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Queries - F


Joyce Coker []

I am looking for a marriage record for Harvey Fickes and Walsie Irene Stinnett who were supposed to have married in Newkirk in 1922.

Thank you,
Joyce Coker


Harvey Fickes / Walsie Stinnett Bk. 14 Pg. 115

Application for marriage license----8-23-1922

Kay Co. marriage application book.

Certified copies may be obtained by sending the request, required information (listed above). Fee is $1.00 and a SASE to the following:
Kay County District Court Clerk
Kay County Courthouse
Box 428
Newkirk, OK. 74647


Carolyn Clark [] February 2005

Dear Friends,
I am attempting to locate relatives living in the Ponca City area. I have some old family photographs bearing a photographer’s stamp from that city and would very much like to get them into the hands of those for whom they might be especially meaningful.

My great grandparents were George A and Rosanna (Sanderson) Shepherd. They lived and raised their family in Lewis Station and Calhoun, Henry County, Missouri. One of their daughters, Minnie, married a man named Ed Finks. It was their son, Noel, who moved to Oklahoma—perhaps Nowata(?) Noel married Maggie Martin. I am hoping Noel Finks has children living in your area.

If your group publishes a newsletter, would it be possible to print my query? If you think I might have more success using an ad in a local newspaper would you be kind enough to send that address to me? Because old photographs mean so very much to me, I really want to place these pictures where they are appreciated. I simply can't bear the idea of them being pitched out. And suggestions will be well received!

I will thank you, in advance, for any and all help you can give me. I am grateful for your time and efforts. I am—Carolyn Clark

No information found - Can you help bring these photos home???

Aleta Boehm [] December 2009

Samuel Flint died on 13 July 1940 in Parker, South Dakota. He had siblings who lived in Oklahoma (and/or maybe other relatives).

The newspaper publication date was 17 July 1940 (and the search result said the article was regarding a "death"). The name and the dates are just too coincidental for me to pass this up.

Do you have access to the "Blackwell Daily Journal and Tribune"?

I can do that if you wish. The price would be $2 for each obit + the paper to print it off at the library. Then I can either send it to you (would need your mailing address) or I could scan it to you.

I can't do it at this particular time, since we will be gone over the holidays and I know the library will be closing also. But can do after the holidays are over.

Let me know if you want this done or not. Up to you. Also, is this his correct death date--7-17-1940? It must be correct or I'll never be able to find it.


No problem. As far as I know, from talking with another researcher, Sam[uel] was buried in South Dakota.

I'm thinking perhaps his brother (or another relative) may have posted something in a local newspaper in Oklahoma? This family moved around a LOT. His brother, Horace, finally settled in Oklahoma. It is possible Samuel may have also lived there, at some point, long enough to have established relationships, before moving to S. Dak.

Yes, Aleta, I live in Blackwell, so going to the library won't be a problem.

If he died in SD, was his body then shipped back here for burial in Okla.?? I thought you had meant he lived here and was buried here. Guess my wires are crossed :) which seems to be the case most of the time.

Well, Aleta, after the snow storm & blizzard we had during the holidays, the streets are finally passable now.
So am attaching the obit I found at the library today. I checked 3 days past this obit thinking they might have put in another obit saying where he was to be buried but could find nothing else.
Medford is a town west of Blackwell about maybe 25 or so miles and is in Grant Co. not Kay Co.

The obit is quite informative. After reading it, I checked my files for Virginia and found the following are buried in the Newkirk Cemetery here in Kay Co. Newkirk is N & E of Blackwell about 25-30 miles.

William N. Prochaska May 8 1920 d. May 11 1926; buried next to Wm. H. and Virginia B. Prochaska.

The obit for Sam Flint was in Blackwell Daily Journal, Wed. July 17, 1940.


See Shupe Burgell/Bereiter


Larry Crummer [] August 2004

I am searching for information on the FOLTZ family. My main area is the family of Christian FOLTZ (mar. Katherine/Kate WEBSTER), the son of Samuel and Mary Foltz. In 1900 census, they are living in Cross Twp, and by 1920/30 another son of Samuel, Benjamin J, is living in Longwood Twp.

Although Christian and family moved west to Texas Co, OK and Baca Co, CO, one of Christian's daughters, Mayme/Mary is said to have died in Ponca City, 17 March 1908. I am hoping that I will be able to find a burial location for her and possibly an obituary.
Although neither Christian or Kate would have died in Kay Co, it is possible that their bodies may have been brought back to a family plot to be laid next to Mayme. I suspect that in that same cemetery we will find Samuel and Mary buried as well.

Benjamin J with wife Ada S, and family, stayed in the Kay Co, area. I have census information naming all of the children: Fred, b. 1904; Emery E, b. 1906; Bess/Majorie?, b. 1908; Roy, b. 1910;
Ray, b. 1912; Charles M, b. 1914; Ivan E, b. 1917; Lyle, b. 1920;
and Lester, b. 1920.

Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. And if you believe that this request exceeds normal lookup scope, I would be very happy to reimburse any costs incurred for a search and for copies made. Thank you so very much. I left out an important piece of information....
Mayme died on 17 March 1908, but as a result of childbirth... she was the wife of Rollin TIPPET, so she would have been found in the cemetery under that name.

Larry Crummer
2425 Golden Rain Road #2
Walnut Creek, CA 94595

"Cemetery inscriptions, Kay County, Oklahoma"

Longwood Cemetery Page 182
*FOLTZ, Ada Martin 4/7/1954 “Pioneers Okla 1893””1877-1954 H/Ben F”
*FOLTZ, Ben F 8/9/1968 96 “1872-1968 W/Ada M”
*FOLTZ, Bessie Elizabeth 4/15/1988 “1908-19—"

*FOLTZ, Emery E. 3/12/1945 w/Lester “1905-1945
FOLTZ, Lester 1920-1943 “Pvt New Guinea”
*FOLTZ, Roy B. 1/12/2000
Ponca IOOF Cemetery Page 358/432
*FOLTZ, Mary O 2/20/1911 “23 July 1839-20 Feb 1911” H/Samuel H
*FOLTZ, Samuel H 4/24/1908 “12 Apr 1832 - 24 Apr 1908” W/Mary O
*TIPPET, Mamie 3/16/1908 “19 Sep 1887 16 Mar 1908 H/TL” Aux GAR

Miller Stahl Funeral Home Records

*Foltz, Grace Pearl 12/27/1986
*Foltz, Noble Houston 8/29/1977

Trout Funeral Home Records

*FOLTZ, Fred Martin 9/12/1982
*FOLTZ, Hazel Gladys 5/3/1979

*Obit is available on request

Kay County Marriage Records Newkirk, Oklahoma Published by Ponca City Chapter National Society Daughters of the American Revolution 1988-1989

FOLTZ, B. F.-Age 29 born IL - MARTIN, Ada-Age 24 born OH 8/2/1902
Res/both Cross OT Sol: at Cross 8/3 by JC McClelland JP Wit: SH & Lilly Chenoweth
Parents:his/SH Foltz & (Booser) her/Clarence S & (Myers) [Vol IV P10]
FOLTZ, Sidney-Age 25 born KS - DAILY, May-Age 16 1/1903 UNFINISHED [Vol IV P31]
CHENOWETH, S. H.-Age 27 born NE - FOLTZ, Lillie M.-Age 22 born IL 9/20/1900
Res/his Ponca City her Cross Sol: at Newkirk byHL Moor e Presbyterian Min. Wit: WG Ogelvine & CB Apperson Parents:his/Joseph & Mary (Roberts) her/Samuel [Vol III P18]

PGS Marriage Application Database

Foltz, Dennis Ray - May, Shirley Alice 8/10/1961
FOLTZ, Lester O.- SMITH, Thelma 9/4/1928
Foltz, Noble H. - Sherrod, Grace P. 7/26/1954
FOLTZ, Ray - BROOKS, Reva 4/20/1935
HADDEN, William - FOLTZ, Eugenia 10/17/1904
TIPPET, Turman L. - FOLTZ, Mamie 7/3/1906


Mary O Foltz - Ponca City Democrat - March 2, 1911
Emery E Foltz – Ponca City News - March 13, 1945
Ada M Foltz – Ponca City News - April 8, 1954
Ben F Foltz – Ponca City News – August 9, 1968
Noble H Foltz – Ponca City News – August 30, 1977
Hazel Gladys Foltz – Ponca City News – May 4, 1979
Fred M Foltz – Ponca City News – September 15, 1982
Grace Sherrod Foltz – Ponca City News – December 29, 1986
Bessie Elizabeth Foltz – Ponca City News – April 17, 1988
Roy B Foltz – Ponca City News – January 13, 2000

[Copies available on request]


Kathy Fenton [] January 2007

I am researching Edward Carl FORNEY, who was involved in a Sooner land dispute in 1893 that went all the way to the US Supreme Court (on appeal -- Winebrenner v. Forney).

I have been in contact with the Ponca City chapter of the DAR because this case is profiled in a publication of theirs via a first person account of it (written at least from the point of view of Robert Winebrenner, the other participant, if not by him directly...) entitled The Last Run, hoping to find more information about Forney in their records. While they were unable to help me, they did suggest that I get in touch with your organization.

The little I know about Forney so far is that he seems to have been on the 1850 census for Indiana, 6 years old at the time and living with a family named Doyle (although it doesn't actually say, I assume this means he was orphaned by then). He married Rebecca Cagle (born ca. 1867 in Tennessee) sometime around 1883, and they apparently had three children (according to Rebecca's 1910 census listing, which says that she had 3 children, only one of which was then surviving...the surviving child was a son, Victor E., born in 1901, in Autwine, OK -- according to his baptismal certificate). Forney and Rebecca's brother, Byron Cagle, both made the run into the Cherokee Strip in 1893, and both actually later were accused of "soonerism." Cagle did not win his case, but Forney did (at all levels). The DAR article talks in detail about how the Forneys built a house on the land (which was located in Autwine, OK), mentions some speculation of "political connections" for Rebecca (she was both the daughter of a man who had been a judge and also was a lawyer herself), and how all of that made Winebrenner recognize that his was a losing battle, so he moved on to another piece of land. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find the Forney family on the 1900 census, which is very odd, as it seems to have been taken at the height of the appeal process of Forney's Sooner case. Thinking their name on the 1900 census may have been transcribed such that it didn't make it to a search engine as "Forney," I've searched manually through any and all towns that I thought might possibly have their property included, and have found all of Rebecca's siblings who lived in OK at that time (she had 13 siblings, many of whom also settled in that same area), as well as the people who Winebrenner talks about as living nearby -- but no listing for the Forneys themselves! I suppose it's possible that they just weren't at home when the enumerator came by, but I do find the fact that they remain "stubbornly unfound" at that time to be just a bit odd...

In any case, Rebecca is listed as a widow on that 1910 census record (by that time she lived in New Mexico, near another brother), but I have not yet found a death date for Forney. I am told by a lawyer friend that the fact that the Supreme Court appeal (decided in 1902) still lists the case with the same heading ( i.e., no addition of the "the estate of..." or anything like that) does not necessarily mean that Forney was still alive at that time. Anyway, later in 1910 (after the census had been taken), Rebecca married (as his second wife) my great-grandfather, Cassius McDonald Barnes, who had been (among many other things in his long life) a governor of Oklahoma Territory (1897-1901). After his marriage to Rebecca, Cassius adopted Victor and he was thereafter known as "Victor E. Barnes." Within our family, it was speculated that Barnes may actually have been Victor's biological father, but the results of a recent y-dna genealogy testing project we did (comparing a son of Victor, who died in 1961, with my brother, who is a descendant of one of Barnes' sons with his first wife) did not prove that to be the case. I would still be very interested to find a firm date of death for Forney however.

Any information you might have on Forney would be of help to me, as would any suggestions as to where I might look further for information. My research on Forney is actually part of a book I am in the process of writing about the life and times of Cassius McDonald Barnes (and Forney, whatever his story might be, was at least in a roundabout way, part of those "life and times"...).

Thank you in advance for any assistance (or guidance as to where I might look elsewhere) that you might be able to provide. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kathy Fenton
Virginia Beach, VA


Ginny Traycik [] Jan 2004

I am trying to find the location of my grandparents' farm. Their names were: Abram Frey and Matilda (or Tillie) Kreider Frey. They went to the Newkirk area from Sterling IL somewhere around 1904-1905 and left Newkirk around 1911-1913. I have been told that they either bought or homesteaded a farm. Any information appreciated.


Linda Fulk Jones[ September 2005

Looking for obituaries for Ben Fulk d 16 Aug 1936 Winfield, KS.
His wife Nora Chaffee Fulk d 11 Aug 1958 Ponca City, OK
Clay Fulk d 04 Feb 1974 Ponca City, OK
His wife Myrtle Fletcher Fulk d 19 Mar 1975 Ponca City, OK
Fred Page d 05 Nov 1947 Newkirk, OK
His wife Anna Fulk Page d 04 Dec 1957
All these ancestors resided in Newkirk, Ok

Ben Fulk, Pioneer Succumbs Sunday
Newkirk Aug 17 – Funeral services will be held at 2 o’clock Tuesday afternoon at the Newkirk Christian Church for Ben Fulk, 72 pioneer resident of northwest Newkirk, who died at a Windfield, Kans hospital Sunday night after a long illness. Burial will be made in the Newkirk cemetery by the Weber funeral home. Rev Comis Bland of the Baptist church will deliver the funeral sermon.
The deceased is survived by his widow, by two children, Edwin of Orlando, Okla and Clay of Claremore, Okla. By two sisters, Mrs Fred Page of Hardy and Mrs Eliza Deyarman of Perkins, Okla and by three brothers. Rueben of Winfield, Kans, James of Mulvane and John of Moline, Kans.
Fulk was born January 27, 1864, and died August 16, 1936 being 72 years… He owned a tract of land a mile northwest of Newkirk which he had farmed for many years…[Copies available on request]
Blackwell Morning Tribune August 18, 1936 Blackwell, Oklahoma


Floy Montgomery[] October 2005

I am very interested in getting Roy Fuller, Martrese Fuller and John Fuller articles. They are in the Blackwell Journal Tribune. June 19, 1988 pg6 col 6 for Mrs Roy Fuller (Martese Huston) Also Roy G Fuller Nov 01, 1971 page 2 col 1. Another one on Martese Fuller June 17, 1988 pg 8 col 6. Then John Collins Dec 21, 1945 pg 2 col 3. Let me know how to pay you. Thanks so much. These maybe long lost relatives I have been looking for along time. Floy

Fuller rite set
Tonkawa –Martise Fuller, longtime resident of Tonkawa, died Thursday, June 16, in St Joseph Medical Center, Ponca City. She was 79. Her funeral is scheduled for 10am Monday in McCafferty Bolick Funeral Home chapel, Kent Kadavy will officiate. Burial will be in the Tonkawa IOOF Cemetery.

She was born in Newkirk, March 25, 1909 to Marion & Loula Huston.
She met and married Roy Fuller Jan 13, 1931 in Oklahoma City…..She is survived by a daughter-in-law, Marlene Fuller of Tonkawa, one granddaughter, Dawn McGaha; two grandsons, Dean & Dan Fuller of Tonkawa, one great-grandson Daniel Fuller and brother in law Dale Fuller of Tonkawa.

She was preceded in death by her husband, one son and two sisters.
Blackwell Journal Tribune June 17, 1988 – Blackwell, Oklahoma

Former Medford man dies at Garden City
Medford – Dec 21 Word has been received here of the death of John Collins, pioneer resident of the Medford community.

He succumbed at his home at Garden City, Kans Dec 15. Collins moved to Kansas about 10 years ago.
Blackwell Journal Tribune December 21, 1945 Blackwell, Oklahoma

Roy G Fuller Rites Tuesday
Tonkawa – Services for Roy G Fuller, 63, Tonkawa, will be a 2pm Tuesday in the First Christian Church. Rev Gary Weeks, pastor will officiate. Burial will be in the Tonkawa Cemetery under the direction of McCafferty-Bolick Funeral Home. Masonic graveside rites will be conducted…Fuller was born in Tonkawa April 24, 1908. He married Martise Huston Jan 13, 1931…Survivors include his wife, Martise of the home; one son, Gary, Tonkawa; one brother Dale Tonkawa city manager and three grandchildren…
Blackwell Journal Tribune November 1, 1971 – Blackwell, Oklahoma

[Copies of obits available on request]


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