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Queries - J



Melodee Slaney []

I am researching the James family. I see a headstone picture of a Joseph V James - Washunga Cemetery but doesn't have dates. my great aunt named Girtie( full name Lucy Gurtude Risenhoover may have married a chambers, then in 1917 ( Wapanucka) Johnston county ok. they had a daughter named Christine, that was born in 1919, sometime before 1929 Joseph James and Girtie or Lucy divorced. Girtie remarried. In the obit of Christine Winklers it just mentions her being the daughter of the late Joe James and Lucy Gurturde Risenhoover. I hope you have names but better information concerning those buried at Washunga. thanks for any help

Judith [] May 2011

I am located in the state of WA, but have a good amount of family history in Kay County. I am attempting to put all the various family information together and would appreciate finding obituaries on individuals. Do you do such research and provide copies of each found?
I appreciate you may have fees. Please advise.
Recently I started thru some of my old research and discovered holes here and there. I'll prepare an initial list and send it tomorrow.

I am delighted to be in contact with you. Thank you
Arthur Lee b/d. 1886 inf Wolf Crk Cem Newkirk
Jess A d. 5 19 1972 Blackwell Cem [online]
Juanita E. d. 12 16 1998 Blackwell Cem [online]
Claude d. 1959 I00F Cem Tonkawa [online]
Evelyn d. 2001 I00F Cem Tonkawa [online]
Gladys L. d. 8 7 1976 Newkirk Cem [online]
Harvey R. d. 8 21 1971 Newkirk Cem [online]
Hazel d. 1975 I00F Cem Tonkawa [online]
Henry A. d. 1 19 1955 Indian Cem Tonkawa
Henry R. d. 1998 Indian Cem Tonkawa
Jack J. d. 9 5 1962 New Home Cem Eddy
Minnie d. 1-1-1974 New Home Cem Eddy
Rosa M d. 1915 I00F Tonkawa
Will C. d. 1934 I00F Tonkawa [online]
Rilda J. KIRKENDALL-Jenkins d. abt 1925 Blackwell Cem ... "Rilda" or Morrilda possibly; mother of Gladys, Jess and "Dee", widow of James Wm Jenkins (not sure who Dee is ...m or f...?)

MAY to Frank McCoy Blackwell Dec 19 1905 name spellings as shown on lic, witnesses, location

I may not have made myself clear when I mentioned I could do a marriage lookup for you. I can do that--but I do not have access to the marriage license. If you want a copy of the license send to
Kay County Court Clerk
Box 428
Newkirk, Ok. 74647
Include a SASE + $1.00 for each copy

A marriage application was made for Frank McCoy and Mame Reynolds Dec 19, 1905 Book 5 pg. 422. Include that with your letter. Will make it easier for them to look up.
The obits will take me quite awhile to get them all, so bear with me. I will get back to you at a later time & let you know what I've been able to find.

Okay,. Thanks for the clarification, I'll send to the courthouse for a copy. Since she was "Reynolds" at the time of marrying Frank, she married and divorced between 1900 and 1905. Hmmmm wonder where and who Reynolds is.....better check Kay County Divorces. A new piece of info... thanks. She was single living with her parents in the 1900 Fed Census.
Thanks Shirley
This possibility---"Reynolds" was her maiden name. Really kind of depends on their ages when they married in 1905. If she was an older person, and HAD BEEN married to someone else, he could have died and not necessarily divorced. If you have her born date, figure from there what her age would have been in 1905.
Check that 1900 census you said she was living with her parents & see what her parents last name was.

Her maiden name is the 1900 Census she was 22. Single, living in the family home. Yes, she could have been widowed but I am mailing the courthouse for the marriage certificate so requesting a court check for a divorce I felt would save time The est time period I would believe would be 1901-1904. I have another state to research if the end of the marriage isn't in Kay Co. Finding a death record on Rogers without a first name or date I am not sure I would hit successfully. If it is death, it could be early in Kay Co. I have seen your web and could have missed the information.

I checked an on-line OK Marriages site, by Groom, for bride match-up.
Thanks for your input
Update: That name "Mame Reynolds" you sent.... it seemed familiar but there wasn't a note in my computer.... looking through paper files I found she and Frank McCoy's marriage lic that I had requested from the courthouse in wonder I had missing information.... I needed further research on this name. I have so much on these families but when there is questions I don't input to the computer record until the question is satisfied. ... uff... it is a lot of work but it has its rewards. I have been working on my maternal and paternal families since 1994. Skip any concerns on this marriage.... I'll have to look at divorce or death.
Hi Judith,
Just wanted to give you a little update on where we stand.
I have been able to find 6 obits so far. Tomorrow I will have to make a trip to Ponca City Library, (since I don't live in that town) to try & finish up with the others.
The ones you couldn't give me a complete death date on, month, day. I have no way of trying to find an obit for those people. My records just give the year also. If you have any knowledge from your searching, you can let me know later.
Also, if you'll send me your address I can mail them to you when I finish.

I wondered how the research was going and if I should go ahead and send you advance money. You can let me know about that.
The death dates with only a year; I had hoped there might be an indexed data base of the county deaths at the county courthouse or other history collection locations ( local libraries, gen/history societies, etc). How does Kay Co Government keep track of deaths in the county? Any suggestion on discovering the actual date?
Thank You for the update, greatly appreciated
I sent the obituaries for Jenkins today. Bill is included. You will get a lot of family info from them. My head was spinning from all the names & who belonged to who :)

Alyson Arevalo [] May 2011

I am looking for an obituary on the following gentleman:
James William Jones
B: 07/15/1896 Texas
D: 12/14/1978 Ponca City, OK or Crowley County, KS
(Social Security last benefit was sent to Ponca City, OK, but James is buried across the state line in Crowley County, KS)
We believe that his wife was Germania Lee Cloer, and had at least three sons including a Walter E. Jones.
Thank you so very much for your time. It is appreciated!

I will check the microfilm to see if I can find his obit. Our charges are $2.00 for any obit + printing.
I do know his funeral was handled by Grace Memorial Funeral Home in Ponca City. He evidently died there but was taken to Arkansas City, Kansas and buried at Memorial Lawn Cemetery.
I'll get back with you about the obit.

Thank you so very much! I will be anxiously waiting your answer.
I do apologize for my mistake, but James’ wife was Maudie B. (Dempsey)

We are hoping that this is the father of our long lost Walter Edwin Jones who disappeared when his son, Coy Edwin, was two years old in 1946. On Walter’s son’s birth certificate, it says that Walter was born in Hart, TX, and the only Jones family in that area in the 1930 census was a James and Maudie Jones, living in Floyd Co, TX with a son, Walter E., born around 1922, and a set of twin boys.

Walter married Reba Martin (she was fourteen) in 1941 in Barry Co., MO, and then they moved to Amarillo, TX where he had family. When her father became ill, she came back to Missouri with their 2 yr old son to care for him in July, 1946. Walter sent her things to her through the mail, and told her not to come back. She remarried in 1953 after a judge granted her a divorce for desertion. No one has a clue what happened to Walter after July, 1946.

I know we are clutching at straws, but so far we have eliminated many Walter E. Jones, and hopefully one day find the right one.

Thank you!

I will make a trip tomorrow to try to get the obit you wanted.
In the meantime, I found out this info and you can do some checking to see if this might be the right person you have been looking for.

Walter Edwin Jones b. 14 Sep 1922 in Floyd, TX.
d. 3 Nov 1983 San Diego, Calif.

His parents listed as James William Jones and Maudie B. Dempsey

Walter is shown as having married another lady around 1946 and having another family.

Does this sound familiar to you as to being the right Walter??? With Jones being such a common name I'm sure there are thousands of Walter E. Jones's. Didn't know if you had maybe already found this and maybe ruled it out.
Anyway, just another area to check.


Thank you for letting me know. Actually that is wonderful information…
We did have the social security index information, and it matches the year Walter would have been born per his age on his son’s birth certificate.
However, we did not know about the marriage in 1946. It would be extremely interesting to find out exactly when he remarried and to whom.

Your help is appreciated!
I have the obituary you wanted for James William Jones. Actually it is very informatiive with a lot of information that should help you.

I guess I must have forgotten to ask for your address, if you want this mailed to you.

Oh my goodness yes, please mail it! I’m so excited! I just can’t wait to see it… Thank you! Thank you!

See Clark - Pitts

Shirley Daykin [] September 2011

I have two more I need. Sorry I can't get my act together and do it in one run, but these people have been in my life in the early years and my brain gets sluggish with age and I have to wait for something to surface.

Buried at IOOF.....Albert Johnson, b. 6-2-1902...d. 2-1972 [SSDI info]
Orma Johnson, b. 9-1-1904....d. 3-27-1993

This last couple was my almost in laws. I was engaged to their son. It didn't work out but I still felt like they were mine anyway


Sylvia D Douglass [] July 2004

A few years back we tried getting a death record for an ancestor, Samuel Johnson, who died in Kay Co Jan. 19, 1912, but were told no record was found for him. We have an obit, but need his death record to find out
who his parents were. Any suggestions? Would the mortuary have that information? My cousin has the copy of the obit, but Samuel died in or near Blackwell. I believe he was buried in the private cemetery on the Disney Farm. We have found since we first requested the death record that Samuel had used the name Johnston when he married and on the 1850 census when he was 14 years old.

None of the Funeral homes or the cemetery have any record of a Samuel Johnson/Johnston.
I don't show any record of Disney in this area for that time period. There is a James Disney listed in Grant County. Have you tried there? It's possible they would have a record of the Cemetery on the Disney Farm.

Grant County Historical Society / Museum
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Lookup Volunteer: N. Dale Talkington
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