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Queries - L


Connie Parrot [] March 2007

Family history has it that my great aunt Ada Nancy Johnson Lack is buried with her husband James Peter Lack in the IOOF Cemetery in Ponca City. They lived in Ponca City for a while. I had a death date for Ada and figured she had died in Ponca City (Although I understand that people can go elsewhere and be brought back for burial) I ordered a copy of her death certificate from Oklahoma and received a letter that they had searched a ten-year period (1970-80) and could not find a DC for her.

I’m hoping your organization might have an obit on file for her. Here are her stats:

Born: Dec 21, 1883 in Big Flat, AR
Died: Mar 16, 1974 (I thought) in Ponca City, OK

Her husband was JAMES PETER LACK
Born: Jan 25, 1884
Died: July 9, 1951 in Ponca City, OK

I’m hoping an obit might state where she died.

Many Thanks, Connie Parrott

March 19, 1974 Ponca City News Page 15
Nancy Ada Lack Rites at Ark City
Funeral service for former Ponca City resident Mrs. Nancy Ada Lack, 90 of the Newkirk Nursing Home, will be in Arkansas City, at the Rindt Memorial Chapel, 2 pm, Tuesday.
The Rev John Decker, Methodist minister, will officiate and burial till be in the Odd Fellows cemetery here.
Mrs. Lack died Saturday in Arkansas City. She was born Dec 21, 1883 in Baxter County, Ark. daughter of Robert and Mary Johnson. She attended school there and was married to James Peter Lack on Feb 18, 1905 at Bigflat, Ark.
The couple resided in Bowie, Tex and later moved to Ponca City. Mrs. Lack lived here until 1968 when she entered the Newkirk Nursing home.
'Surviving are two sons, Leroy Lack, Arkansas City and Jimmie Bert Lack, Oklahoma City, Three daughters, Mrs. Liz Stiles, Onyx, Calif, Mrs. Edith Howe, Lakeside, Calif, and Mrs. Bernice Willboite, Claremore; 14 grand children, 35 great grandchildren and seven great-great-grandchildren.
Mrs. Lack was preceded in death by her husband in 1952 and by two daughters.

Did a quick search this evening after the meeting and this is what I found. Death certificate would be available in Kansas.


Beth Roberts [awnrae8!] March 2007

I am researching the Lambert family.
I show they were in Blackwell, Kay County, Oklahoma in 1900.
Thomas Austin Lambert, wife Alice and family. Specifically Walter E. Lambert
In 1910 they were in Enid, Garfield County, Oklahoma.
Have some information, looking for more and willing to share.

Beth Roberts
Tulsa, Ok

These Lamberts are buried in Blackwell OK. Kay Co cemetery
Arleigh L. Lambert 1883-1901 son of T A and A (which I take it to mean Thomas Austin and Alice.)
Hugh Lambert 20 Jan. 1895 19 Dec. 1896 son of H N and E F
Steven T. Lambert Sr. 15 June 1893 15 Jan.1973 Okla. Pvt. US Army WW I
Truman B. Lambert 2 Feb. 1900 aged 25 days--son of A F and A E
There are also 4 Lamberts buried in the Newkirk Cemetery but not the ones you asked for.
If you wish those, too, can give those also. I do not have any Garfied Co. listings. Only Kay Co.



B Zimmerman [] Jan 2004

I do not have much to go on, & I tried going through the state of Oklahoma for a birth certificate for Letha Lattin. The story goes that Miles & Kate Lattin lived in Kaw City Oklahoma & had one daughter & two sons. Miles died in 1901 & Kate went to Illinois & gave her daughter (Letha Lattin) up for adoption. I have a picture of her that was taken before she was adopted, it is stamped with the photograper "Kanden, 204 E Douglas Ave., Wichita Kansas. Not much was mentioned over the years about Letha's parents other than she was Native American & was from Kaw City. I have Letha's birthdate as 12/8/1899. I was told that someone found Miles Lattin's grave in Blackburn Oklahoma & no one knew who put a grave marker on it & that they spelled Lattin with only one t. I was also told that that they were from England. I would appreciate ANY information that anyone could provide to me on Miles death or the birth of Letha.

No information found.

February 2005

 See Shupe -Burgell/Bereiter

See Mohr
May 2007

See Giveswater

Dorene Wood [] Aug 2008

I saw a query from Marcus Le Clair on this webpage asking for information about Alec Le Clair. I have information on him as he was my Great Grandfather.

I recently went to Ponca City and took pictures at the cemetery and have both Alex (the family pronounces it Alec) Le Clair. The spelling on the headstone is Alex and his wife is Mary Waters Le Clair. She is the daughter of either Albert or George Giveswater and Lizzie Roy Giveswater. Mary’s brothers and sisters dropped the “Gives” from their name and went by Waters and her headstone shows Mary Waters Le Clair.

I don’t know how to contact Marcus or how to post on your website so if you could pass along this information it would be much appreciated.

This info has been passed on to Marcus LeClair

Marcus Le Clair - December 2007

I was wondering if you could help me I am trying to get information on my great-grandfather Alec LeClair, married to Mary Giveswater, my grandfather was Perry LeClair and my grandmother was Cleona Kent LeClair.

I am trying to trace my genealogy for the LeClair's and am stuck on trying to find information on Alec LeClair. Any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks,



Without more information like dates, etc. This is about all I've found so far. If you can provide me with more, I will try to help.

Alec LeClair 1860-1950 buried in the Ponca City Indian Cemetery
I haven't found Mary Giveswater yet~~if you know any d. dates or other info let me know.

Perry LeClair d. 11-21-1999 age 79
Cleona Kent LeClair d. 8-26-2000 age 75

They are both also buried in the Ponca City Indian Cemetery

The cemetery is located North of the town of White Eagle between Highways 177 and 77.

This is in Kay Co. Okla. One other thing I might mention there are numerous LeClair's in this area. Whether they are your ancestors, you'll have to give me more names, b.& d. dates for me to know who to look for, if you need to find any other people. I came across over 40 that are listed in the Kay Co. marriage application book.

Not sure of this, but sounds like the LeClair's must be from the Ponca Tribe. Also, in this area are the Missouri Otoe, Tonkawa, Kaw.

Hope this will give you a start.

Thank you very much, the dates you have for my grandfather Perry Le Clair and Cleona are correct, as well as the dates for Alec Le Clair, I will see if I can find the dates for Mary Giveswater, I believe that her father was Albert Giveswater (chief of the Ponca tribe). Yes, there are a few Le Clair's and some are related and others are not, but I am not sure which ones are related. My grandfather was from the Ponca tribe and my grandmother was from the Missouri Ote and Tonkawa.

Would you be able to point me in the direction on how I can find out the place of birth for Alec Le Clair, as the story goes, he only spoke French and Ponca language, and they think he was French Canadian that migrated to Oklahoma during the land rush. But I am not sure where he came from, my grandfather never really spoke about his father to me. Would there be a death certificate on file or even a birth certificate? Do you also know of there being any documents that list the names of those who came during the land rush? Any information would help.

You have been a great help and I thank you for everything you have done so far.



Terry Willis [] July 2008

I am looking for three obits for:

1. Edwin Loosley died Kay County Aug. 1974
2. Edwin C. Lossley died Kay County 1 jul 2003
3. Dorothy Loosley died Kay County 27 May 2004

Thanks for your help and service. If I can be of service to you in Guernsey County Ohio just ask away. Terry

Could you possibly have the wrong d. date for Edwin Loosley??
I found an Edwin Henry Loosley that died Aug 15, 1984. He is buried in Ponca City IOOF Cem. with Trout Funeral Home handling services.

Another Edwin Loosley 1874-1930 also buried in Ponca IOOF.

Will need an exact date (m-d-yr.) before I can continue.

Sure sorry its 1984 not 1974. I don't need the one that died in 1930.
Thanks Terry

See - Loving/Speathe Below
Renee Dawson [] Oct 2010        

I would like to respond to a query posted February 2005, Loving/Speathe
I tried to email Cindy(Speathe) Blanding but the email came back.
Ben Loving was the son of Samuel Loving and Isa Bell Griffith Loving
they had 3 other children that lived, Dollie, Mary, and Sam. (therefore Mary was full sister to Sam, Ben and Dollie) Samuel died in March of 1893 and Sam's birth was May 1893.  Isa Bell (went by Belle) married James M Potts in August 1895, in Arkansas and they had a daughter Marjorie Bell Potts, born March 1897 (my paternal grandmother) I have additional information on the Potts/Loving connection. 

Renee Dawson

Cindy (Spaethe) Blanding [] February 2005

I am looking for information on Ben Loving b. 1881 in Missouri and died 1966 in Ponca City, Sam Loving b. 1893 in Missouri and died 1972 (he was from Marland). My Grandmother is a half-sister to these men. Her name was May Fern (Loving) Spaethe. Any information about the names of the parents of the above would be most helpful. I would also be pleased to have information about Ben's or Sam's children or grandchildren....if they are alive and still living in the Ponca City area. My father, May's son, is now 81 and is trying to piece together the family history. He lives in Colorado and I will pass on any information received.

Found Ben Died 7/20/1966 and Sam died 5/19/1972 both buried in the Ponca City IOOF Cemetery. I will see if I can find a obit for them.

I already have copies of the obituaries. I am still looking for any information on May/Mae Loving and have an additional you have any records on a Bell or Belle Potts, born 1859 in Iowa. She was living in Ponca City in 1925-30 and I assume that she died there. She is my great-grandmother and the mother of May Loving. We just don't know the Loving/Potts connection as Ben and Sam were 1/2 brothers to May.

Isabelle Potts died 5/2/1945 buried PC IOOF Cemetery. Died at age 86
Isabelle Pott's Obit doesn't give much information, but it does state that Sam Loving is her son. Trout Funeral Home took care of the services. [Copy available on request]
There is also a Will at the Kay County Courthouse for Ben Loving. Case #P-66-17341

Paul Lucas Jr [] September 2007

Hello Sir,

I was on the Kay county websites and found your name and wanted to ask a few questions If I may. My Name is Paul E Lucas Jr. My grandmother and grandfather grew up in Kildare and Blackwell Oklahoma. They are now buried in a small cemetery that is behind a church there and for the life of me I can not find any information on it or them. I am also trying to do some family history and the cemetery that my Grandparents and their parent s and many more family members are their as well. The family names are Hughes Bell Lucas James and if you could provide me with the name of the church and possibly the address phone number pictures ect that would be great and any information you may have about my family.

I know that is a tall order but sir it would mean a great deal to me. Thank you again for your time and have a nice weekend.

Paul E Lucas Jr
The church I believe in is Blackwell Oklahoma my grandma was born in Kildare her Name Is Bette Mae Lucas her maiden name was Bette Mae Bell My grandfathers name was Russell P Lucas My grandmother father was Bryce Hutson Bell and her mother was Ruby R Bell Lets see if you can find those names I am doing some research to try to find more names but I am aware of have been told that where my grandmother bette who died in 1999 and grandfather whom died in 1993 both of their parents are buried there along with their parents. If you need more information I will try to get it it is a little hard with the names and what not that I have.


Bette Mae Lucas b. May 9 1924 d. Aug 16 1999
Russell P. Lucas b. Mar 28 1920 d. Jan 29 1993

Both are buried in the Prairie Chapel Cem. behind the Prairie Chapel church, which is east of Blackwell a few miles.

Parents of Bette Mae

Bryce Hutson Bell They were married 2-15-1915 (This from the Kay Co.
Ruby R. (Hughes) Bell marriage Book)

1930 Census Weston Twnship Kay Co. OK. Bryce & Ruby & their children were living with her father, John Hughes.

John Hughes Age 65 b. N.C.
Bryce Bell 39 b. WV
Ruby Bell 34 b. OK
Norma E Bell 14 b. "
Jeffa E Bell 10 b "
Bette M Bell 5 b "
Jack D Bell 2 1/2b "
Wayne D Bell 3/12 b. "

1920 census shows John Hughes has a daughter named Evelyn Hughes living with him + the Bell's also.

Draft registration shows Bryce H. Bell in WW I b. Apr 16, 1891 in WV from Kay Co. OK. 6 miles east of Blackwell.

Hope this gives you some help. Let me know if you find anymore names.

is there d dates listed for Brtcye or ruby I also have a few more names let me find them.
Another Question for you is Prairie Chapel on the net so I could get more info? And another one is Russell Lucas’s parents listed I am having a really hard time finding the names of his parents. thanks so much
On a bit more digging I discovered that Bryce's mothers name was Tillie E Haines I believe and her father name was Robert H Haines

No d. dates. Still haven't found where they are buried


Jo Ann Dark Collier [] Mar 2004

Can someone help me locating a grave site, I think in Bressie Cemetery. The address that I have is Marland, OK, when I was in Perry recently, I was informed that the cemetery was in Kay County.

I am looking for the grave site of Rosa Lundy and her family. I would like any information that is there. I know that she lived in Enid and died there in the late 40's or early 50's. He son Roy Lundy is also buried there and possibly her husband, daughter...Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Marland and Bressie Cemetery are located just over the line in Noble County. However, Bressie Cemetery is online at There doesn't seem to be any Lundy's listed. (Very small cemetery) There is lookup volunteer for the Noble County cemeteries. Try them...maybe they are listed in another area cemetery.


Jean Lyon Trucano []

I am looking for information on my grandfather, George H Lyon, and great-grandfather, David F. Lyon who lived in Kay County after 1874. My grandmother is thought to have died at Newkirk and the family may have lived near Stillwater or Glencoe. Thank you for any help you might be able to give me.


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