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Queries - P



Alan Mills [] May 2008

I am trying to find possible gravesite location for Parkers that may be buried in the IOOF cemetery in Ponca City.
Is the IOOF cemetery actually in Ponca City or is it outside of town?
In particular I am looking for the gravesites of Paul D. Parker (1875-1941) and Orville H. Parker (1901-1963). I have been told this is where they were buried.
Also, if their spouses are also in the same cemetery (Susan Witten Parker 1880-1970, Ruth Brett Parker 1900-??, Ann ?? Parker).
Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated!!
Alan Mills
Hi Alan,
The Ponca City IOOF Cemetery is located S.W. of Ponca City on S. Waverly St.
Your following people are all buried in the P.C. IOOF

Orville H. Parker & Ruth R. Brett applied for marriage license 9-5-1922 (This from the Kay Co. Marriage records)

Orville H. Parker 1901 d. Apr 7 1963
Ruth R. (Brett) Parker Jan 30 1900 Aug 2 1966
Orville H. Parker Jr. nd d. Sep 1924 (Am assuming this is a child of theirs)

Paul D. Parker 1875 d. June 28 1941
Susan (Susie) Witten Parker 1882 d. Aug 6 1970 (Age 88)

Paul D. Orville H. Ruth R. was handled by the Trout Funeral Home.
Susie W. was handled by Grace Memorial Funeral Home both in Ponca.

Since Parker is a fairly common name there are several more buried there & also another cem. (Resthaven) in Ponca. If you have any more names, let me know & I can check for you.

Hope this was what you were looking for.
Corresponding Sec.

Thank you so much for responding!!! Yes, this is exactly what I was looking for!

Is there any additional information on Orville H. Parker Jr.? I wasn't aware that Orville and Ruth lost a child... Also, is there an Ann Parker there? I believe Orville was married twice. I don't know if his other wife died or what. I believe her name was Ann, but don't know much else.

Orville (sr.) 's sister was Ethel May Parker (d: Jan 2000, in Colorado) - she married William Harold Price (d: 1969). Is there any chance either of them are buried in Ponca City as well?

Orville had 3 other daughters:
Eleanor Sue Parker (went by Sue most of time) - married Orley Eugene Shamburg
Ellen Virginia Parker - married Robert Conner
Ruth Helen Parker (went by Helen) - married Jack Chidley
I don't believe any of Orville's daughters have died yet...but I do think they either live or have lived in Ponca City. If you don't mind, you might check if any of them are in the cemetery.

One last question, do you have any contacts in the Broken Arrow, Oklahoma area? Paul Parker's brother (Johnathon Newman Parker) and father (Elijah Parker) are buried there. I was wondering if there was someone who I could contact in that area to look up information on them.

Again, thank you so much for checking on this for me. It was great help, and very much appreciated!!! I'm slowly shaking out the branches of my family tree (only a few fruits and nuts fall out :-).

Thank you! It's great what you are doing...


Bart Smeets []

We are interested in information on Mr Melvin J. Parker from Blackwell OK
In World War Two he was a pilot on a C-47 'skytrain' aircraft.

On September 17th in 1944, he was on a parachute drop mission to Holland.
The plane was struck by anti-aircraft fire from the ground.
He survived this plane crash.

Details that we have:
Melvin J. Parker, Pilot on Douglas C-47 'skytrain' 42-101004
Captain of the Air Corps, army serial number O-672403
Entered the service from Blackwell OK
Served in 99th Troop Carrier Squadron, 441st Troop Carrier Group, US Air Corps
Take-off from Langar Airfield (station 490) in England
Parachute drop mission to Holland, Dropzone "Groesbeek-Wylerbaan" (DZ-T)
Plane crash on Sunday, September 17th, 1944.
Captain Parker bailed out safely, before the plane crashed.
After the crash, Captain Parker became a prisoner of war.
Three of the aircrew of five, survived this accident.

Captain Parker returned to the US after the war.
We don't know if he is still alive today.
But he or his family, must be currently living somewhere in Kay County today.

We would like to start a compilation next year on this subject.
Therefore, we would like to share information together.

Please see below for details.
Greetings from Holland.

Bart Smeets, The Netherlands
Den Bosch
phone 011 31 73 622 1226


Pam Gordon [] April 2004

I am looking for any info on Ethyle and Juanita Perry who lived at the 101 Ranch late 1800-1917. Thank you.

Juanita and Thel were trick riders around 1916. Photo is available.




See-Clark - Johnson

Shirley Daykin [] September 2011


I am needing obituary of a relative that died in Ponca City, OK. Do you folks handle those or do I need to contact the newspaper there. Also I need to know the cost for the copy.


I need the complete death date, m/d/y----name, middle initial if you know it.

$2 + printing for each obit.

I am needing an obit for Leo B. Pitts [female]....born: 3-24-1889 in KS.....died: March 1978, Kay Co. OK. This info is taken from SSDI so I don't have the day of death. Age 89 years.

She was living there in Ponca City, but after moving from the store she owned for years, I don't know where she was living. I have been gone from Ponca for years.

Any help appreciated. Do I need to send the money in advance or will you send an invoice with the information.

I have checked all my cemetery records and I don't find her buried here. Any chance she could have left this area??? Would she have had another maybe nickname instead of Leo?? There are other Pitts buried here, but no one with that name.

Okay, I know of no nick name but she always went by Mrs. Ray F. Pitts, which was not uncommon for women born before 1900. I will have to talk to my cousin that saw her daughter on occasion before she died. Maybe she will know something. I have already talked to the neighbor and she didn't recall much, at least nothing that would help me find their burial place. Thanks for helping and if I owe you anything send me an invoice to the address listed below. Thanks again.

No, you don't owe anything.

I did find a Ray Pitts 1888-1937 buried in Ponca City IOOF cemetery. Could this be her husband?? Do the dates match with yours??

Since she is not buried with him, she could have left this area, or other possibility she remarried.

That could be him and she should be there also. My info on Ray is the census and they have him from 1887 to 1889,
depending on the year of the census. They were both from KS. when they moved to Ponca. She gave KS. as her birth state. The census 1910-1920 show both of them as being in Chautauqua Co. KS. In the 1930 census they were in Ponca City. I have checked all the cemeteries on line in Chautauqua Co. KS and I do not find her. Ray was in the 1930 census in Ponca City, but I don't remember him being there with Leo after I was old enough to start to school and I suspect he died before 1940. Is there and obit for him? She didn't remarry and their daughter took care of her as she went blind. Had only one eye, the other one had a disease of some kind in it and they took it out and she wore a glass eye from the time she was in her 20's. I was also wondering if her daughter Patsy L. might be buried in IOOF. She first married a Holbrook, then she had a Mexican husband. She was alone when she died her brother and both parents were gone. She had a son that would not come and make the funeral arrangements so the Funeral Home had to get a court order to bury her and I am assuming in a paupers grave. Do you have a way of knowing where the pauper graves are? I wish I knew what that last mans name was she married. Other than it was Mexican I haven't a clue. She may have been using Holbrook. Knowing Leo, I just feel like she would have made arrangements for herself when Ray died.
What did I tell you about a nickname?????? Low & behold I found them!!!!!!!

Ray Pitts 1888-1937 Section 2 Row 1 Lot 72

Bertha Pitts 1889-1978 (Leo) Section 2 Row 1 Lot 71

I also found in Kay Co. marriage applications

Patsy Lou Pitts / Theron Ralph Holbrook 3030-1951 Book 42 Page 311

I find no burials for the Holbrooks as they could have left the area or still be alive. If Patsy married again as you mentioned, I have no way to check without a name.

So are you wanting obits for both Ray & Bertha now?? Let me know what I need to do.
Yes, both obits for Ray & Leo. Do you have the marriage applications? Was the application in Newkirk or elsewhere?
Boy! I never heard her called anything but Leo or Mrs. Ray Pitts. The initial "B." in her name must be for Bertha. Of course I am of the generation that parents taught their children to address people older than themselves as Mr. or Mrs. and answer with yes sir/no sir, yes mam/no mam. Theron Holbrook was from another part of OK. as I remember so you won't find him in records. He died in CA. Send me copies of what you did find and tell me where I need to go for a marriage application copy, OK, KS, etc. Being so close to KS they could have gone there.

Thanks for your persistent help in this. Much appreciated. I just knew they had to be in Ponca from what Mother told me and was sure she did say IOOF cemetery.
obits are $2. each + printing at the library. Give me time to make a trip to Ponca as I don't live there.
I found no marriage application for Ray & Leo. in Kay Co. so they must have married elsewhere. Some went into Kansas, so that would be the place to check.

I'll contact you again when I get the obits.

Can you tell me where Patsy and Theron applied for a marriage license and if they will have a copy at the Library, if so make a copy of it also. If not I will send for a copy if I know where they made their application. I also wanted to tell you that if you can, you could scan these obits and the marriage application on Patsy and Theron and send to me by email. Some Libraries do and some mail, so I never know until they tell me it will be mailed or scanned into an email.
Either way is fine.
For a copy of Patsy & Theron marriage license you will have to send to

Kay County District Court Clerk
Kay County Courthouse
Box 428
Newkirk, Ok. 74647

Include with your request names, date, book & page # I sent you. Fee is $1.00 and a SASE.

Copies of marriage licenses has to come from the Kay Co. courthouse.

When I get the obit I will let you know and scan it to you.

Thanks & I will get on that so it goes out the first of the week. In the meantime I will be happy knowing you found the Pitts family and that something will be coming on them soon



Gregory Dean Preston [Email bounced] Feb 2004

Willis Colfax Preston was born in Illinois and lived in Tazwell, County near Pekin. Willis was a Blacksmith who covered a regular route or circuit in a covered wagon. His wife Emma and their children went with him on these journeys. Emma and the children became as good at driving the wagon as he was. They would stop at local farms and ranches, and at some of their relative's farms and ranches on a regular basis to take care of shoeing the animals.

One of his daughters, (Elsie's mother Bessie); told Elsie that she used to hold the horses while her father Willis worked on them. She would also help with the farm work. She especially like stopping at one, Uncle Charlie's farm. Uncle Charlie had married an Indian woman. This woman delighted in racing the Indian ponies on the reservation - usually winning the race. When the harvest was in, there was usually a barn dance where Willis played the fiddle.

On one such trip sometime between 1900 and 1930, Willis, Emma, and their children happened to be near Ponca City, Oklahoma. They stopped for the evening and built the nightly campfire. They had a good meal and were chatting beside the fire. Willis was leaning up against the wagon wheel when he suddenly fell over dead.

It was thought at the time that he suffered a heart attack. The authorities of Ponca City were summoned to the campsite. A large number of people came out from Ponca City to help the family. These "good friends", as Elsie put it, helped to bury Willis and get the family headed toward Kansas where Emma's in-laws lived. A number of the good friends of Ponca City were members of the local Elks Lodge.

Once Emma and the children got to Kansas, they were helped by Elsie's Uncle Jim, (James M. Preston), to get back from Kansas to Illinois and get on with their lives.


Molly Gravelle [] July 2008

Is this Porter family any connection to John and Marjorie Porter who used to live on Ítilwell Ave, in Tillamook?

Have no idea where Tillamook is. Nor the Ave. you mentioned.
Please include more information. I have no idea what town your asking about

John Porter d 1989. Is his wife Marjorie Harris Porter still alive? We need to find her for information about a class reunion in Salinas, CA.

Cannot locate him if he died in this area. Would really need more information about him & what town you think they lived in. You didn't mention the town they lived in.
Send more info & I'll check again. Sorry, can't locate her either. Since he has been dead for nearly 20 years, there is every possibility she could have remarried at some point in time.


Larry Crummer []

I am wondering if you could get an obituary for me for Owen G Pulley, the son of Owen A Pulley and Jennie McKay. He was born in Nashville, KS, 11 June 1928 and died in Newkirk, OK, 25 Oct 2003.

I believe that his wife's name is Ava? and he may have two sons, Steve and Thom?

We are related through Owen's grandfather Adam M Pulley, who died in Hutchinson, KS, 1930. Adam M Pulley was a brother to my great grandmother, Mary Catherine Pulley Crummer, who died in 1905 in Pocahontas Co, IA.

Owen Gene Pulley

NEWKIRK — Owen Gene Pulley, longtime Newkirk resident, died early Saturday morning, Oct. 25, 2003, in the Newkirk Nursing Center. He was 75.

A memorial service has been scheduled for 2 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 28, in Miller-Stahl Funeral Chapel with the Rev. Robert Farris, minister of the First Christian Church of Newkirk officiating.

Owen Gene Pulley was born June 11, 1928, in Medicine Lodge, Kan., the son of Owen A. and Jenita Ellen McKay Pulley. He grew up and attended school in Sedan, Kan., until the fifth grade when the family moved to Arkansas City, Kan., and he continued his education.

Gene and Ava Thomas were married on Aug. 11, 1946, in Arkansas City, Kan., and established their first home there. He finished his education in Arkansas City and graduated from high school in 1947. He then worked with his parents in their chiropractic office. He also laid Pamona ceramic tile. Later he owned and operated a Standard filling station, and he laid floor tile for the Parman Furniture Store in Arkansas City. In 1963 they moved to Newkirk and worked in construction.

Gene was a member of the First Christian Church of Newkirk. He enjoyed his family, fishing and Arabian horses.

He is survived by two sons, Thom Pulley and Steve Pulley and wife Dana, both of Newkirk; one daughter and son-in-law, Cathy and Joe Moore of Moore; and eight grandchildren, Kaylyn, Conner, Kyndal and McKenna Pulley, Chris and Alisa Moore, and Kayla Parker and Leandra Thompson.

He was preceded in death by one daughter, Gene Ann Pulley, and his parents.

A memorial fund has been established with the Newkirk First Christian Church. Contributions may be made through Eastman National Bank, Box 468, Newkirk, Okla. 74647-0468.

Ponca City News October 27, 2003



I am seeking information about John Henry Puthuff, who staked a claim in the Oklahoma Territory in what is now Cleveland County. His son, William B. Puthuff, lived on that section of land until his death. I would appreciate anything from anyone knowing of this family's history. I am told they originally came from Kansas. Thank you so much. Please forward any information to:



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