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Pioneer Woman Statue

Ponca City, OK – Bryant Baker, Sculptor – Dedicated April 22, 1930.

Marland Mansion

Ponca City, OK - Constructed 1928.

Ponca City Library

Ponca City, OK – Constructed 1935.

Standing Bear Museum & Education Center

Ponca City, OK - Dedicated September 29, 2007.

Kay County Courthouse

Newkirk, OK – Constructed 1926.

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Queries - Mc



Richard McCaig []

Seeking information regarding family of William Silverton MCCAIG, birthplace Colorado circa 1880, married to Cora B. GRADE, birthplace Nebraska circa 1893, one daughter and three sons born in Oklahoma, one in Blackwell.



Sally []

I would like to have the obituarys of Ada Bird McCulloch who died April 22, 1960 in Kay County, Oklahoma. Her husband Thomas Gaylord McCulloch died May 9, 1961 in Kay county I would like his obituary also. I would pay your expenses or I do lookup in Oregon if you need anything here. Thanks Sally

Cemetery Inscriptions of Kay County Book - Page 73

Blackwell IOOF Cemetery - Ada Bird McCulloch 30 Mar 1880 - 22 Apr 1960
Blackwell IOOF Cemetery - Thomas G McCulloch 22 Apr 1878 - 9 May 1961

Monday Services at 2 slated for Mrs. McCulloch
Mrs. Ada Bird McCulloch, 80…died Saturday and funeral services will be at 2 pm Monday…Rev C L Cline minister of the Church of God will officiate and burial will be in the IOOF cemetery under the direction of Roberts & Sons funeral home.
Mrs. McCulloch, an ordained minister in the Church of God, was born March 30, 1880 in Pekin, Ind and moved to Nardin in 1900….Survivors are her husband Thomas G…a daughter Mrs. Hattie Highland, Red Rock, three sons, Ralph Gillstrap, Elk City, Ore; Doyle W McCulloch & RL McCulloch of Blackwell…
Blackwell Journal Tribune April 24, 1960 – Blackwell, Oklahoma

T. G. McCulloch Rites on Friday
Thomas Gaylord McCulloch, 83…died Tuesday at the home of a daughter, Mrs. Hattie Highland, in Red Rock.
Funeral services will be conducted at 2pm Friday in Roberts & Sons Chapel. Burial will be in the IOOF Cemetery.
Mr McCulloch was born April 22, 1877 in Winfield, Kansas…Survivors in addition to the daughter are two sons, Doyle & RL of Blackwell…
Blackwell Journal Tribune May 10, 1961 – Blackwell, Oklahoma

[Copies of newspaper articles available on request]

G Wells [] August 2011

My name is Greg Wells and I am a personal friend to Joe McFadden and we teach history courses throughout Oklahoma City.

I would like to surprize Joe and during one of our classes talk about his father, who was the Chief of Police of Ponca City.

Any information that you could provide me, to include pictures would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!
I'm really sorry, but I have no idea about this. I don't even know who you are referring to, nor where I could possibly come up with pictures!!!

You didn't mention date wise, nor a year time wise, as to when this had taken place.

His name was Joe E. McFadden and he was the Chief of Police from 1935 to 1947!


Alyse Kenny [] Feb 2004

I am looking for an obituary for:

Charles McGee Born: 10-24-1883 Barton County, MO Died: 7-9-1964 Ponca City, OK

Thank You

Found death notices for Charley McGee from the 7/10/1964 Ponca City News. Also a notice for John McGee 9/30/1970

Copies of notices - On request

Julia McKinstry [] November 2008

My name is Julia Lee McKinstry. My ggg was Levi Lee McKinstry who after the death of his first wife moved to Ponca, Noble, Newkirk areas of OK. I have his obit. I don't know much about his life in OK. What I am looking for is his brother Aaron's death certif. and obit. I know he purchased land in 1905 here in Newkirk. I know his sister Catherine moved back to Mattoon, IL and am pretty certain Aaron had died 1905 - 1910. She went everywhere with him. Aaron also married a very young girl when he lived in Topeka, Nellie M. Spawr. I can locate nothing on her either. I do not know if she went to Newkirk w/ him and if they had any children.

I can't help but wonder what the connection is to David McKinstry the Telephone entrp. there in Kay, Cty. Levi, his brothers Aaron and Robert and David were all in Topeka or Wichita and getting married around the same time. There has to be a relationship to David too.

If you can help I really would appreciate it. There are a number of us who are stuck!

Thanks a bunch!


I have not found much, but what I did find is as follows:

Aaron [born Mar 1838 Ohio] and Catherine [born Mar 1826 Ohio] are in the 1900 Newkirk OK Census.

On the Oklahoma Historical Society's Newspaper index I found in the Oklahoma Times Jrnl, a Oklahoma City Newspaper July 31, 1895 Page 4 Col 4 Notice of publication of divorce Nellie vs Aaron McKinstry. I do not have access to the actual newspaper, but you can go to and search their catalog or get the order blank to send for a copy. They do charge for this service.

In the Kay County Court Records there is a Criminal case for Aaron August 6, 1895 [probably why his wife filed for divorce] I have no idea what the case is about without going to the court house and looking thru the case papers. Case #CR-B5-00092. You can send for these records also, but they do charge for copies and would require a SASE.

I only found one McKinstry marriage application - in 1982 Larry Wm/Terri Sue Long, she married Ray Forrest Hogh III in 2000.

I did not find any McKinstry burials in any of the cemeteries inventoried so far. Ponca City IOOF and St Mary's are the only ones not completed. This is not to say that they are not buried in one of the cemeteries. Unfortunately All of the cemeteries have unmarked graves, without any existing record available.

If Aaron did die in Oklahoma in that time frame, it is highly unlikely that there would be a death certificate. Oklahoma didn't start keeping any kind of death records until 1908 and it wasn't mandatory until 1917, but still remained sketchy until in the 1930-40's. Since all the area newspaper copies available have been researched and obits are online from the 1890's to 1908 it is highly unlikely that a obit can be found.

Concerning the David McKinstry connected with the telephone company. When he passed away his body was sent to Gardiner, New York...said to be his childhood home. When he passed in 1920 he still owned at farm there. Survived by his wife Leona, a sister Maggie Merritt of NY City, a niece Gertie Speers of Indianapolis, IN, a nephew Fred Woolsey of Brooklyn, NY. He married Leona Herzer in Wichita, KS in 1903. Is he one of yours??

Feb 2, 1893 The Cherokee Advocate has a article about Robert McKinstry having the largest apple orchard in NY.

I hope this helps.


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