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Queries - E



Kathryn [] July 2002

I am searching for background information for Katie Mae Rodman Easley, my grandmother. She was married to Thomas Elbert Easley and had 5 living daughters, two died at birth. Her mother was Ida Elizabeth Smith Rodman and her father was Orson Bacon Rodman. That is all I know except for the names of her daughters and their children. I would very much like to know where she came from and meet some current family members. Thanks

I checked marriage records for early Kay County, Cemetery records and the two history books I have on the area. I only found one record in the marriage records. It was Mary Alice Easly (21)b: Tennessee. Her father was Elbert Easly and mother Regina Willard. On Feb. 13, 1897, she married John W. Ditmars.
Both of them are listed as residing in "Osage Nation". You might want to check Osage County, OK records for information. It is more than likely they were of Indian blood. Sorry I couldn't be more help.



Sheree Baker []

I am looking for information about my great-grandmother, Frances La Sarge Edmiston. She was the daughter of Mary Josephine Pappan La Sarge Davis (Kaw City) and Louis La Sarge. My grandmother, Bessie Edmiston Lane (Ponca City) was only 11 years old when she died and had not been permitted to see her after her father, J.C. Edmiston divorced Frances. (They were married in Perry, OT in August, 1900) We have no pictures of her; my grandmother told us that all she could remember from her mother's funeral was her beautiful, long, dark hair. I've been able to establish that she died on February 3, 1914 in Leavenworth, KS at the Evergreen Place Hospital run by Dr. Clarence Case Goddard and is buried in the transplanted Washunga Cemetery near Newkirk along with her infant son, Eugene, but the specifics of her life and death remain a mystery to our immediate family. We suspect that she suffered from epilepsy, which was considered an embarrassing mental illness during the 1800s and early 1900s, perhaps leading to her alienation from the family. I'd appreciate help piecing together this puzzle. Thanks

Kay County Marriage Records [Application date] Kay County Court House, Newkirk, OK
Davis, Will – LaSarge, Mary J 3/23/1899 Book 2 Page 350
Edmiston, James C – Lower, Mamie A 10/11/1905 Book 5 Page 373

“Kay County Cemetery Inscriptions” Pioneer Genealogical Society 1978
Washunga Cemetery
Edminston, Francis 28 Dec 1875 – 3 Feb 1914
Ponca City IOOF Cemetery
Edmiston, James C 1876-1931
Edmiston, Mamie A 1886-1956 H/James C

Rosemary Coplin [] March 2010

I hope that you might help me.
I believe that Ella B. Edwards, born 1895, is buried in the I.O.O.F Cemetery at Ponca City. I do not know the date of her death, which is what I really would like to know!. Her maiden name was Clark. I would gladly pay or donate to your society.Thank you so much.
Rosemary Coplin, Sullivan, Mo

According to my cemetery listings, yes, they are buried in Ponca City IOOF cemetery.

Ella B. Edwards Aug 16 1896 Dec 29 1966 h. Leslie E.

Leslie E. Edwards Nov 17 1903 Feb 17 1972 w. Ella

Trout Funeral Home in Ponca were in charge of the funerals.


I thank you so very very much for the information about the death dates of the Edwards family. You made my day! I love doing the genealogy thing.
Please give me your address so I may send a donation to your society.
Rosemary Coplin, Sullivan, Mo.

Your very welcome. Glad I was able to help. Is always great when you find a piece of the puzzle you've been looking for. Send to:

Pioneer Genealogy Society
Box 1965
Ponca City, OK. 74602

Many thanks for your donation to our society.

May I please bother you again?
I am told that Mary Clark, born 1870, is also buried in the I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Ponca City. I would like to know her date of death. I am not sure of her middle name, it may start with a D. or it may be Anna. I believe her maiden name was Stokes.
Thank you so much again. Your donation has been sent.
Rosemary Coplin, Sullivan, Mo.

I have checked every source I have for Mary. I also called the Ponca IOOF Cem. and they do not have her there.

I'm assuming Clark was her married name. That's what I've been checking for. If you have any other information you can find, let me know & I can do more checking. But under the Mary Clark name she doesn't seem to be in this area.

I also checked the marriages for Clark and Stokes thinking she might have been married in Kay Co. but did not find anything.


Yes, Clark was Mary's married name. She was married in Mo. in 1888, and it says her maiden name was Stakes, but on a son's death certificate [Albert Clark, who is buried in the I.O.O.F. Cemetery] it says Stokes. Mary's husband, Charles Clark, spent most of his life in the Jefferson City, Mo. Prison, and died in 1952, giving his body to science.
The reason I thought that Mary might be buried at the I.O.O.F. was because of a conversation with a Mr. McKinnis of Ponca City, who told me that .His wife, at one time told me that Mary lived at Kaw City?
Thank you for all your kind help!


[] Dec 2004

Looking for an obituary for a Robert Ehler born October 13, 1901. I unfortunately do not have a death date. I'm hoping that someone will have access to a obituary index. Last known his wife's name was Rosetta or Etta Alsip/up

Did not find Robert or Rosetta in the Cemetery Inscriptions of Kay County 1978 or in any of the Funeral home Record books.
There were several other Ehler's listed.
However I did find a marriage license Robert Ehler to Rosetta Alsip 11/22/1934 Application date.
Robert and Rosetta are exactly who I am looking for. How do I get a copy of their marriage record?

Send SASE with $1. to Kay County Court Clerk P O Box 428 Newkirk, OK 74647



Marion Hopper [Email bounced] Feb 2004

Will (William D.) ELLIOTT, d 8 Jan 1959 Ponca City, b 8 Dec 1875 Athensville Twp, Greene Co, IL. His father: Frank, mother: Martha HOWARD. His obituary had only 4 children listed: Leslie, Willie, Mrs Merl Ramey (all Newkirk, OK) & Claude of Arkansas City, AR. 6 grandchildren, 4 g-grandchildren.

I'm assuming they are in Newkirk, OK. I found Merl Ramey in SSN death records but I don't have his wife's first name (Will & Bertha's daughter's name?).

Leslie ELLIOTT, 18 Sept 1908-6 Sept 1988, Newkirk, Kay, OK
Willie ELLIOTT, 13 July 1915-Mar 1885, Newkirk, Kay, OK
Merl RAMEY, 11 Aug 1894-May 1979, Newkirk, Kay, OK.
Merl RAMEY (Jr,) 29 July 1925-15 July 1996, Newkirk, Kay, OK.

I'd like to find:

1. Other daughter of Will & Bertha & md name.
2. Leslie, Will & Merl's, spouse's name.
3. Descendants who may still be in the area.
4. Cemetery they are buried.
Any help appreciated Thank you for any assistance

Kay County Marriage Records [Application date] Kay County Court House, Newkirk, OK

Ramey, Merle – Ellott, Fern 3/14/1923 Book 14 Page 442
Ramey, Merle Jr – Wather, Hazel 1/31/1947 Book 38 Page 453

Miller Stahl Funeral Records
Leslie Elliott 9/6/1988
Willie Elliott 3/31/1985
Merl Ramey 5/23/1979

“The Warden Atlas for Kay County, Oklahoma” 1921
William Elliott – Longwood Plat Map

“Honor Roll & Service Record 1917-1918” Blackwell Job Printing Co. 1920
Ramey, Merle Page 90

In the book "North Central Oklahoma - Rooted in the Past Growing for the Future" page 545 there is a article on this family. Copy available on request.


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