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Queries - H



Leslie Hudson [] Feb 2004

Clyde Harold Hale sr , born Aug. 18 1899. Died about Sept. 1965. Married Blanche Chisler. They had two childen : Clyde 3rd and Betty Jo Hale. If I can find the names of Clyde H. Hale sr parents and maybe grandparents I should be able to add a couple 100s years of family that I already found. Clyde Harold Hale was a lawyer I have heard and was elected to a office.


See Shupe Burgell/Bereiter

Alan Whiteman []

I have a grandfather Joseph Alexander Harbert who died in Blackwell in November 1946. His body was shipped back to Twin Falls Idaho for burial where he had lived most of his life. I am seeking to understand if there were Herbert family members who lived in Oklahoma in the late 1880s and what relatives there might have been in the Blackwell area

Amy Waters [] May 2009

I am seeking obits for two ancestors who died in the city of Blackwell, Oklahoma. I already have the Oklahoma death certificates for these individuals. The individuals I am researching both died in Blackwell, but were buried in Kingman County, Kansas. I would appreciate any help concerning this request. I am willing to pay a fee for this research and for any copies, please just let me know.

Seeking obits on:

Mary Etta Pogue Harris, died January 12, 1937, at her daughter Essie Etta Williams home in Blackwell.
Henry Prescott (H. P.) Harris , died September 6, 1948, also at daughter Essie Etta Williams home in Blackwell.


Attached are the 2 obits you asked for.
Send $4.50 to Pioneer Genealogy Society
Box 1965
Ponca City, Ok. 74602
His is a little hard to read as some of the wording was not clear. But think you'll be able to make it out

Mary Etta Harris
Wed. Jan 13 1937
Blackwell Morning Tribune

Henry Harris
Tues. Sep 7 1948
Blackwell Journal Tribune
Check online death records for copies of obits.


[] June 2007

Are the any listings available for the cemeteries in Ponca City, I am trying to find the death date and burial location for Asa Harsh who died in 1948 and his wife Hattie Bell who died in May 1980, both supposedly in Ponca City

Asa Harsh 1875-1948 w. Hattie Belle ; Father
Hallie Belle Harsh 1889- nd; h. Asa; Mother
Kay Co. Cemetery Inscriptions P. 369

Listed in the Trout Funeral Home Records--Hattie Belle Harsh 5-1-80 Age 90 (Vol.16 p. 190)

They are buried in the Ponca City IOOF Cemetery

There are 4 other Harsh people buried there, also. If you think they might be family member, let me know & I'll send those too.

the other Harsh's are very like related so, yes I'd love that data too, thank you

Fannie B. Harsh Sept.2, 1870 May1, 1932; Mother
Lee Cheatham Harsh Sept.18,1868 Aug.18, 1949; Father
Lee C. Harsh Jr. July 28, 1896 June 19, 1959
D F B (Polk) Harsh Dec. 7, 1898 July 1957; Son

The following below are listed in the Trout Funeral Home Records:

Lee C. Harsh d. 1949 Age 80
Lee Cheatham Harsh d. 1959 Age 62
David Franklin Barry d. 1957 Age 58
Mildred Louise Harsh d. 12-11-1992 Age 86 Area cremation

All listed are buried in the Ponca City IOOF cemetery.

Hope this is what your looking for and will give you some help.

thank you very much


[] Dec 2004

Looking for information on any one with the last name Hazaleus. Researching great grandfather who came from Sweden.

There were listings for several Hazaleus'

"Cemetery Inscriptions of Kay County" 1978 Newkirk Cemetery Page 246
Hannah H 1857-1932
Leo E Sr 2/15/1888-3/21/1972
Nelta ND-12/31/1908 [19y 6m 29d]

"1921 Warden Atlas"
Hannah listed on Plat map of Weston Co

Miller Stahl Funeral Home Records
Alfaratta L 1978
Leo Earl 1974

Marriage Application records
Leo E Jr - Roberta Anderson 12/9/1949
Elaine - Glenn Fulton 12/23/1939
Marjorie - Robert E Engelking 4/4/1947


Dick Heintz [] April 2004

My Grandfather, Oscar Heintz died about 1940/42. He had married Pearl Gump. He had been a glass maker. She was in the OK Land Rush and had photos of that. I have found information of Charles T Gump being wounded in that Cofeeville, KS raid. How I wish now I had gained access to my grandmother's memorabilia. I believe it went with her family (Sherman Gump) on her death in Long Beach, CA. I know my father John Oscar Heintz II was born in Ponca City, Ok. I was born in Coffeyville, KS.

Oscar & Pearl Heintz found in the 1910 Coffeyville, KS census with children Margarite, Carmen & Ralph

Oscar & Pearl Heintz found in the 1930 Coffeyville, KS census with children Margarite, Carmen, Ralph, John and Lawrence

Pearl Heintz California Death index & SSDI Born: 16 March 1887 - Died: Jan 1971 Long Beach, CA

I would suggest contacting the Montgomery Co. Genealogical Society in Coffeyville.

Nancy Blackwell []


Good morning,

I am looking for information for Roy J Heldenbrand who is listed in the cemetery index for Resthaven Cemetery. There are three other persons of the same name also listed in that cemetery and I would be interested in obtaining that information as well. Roy J Heldenbrand died on 24 September 1999. Should an obituary be available, I would be interested in receiving that, as well. I understand there is a fee of $2 for the obit. Please advise of any prerequisites. Thanks very much!
The four people at the Resthaven Cemetery are:

Heldenbrand, Roy J died 24 Sept 1999
Heldenbrand, Clinton D died December 1979
Heldenbrand, Gladys M died March 1983
Heldenbrand, Edna L unknown

My problem is that, besides Roy, I have no idea who the other three are. I would guess one is his wife, the other could be a brother or cousin. I was hoping the Resthaven Cemetery transcriptions would show the dates for the other three. At the very least, the obit for Roy would give me further information.


I only have access to a certain amount of information. I can tell you from what I have that Roy and Gladys are husband & wife.

Clinton & Edna are husband & wife. The 2 couples are in different parts of the cemetery. And as to any relationship that does not show on any records.

And, yes, an obit can usually give you more information on other members of the family. So if you are going to get Roy's obit, let me know if you want ME to get the other 3.



I would, indeed, want to get an obit on Roy J. Since there is no way at this stage, save purchasing a death record, to get the day of death for Gladys, I will have to be satisfied with just Roy's. The Social Security death index only shows the month and year for Gladys. I just happened to get lucky with Roy. Roy's father is in North Platte.

Again, I need to address the issue of payment. Do you need payment in advance? Or do you use another procedure?

Thanks very much for your time.


No, do not send any money yet until I can see if I will be able to find the obits for everyone. I will contact you again when I see what I can find & then tell you the address to send your check.

More than likely if I find them, I'll just scan them to you.
Will get back later with you.

I did find Roy's obit
His obit was very informative and also had his picture with it.
I did find that Gladys was his first wife and she died March 23, 1982.
The other 2 you mentioned, Clinton & Edna, I found no connection in Roy's obit to make any connection with Clinton.

So will not get those 2.



I love it when the obits are informative. Quite often I am only lucky enough to find a death notice with minimal, or there just isn't any at all. So disappointing! I will be anxious to received the one on Roy and delighted to know it will have some "good stuff." Will await further word...

I hadn't yet connected a Clinton to my group, but thought I would ask since the last name was the same. He is probably on another branch,
but since I don't know him, will yield to your knowledge of the information.


I had jotted down some important stuff from Roy's obit thinking you'd told me Roys father was buried in North Platte.

Since I'd remembered ( I thought) there were Heldenbrands in Blackwell, I checked my records and found that Roy's parents + his brother (Ronald) killed in WWII are buried here.

Here is their info.

Roy E. Heldenbrand Oct 26 1892 May 2 1979

Dora M. (Kelly) Heldenbrand Jul 24 1896
Dec 17 1952

Ronald E. Heldenbrand Jan 7 1919 Jul 25 1943
S Sgt Btry Co 189 FA Bn 45 Div; f. Roy E. m. Dora M.

All buried in Block 182 Lot 8 Blackwell Cemetery.

Let me know if you wish these 3 obits, too.

By the way, was that the wrong Roy E. in Neb.??

Hit the jackpot, I see!! Roy J was the son of Roy E, so you are in the right family. I would love to have obits for anyone I can get my hands on :) !! I would be delighted to have the obits on Roy E and Dora Heldenbrand, as well as for the brother, Ronald, who was killed in WW II. That would be great. Roy and Dora also had a daughter Margaret, who married Edwin Martin and I found that he died in Blackwell OK on 25 October 2005. There was also a son Clyde and a daughter Mary Loreen. I imagine Margaret, Clyde and Mary Loreen are all still living, though I have no idea to whom Mary is married. And I didn't know that Roy E was buried there, as I was just getting started putting things together.

Thanks for checking on that!!

You are absolutely right. Roy & Dora daughter Margaret, went by the name of Peggy, she died sometime before Ed "Bud" Martin. Can't remember exactly when.

Clyde & his wife live in Calif. and Mary & her husband live in Durango, Co.

As I read the survivors names, the light began to dawn on me!!! Know them all. Clyde & his wife & Mary & her 1st husband have been in my house numerous times. In fact they all graduated from Blackwell High School and come back for class reunions. Mary & her husband graduated with my husband from here.

The old saying "What a small world this is" can certainly be true. What a co-insidinky!!!!


I think there is a saying that you have a one in four chance of sitting on an airplane next to someone who knows the same individual you do. Weird. :-)

I had forgotten about the "on demand OK records" online and just went into it to get more. Also found another "relative" who lived in Blaine county. Lots of people went to OK

Obits are online death records section

Here is a small obit for Dora that is so dark I decided to just type to you. Not sure how it would have went thru scanning. Kind of repetitive but----

Heldenbrand Services Set Friday Afternoon

Last rites for Mrs. Roy E. Heldenbrand, 56, who died in her sleep at her home, 511 South Third early Wednesday morning, will be held at 3 p.m. Friday in the First Christian Church.
Rev. Bert Sutton will officiate and burial will be in the IOOF cemetery under direction of the Porter Funeral Home.

Also, while looking for the obit of their son, Ronald, I ran across this small bit in the paper.


Roy J. Heldenbrand, Fort Clark, Tex. has recently been promoted from second to first lieutenant.
He recently returned to duty after spending a 10-day furlough here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Roy E. Heldenbrand, 511 South Third and visiting with friends in Oklahoma City and Dallas.

This was from the Blackwell Journal Tribune on Sunday, July 25, 1943
So both Roy J. and brother Ronald were both in the service at the same time. I think since I couldn't seem to find Ronald's obit (which I checked the film from July 20 thru July 30) that during the war probably it was a longer period of time to get word back to families. I think I'll go to the cemetery and see when he was buried from the sextons book. Then maybe I can pin down a more definite date for an obit. Just a chance, might not work.

I am also still going to Ponca to get the rest of the obits we first started out with :) Seem to have gotten side tracked. Back with you later.

Here are the dates for the Heldenbrands obits.

Dora 1st one Wed. Dec 17 1952 Blackwell Journal Tribune
2nd small one Thurs Dec 18 1952 same just now TYPED to her (check the g-mail)

Roy E. 1st one Thurs May 3 1979 Blackwell Journal Tribune
2nd one Fri May 4 1979 same

Also, while looking for the obit of their son, Ronald, I ran across this small bit in the paper.


Roy J. Heldenbrand, Fort Clark, Tex. has recently been promoted from second to first lieutenant.
He recently returned to duty after spending a 10-day furlough here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Roy E. Heldenbrand, 511 South Third and visiting with friends in Oklahoma City and Dallas.

This was from the Blackwell Journal Tribune on Sunday, July 25, 1943



Karen Hunter [] June 2005

Could you help me find an obit for Goldie Smith Hieronymus ?

She passed away in 1988. Her address at the time was

3122 Worthington Circle
Falls Church, VA 22044-2631

she was my distant relative I think. Thanks for any help you can give me.

Karen Hunter

The Washington Post
Washington, D. C.
Monday, October 17, 1988
page E6, column 5
On Oct. 16, 1988, of Falls Church, VA, loving wife of George H Hieronymus, sister of Walter Ray Smith of Orange, CA, Mrs. Mae Jones of Elowah, TN, Mrs. Ara Friesz of Cincinnati, OH, and Glen D Smith of W Nyack, NY, sister-in-law of Gladys Smith of Fork Union, VA. Friends may call at the MURPHY FUNERAL HOME OF ARLINGTON, 4510 Wilson Blvd., Monday 7 to 9 pm Services will be held at 5 pm Tuesday at Arlington Presbyterian Church, 3507 Columbia Pike, Arlington, VA 22204 Interment Lexington, KY. The family suggest that contributions be made to Arlington Presbyterian Church

See Crockett and Somerville

Kimberly Fernandez [] January 2010

I am trying to find out more about my great grandfather Phillip C. Hoffman born in IL married to Erma (Irma) Slocum. One son born Herman Hoffman my grandfather in Blackwell Oklahoma. Phillip Hoffman birthdate around May of 1886. His Mother was Emma Fluhrer married William Galliseth 12-28-1893 in Meriden Illinois. They moved to Kay County some time between 1893 and 1907 My grandfather was Herman Hoffman his report was that Phillip his dad disappeared about 6-8 months after his birth in around Sept of 1906. I want to know more about him and what happened to him from that point. I am trying to find out all I can about the family and My great grandfather Phillip Hoffman. I would like to know if he and Erma or Irma got a divorce. I would also like to locate any family that is alive. My mother and I no nothing about the family and want to find out about our family. The last record I found of William and Emma Gallisath his mother is in Blackwell Kay county in 1910. I can't find out any records on Phillip Hoffman since his disappearance and about his mom Emma Gallisath after 1910. I don't know where they are buried. Would like to know more about this interesting puzzle and what happened to them and if possible meet any family. Thanks in advance for your help.
Kim Fernandez

Since I have been unable to find any of the people you listed in this Kay Co. area, buried or otherwise, I'm surmising they all left this area.

What other areas have you checked?? How about census records, have you done any checking with those??? Census's are perhaps the most easiest way to try tracking them, to maybe give you some kind of a small clue to work with.

I would assume if Phillip left Erma, I'm sure she DID divorce him and more than likely married again at some point in time. I was unable to find Herman in this area so he would be a good one to try tracking.

Let me know what other sources you've tried.

I found this little tidbit but you'll have to check this out to see if this is your Irma.
Irma May Slocum b. 10-19-1885 Michigan remarried Charles H. Story b. 1887

If this is her born date + state, start checking her new married name.

I show Phillip Hoffman on1880 census report in IL with dad Herman Hoffman and Mom Emma Hoffman/Fluhrer, of course do not have anything for 1890, Then he shows up in 1900 Census report for IL again. Phillips mom married a William Gallisath 12-28 1893 in Mendota IL. Phillip married Erma or Irma Slocum in Winfield KS. Then show Mom Emma Gallisath and Stepdad in 1910 Census at Blackwell Township Kay County OK but this is all the information I have. I know that Erma and Phillip C Hoffman lived in Blackwell from around 1905 or 1906 my grandfather Herman born Sept 1906. Would there be a birth record somewhere? They lived on a farm somewhere around Blackwell or in Blackwell Township. He Phillip Hoffman left around March of 1907 and After that it is if he vanished. I wonder if he died or moved elsewhere. I do not know that Irma his wife moved to Carlsbad New Mexico after that with my grandfather Herman Hoffman and have them on census 1910 in NM. I was wondering if there are any divorce papers on Phillip Hoffman or Erma or Irma Slocum. Do you have access to divorce papers or information about divorce papers at court house is there another way of looking this up? I do not know if Emma and William Gallisath are on anymore census reports after 1910 or if they owned land there. Please help if you can piece this together. If someone left their wife would there be a missing person report filed and would there be a police report or record that they investigated? To be honest I question if he died and nobody knew as there is no record that I can find anywhere any suggestions he was still living after he left?
Kim Fernandez

No, I don't have access to any divorce records. If they divorced in Kay Co. those records would be at the court house in Newkirk. You might try writing them and give them all the information you can--names, possible divorce date, to Kay County Court House, Box 428, Newkirk, OK. 74647.

I think you also have to send a fee ($1.00) and a SASE. They would probably furnish you with a certified copy of it.

And, no, back in those days there would be no police investigation on his leaving. I'm sure that happened quite often. And finding where he went, would be like looking for a needle in a haystack. There would also be the possibility he could have changed his name.

If he did change his name is there any way to find that out? What would be a reason someone could have changed their name? Did you have access or did you find where he or his Mother and step dad owned land there? If they did rent the land or the farm is there any way to find that out as well. Thanks for your help.
Kim Fernandez

John Hoffman [] June 2008

I desire contacts and any information about the Hoffman and Harris families known to have Kay County roots as follows.

Beginning about 1882 and continuing through at least 1918.

Grandparents: Charles Wesley Hoffman and S.J. "Lou" Doyle
Their Children: Maggie Hoffman - married to Samuel Harris
about 1897. One Child - Faye born about
1904. Widowed in 1915 and remarried to
Eugene A. McCall in 1916.
John Hoffman - Lived in Blackwell 1896/7
Charles Hoffman - Lived in Blackwell 1896/7.
Lived in Braman in 1918 where he registered
for Selective Service. Worked on a horse
farm in Wellington.
Nannie Hoffman

Thank You,

John Hoffman

I have found none of the below mentioned people in any of my records I have available.

However, there are numerous other Hoffman's and Harris's buried in several of the Kay Co. cemeteries. John and Charles names are very common names, so with no initial nor any kind of born date, I can't distinguish if yours are the ones listed in my book.

Maggie is more than likely a nickname. Was her real name "Margaret". I also found no McCall's either.

The grandparents names you sent, I did not find either of them.

I also did not find where any of them were married in Kay Co.

If you have any more detailed info, send and I can check again.
Email was returned


Robert Connelly []

Robert Hood was born in IN in 1874. He married about 1903 (his wife Mary or Mamie was born about 1885 in MO) and they had a family of at least 6 kids, all born in MO except for William R Hood who was born in OK about 1925; kids were raised in Blackwell, Kay Co, OK (enumerated there in the 1920 & 1930 censuses - Robert owned a grocery store in 1930 - probably in Blackwell?) Can anyone provide me with the full names of there kids? When & Where Mary died? Thanks

Blackwell Journal Tribune Sunday July 8, 1956 Front Page

Funeral Set Tuesday For Robert C Hood
Funeral services for Robert C Hood, 81, who died Thursday in Blackwell General Hospital will be held Tuesday at 2:30 pm in the Church of Christ with Andrew Burks officiating.
Burial will be in the IOOF cemetery under the direction of Roberts and Sons Funeral home. [Copy available upon request]

I searched for an obit, but didn't find one.

"Cemetery Inscriptions - Kay County, Oklahoma" by Pioneer Genealogical Society of Ponca City, OK Published 1978
Blackwell IOOF Cemetery Page 55
Robert C Hood 22 Nov 1874 - 5 July 1956



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