for.
If he left the Kay Co. area after the divorce, then I would have no information as to where he went.
If you can give me more help, I'll try again.

Rhonda Houston [] June 2008

Name: Walter J. Duval
Last Residence: 74601 Ponca City, Kay, Oklahoma, United States of America
Born: 1 Aug 1929
Died: 14 Jun 2003
State (Year) SSN issued: Arkansas (Before 1951 )

I would love to see and 'reep the harvest' information it has on Walter J.
Duval's obituary so as to find out who his family was. My Duval family lived in Pineville, McDonald, Missouri, and had innumerous family members go into the oil fields in Oklahoma in different scopes of work, not just oil drilling.

I have no idea what the name of the newspapers are there in your Oklahoma, which is why I'm writing you.

I know too of a Jack Duval who still lives in City: Tulsa County: Tulsa State: Oklahoma Zip Code: 74145 and because I can't find his SSN printout like the one above, I have to assume he's still living. This man's father was Vincil L. Duval b. 12 Jun 1891 d. 25 Jan 1965 Tulsa City, Tulsa, Oklahoma and mother whose name is Gertrude (who I would love to know her maiden name, but know I'm going to have to wait to find it, she also lived in Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Can you help me please?
Rhonda Houston


Please let me know if you receive this attachment ok.

Also, the other names you mentioned that were in Tulsa Co. would have to be checked out there, as any records I'd have are from Kay Co.

I would suggest you search for Tulsa Co. Ok. & you will probably find some genealogy sites that have lookups like you did for the Kay Co. area.

This obit should give you some help, so good luck with your searching.

Shirley Harlan
Corresponding Secretary
PGS--Pioneer Genealogical Society


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