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Pioneer Woman Statue

Ponca City, OK – Bryant Baker, Sculptor – Dedicated April 22, 1930.

Marland Mansion

Ponca City, OK - Constructed 1928.

Ponca City Library

Ponca City, OK – Constructed 1935.

Standing Bear Museum & Education Center

Ponca City, OK - Dedicated September 29, 2007.

Kay County Courthouse

Newkirk, OK – Constructed 1926.

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Queries - N



Jane Chavez []

I am searching for information on my grandfather's family. His name was FORREST NAVE b.Aug.3,1890 d.Feb.13,1951. My grandfather was born in a dugout in Tonkawa, Oklahoma. His father was James B. Nave and his mother was Ida (Williams) Nave. I think that Ida's mother ran the Oklahoma land race on April 22,1889 in a buggy and actually claimed some land. It is also thought that my great grandparents were married in Kansas and may have originally come from their. I would appreciate any information you could find on these Tonkawa, Kay county residents. Thank you so much!

“The Warden Atlas for Kay County, Oklahoma” 1921

James Nave listed Tonkawa Plat Map

Donna Stueve [] July 2009

Trying to find a few obituaries, trying to find out when my Great Aunt Laura Neese died I know she was still alive in 1957 as she was still alive when her sister (my great grandmother) died.

Her husband William Archie Neese died Feb. 1969 in Ponca City

Her son Archie Neese died May 8 1999 in Ponca City

Laura Neese was born Aug 7, 1891 in Kansas

If I can find her husband and son's obit maybe I can locate her death.
IS there anyone out there that will do obit look ups?

I live in Iowa and it so far to travel I can't go to the library to do a look up.

Thank you for your help.

Donna Stueve


Without doing any in-depth research for you (obits) this is what I have in my records:

Mary Laura Neese 7 Aug 1891 8 Feb 1960 buried in Ponca City IOOF cemetery.

Trout Funeral Home records (Ponca City):

William Archie Neese d. 19 Feb 1969 buried in Ponca City IOOF cemetery. Didn't have a born date for him

Considering they are both in IOOF and died only 9 yrs. apart, I would speculate they are together, probably with a common stone.

I did not find son Archie Neese listed in my records, but that is not to say he more than likely is in the same place since you said he died in Ponca City.

Check the PGS site again where the prices for more in-depth search is listed. If you want that, let me know. Is completely up to you.


I want to thank you for all the help it is much appreciated. I didn't see on the website who did much in-depth research, but I will go back and look again.


Kay Co. Marriage records
Lloyd L. Nichols / Jennie Talmage applied for marriage license 8-16-1906

They are both buried in the Braman Cemetery ~~~~~ Kay Co. Cemetery Book

Lloyd L. Nichols 3-29-1853 5-26-1924
Jennie M. Nichols 12-20-1863 12-15-1946

Corresponding Sec.



Tamara Powell [] May 2008

Hello , I am looking for a death date for a Loyd/Lloyd L. Nichols who was living in Kay Co., Oklahoma. He died after 1920 census and before 1930 census. I hope you will be able to help with this info. I will gladly remit cost. Thank you for your time.
Tamara Powell

Linda Romero [] April 2007

I am researching John Wesley Patterson and Julia Agnes Nichols Patterson. I am looking for their descendants.
I am interested in the death records for Agnes's father, Peter Nichols who lived with them. I would like to know when Agnes and Peter died, where they are buried, and any information you may have on them.
I have pasted a family group sheet for John and Julia Patterson below. It gives everything I know about them and their descendants. I also have information about their ancestors. Julia Agnes Nichols Patterson was sister to my grandmother, Elizabeth Nichols Beltz. I was looking for Peter Nicol (Nicols, Nichol, Nichols), Julia's father, when I found them in Ponca City. I have no idea where their children are or who they married. I just found John and Julia in the census a few days ago.
Thank you. Linda Romero

Have been doing some checking for you and this is what I've found so far.
This is from the Kay Co. Cemetery Inscriptions Book Published in 1978
Peter Nichol 5-9-1814 12-14-1904
Agnes Nicol Patterson d. 11-29-1946 Age 84
Both are buried in the Ponca City IOOF Cemetery
Haven't found John Wesley Patterson yet. But strange they weren't buried in same place. But will do some more checking on him.
I have found a huge amount of Nichols/Patterson around Kay Co. So I'm kind of at a loss as to who might belong to you. And there are just too many to list. So what I've done is choose a few to send you that might possibly be in your line and this stems from according to dates. Then you can start searching & piecing together what applies.

Since John Wesley Patterson was b. 1849 I found the following in the Kay Co. Marriages
Homer Patterson / Tressa Nichols 5-11- 1923 Thought that was strange since the possibility of Homer being a brother to John & Tressa might be a sister to Agnes. Just something you might try to follow up on.
Robert M. Patterson / Minnie Keton 10-27-1896
Wilson Albert Patterson / Alma Pearl Mundy 10-12-1895
There are no b. dates for the above & they don't seem to be buried in Kay Co. Just married here.
When you get done checking let me know if any of this applies & you've found out anymore names of dates of siblings

Both Peter and Agnes are the people I'm looking for. Thank you very much for the information. I will continue my search and maybe even find a living relative.
I have one more favor to ask. Can you tell me where I can get copies of their death certificates? Does the Genealogy Society or Historical Society have copies. Are their copies in a library. Must I write to city hall, the county seat, or the capitol of Oklahoma.
Will the IOOF cemetery be putting a list of burials online? Thank you again for your help.

Yes, you'll have to write the state of Ok. Here is the address

Vital Records Service
Oklahoma State Dept. of Health
1000 N.E. 10th
Room 111
Oklahoma City, OK. 73117

I think there is a charge, too, but have no idea how much. Here is the ph.# in case you might want to call. 405-271-4040 All birth & death records have to come from the above, if they were born or died in OK.


[Email bounced] Feb 2004

Looking for mortuary & obit on my grand father. He died March 20,1920 in Ponca City, OK his name is William F Nimmo. I have a copy of the obit from Webb City Mo newspaper where it said his body was to be sent ,but they say they have no record. His parents were J.H. Nimmo & Lucy of Bristow. Thank you for any assistance you can give me .If you have a fax I can also fax you the info.


Carol Williams [] Dec 2003

I am looking for Marie NOVAK b. 1892 in Austria and came to America with her step-mother in 1903 through Ellis Island. In 1910 she is shown living (as a lodger) with Eunice and Albro HANNA in Braman, Kay Co., OK. I'm wondering if she married a Mr. Ford. A Marie FORD in the SSDI was born 6 Mar 1892 and died Apr 1980 in Newkirk, Kay Co., OK. Could she have been married to Fred Ford b. 1 May 1888 and died May 1973 in Newkirk?


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