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Queries - G



Bill Gallant [] Feb 2004

I am looking for information regarding Louis Gallant born about 1868 in Vermilion, Illinois and later resided in Blackwell, OK. He came from a family of ten brothers and sisters. His parents were Jesse and Margaret Gallant. He was still alive in 1939.

No information found.


Kathryn [Email bounced] Feb 2004

I am trying to research the Gates family born and raised in Ponca City....I think there was a Pat Gates . They were related to the Noss Family.....By the way, I was born in Ponca City many years parents were members of the Nazarene Church there...I remember some people by the name of Streeter....I think first name Opal...she was best friends with my mom, Marjorie Lorien Easley, married to Herbert Trussell. Thanks.

Dale [] November 2008

Who might I aks to search for two Kay County obituaries?

Dale Gerboth

Your email was forwared to me.
What obits do you need?
Need names and date of death.
And I will see what I can do.

Thanks for the help. Two obits: John Edward Gerboth, died 1 October 1960; Laura D. Gerboth, died 18 October 1982

Attached are the obits for John and Laura Gerboth. [See obits online for these obits] They are buried in the Blackwell Cemetery, south of town in Block 171 along with their son Billy Mack [Death Dec 26, 1928] and also a E D [Elenora Dormalee-from sexton records] Ashes I don't have Elenora's date of death, but the opening of the grave was May 28, 1999.
I looked for Billy Mack's obit, but the years 1927-1929 newspapers microfilm are not included in the microfilm collection at the library.
Also listed in the Blackwell Cemetery is a Florence Fay Lafferty [Jan 25, 1913-May 25, 1986] and Lee Lafferty [Sep 14, 1910-April 25, 1974] which are possibly their daughter and her husband. I did not find any listing for a Sylvia Smith.
Listed in another part of the cemetery are a Kenneth [died Aug 3, 1999] and a Susie [died Nov 9, 2001] I don't know if these are your family or not.
I found no other Gerboth listed in any of the other information I have on hand.
I might note that the Ponca City IOOF, St Mary's and Oakgrove Cemeteries inventories have not been completed as of yet and there might possibly be some Gerboth's listed there.


Sally [] Jan 2004

My grandparents were Rosella Faye Pratt she married Ralph J. Gilstrap in Oklahoma I don't know which county. My mother was their first child and was born in Kay county Oct 20,1921. I was looking for the date and place of my grandparents marriage. My Thinking is they might have been married in Kay county also. thank you for your help I do lookups in Josephine County Oregon if you need anything from here let me know.Thanks so much

Rozella Pratt to Ralph Gilstrap, application date 31 Dec 1920, Book 12, Page 91

Ralph J Gilstrap Page 79 "Kay County Honor Roll and Service Record" Published by Blackwell Job Printing Co, Blackwell, Oklahoma 1920


Rusty Givens [] August 2002

Need help -

Some years ago a Walter Naison Neville III from 115 N. Lake Street, Ponca City, Okla. 74601, submitted names, dates and relationships regarding my family, Givens, Given and Gavan into the Latter Day Saints (LDS). Our family immigrated into America in the mid 1700's into Southern Virginia. Mr. Neville enter Many records about our family to the LDS. Much time has been spent trying to confirm most of the entries to no available. Mr. Neville noted his source as, Soc. (Society) of Col. (Colonial) Clergy, King, pages 71, 72 and page 164, Is this a book that he found in your public library ? I have not been able to find a copy of this document. Does anyone know of this family or anything about this record source.

Any help would be most appreciated,

Rusty Givens
from Virginia

Attached are the pages from the book of colonial clergy pedigrees. Remember that these genealogies contain no documentation and may not be correct. You should verify them as accurate before entering them in your family history. I do not know if you can obtain the papers submitted by individuals to this society as you can with the DAR. This society may have a website that could give you that information. [Pages are available on request]





Donna Stueve [] Jan 2004

I was in hope that maybe you could be of some help, I was looking for Marion Greer born June 12, 1888 in Iowa but died in Ponca City, Oklahoma September 1975. His date of birth matches what I have on him, if I'm correct is the son of my Great-grandfather's sister Mary L. Greer. Trying to find out any information I can, where he is buried and did he have a family, was he married, maybe there is an obit out there for him, that will tell me that information. I got his death date from the SSN site.
Thank you for your time in reading this email.

Donna Stueve
309 North 1st St.
Missouri Valley, Iowa 51555

Marion U Greer died: Sept 13, 1975 wife Lucile F. ; Sgt US Army Buried in Ponca City IOOF under the direction of E M Trout and Sons Funeral Directors. Survivors include his wife, 2 brothers and 1 sister [not named] Born at Afton, OK. There are two articles published, although there is a lot of information there are no names

Published in the Ponca City News September 14/15, 1975 [obit available on request]

Lucile Faye Greer died Dec 30, 1992. Born in Falls City, NE she was the daughter of Hayden Earl and Mary Ann (Boyd) Lemmon. Survivors include a sister Mrs. Gladys Jackson of Falls City, NE.

Published in the Ponca City News - December 31, 1992 [Copy available on request]


Mary Peters [] June 2007

Hello Fellow Genealogists

I am looking for an obituary for James Lawson Gross who died 26 Aug 1915 perhaps in Blackwell, Kay Co., OK. In 1910 he was in Weston, Kay Co., OK. In 1900 he was in Blackwell. His wife was Louisa and his son was John Wesley Gross. They came from Indiana.

One of his cousins has a memorial card so we know the exact date of death, but we do not know where.

If you are able to find an obituary, please let me know how much I should send you for a copy.

Mary Gross
If you looked in the newspapers for James Wesley Gross, that is all that I know to do for the person person sending the query.
I checked the only other source I had from Blackwell, the Fyffe Funeral Home records, but unfortunately, he was not in that record. I did check the cemetery book and did not locate his name there, nor was it in any other cemetery in the Weston TWP area. The family could have shipped the body back to his original home where the rest of the family was born, or they simply did not put up a grave stone.
I thought that there was still some family in Blackwell with that surname, but I checked the telephone book to no avail.
Sorry, Loyd

 Jenise Brantley [] November 2011

How & where would someone find a death notice or where they were buried in Ponca City. Does the newspaper have archive Obits (1965)? Are the cemeteries on line with names in cemeterey and death date.
Looking for Ellen Marshall Groves, B: bt.1924 D; 1965.
Jenise Brantley

Ellen R. Groves b. 19 Feb 1924 d. 6 Nov 1965 is buried in Resthaven Cemetery
Along with her husband
William L. Groves Jr. b. 3 Jul 1920 d. 28 Jan 1987
They are in Section D Lot 120 Space 13 & 14
Their funerals were handled by E.M. Trout Funeral Home in Ponca City.

There is also 3 other Groves in Resthaven by names of
Charles E. Groves 1925-1990
Thelma G. Groves 1925-nd
Thelma L. Eaton Groves 1924-1972

Evidently Charles & Thelma G. are husband & wife and are buried together but in a different part of cemetery, which is also true of Thelma L. They all may not be part of your family but thought I'd include them in case.



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