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Queries - R



DennisFrisch [] June 2007

Dear Pioneer Genealogical Society:
I am getting ready for a Memorial for my Patriot-James Kelly, his daughter was married to Rice Challes, in the late part of 1880-1890, his son in law and daughter moved to your area. I find them on the 1900 & 1910 census.
Nathan H. Rader age 64 born 1839 Home in 1900 Dale, Kay, Oklahoma
Louisa S. Rader age 61
Robert A. Rader age 29
Mastha Rader age 29
Pesse I. Rader age 17
Census for 1910
Nathan H. Rader age 79, born in Virginia
Laura S. Rader age 72
Martha Rader Age 24
I know the last census and the 1st don’t match exactly but I do know this is the right family.
They moved there from Jasper Co. MO
On the 1880 census of Jasper Co. MO
Sarah Challes 84 Mother in law born in Virginia
Nathan H. Rader 44 born in Virginia
Louisa S. Rader 41 born in KY
William Rader age 12 born in Ark
Robert Rader age 10
Mattie age 7
I would love to find the Challes Bible with documentation of the family. This would truly be a fine!
If you know of anyone researching this family, give them my email. We plan a memorial on September 23 and would love to have more family involved.
Judy Frisch, Regent
Thomas Hart Benton Chapter DAR

Here is what I have found for you.
The following are buried in the Newkirk Cemetery (Kay Co)
Nathan H. Rader Apr. 6, 1836 Oct.31, 1912 w. Louisa S.
Louisa S. Rader Feb.13, 1838 Jan. 1916 h. Nathan H.
Martha Rader 1874-1969
Robert Rader 1870-1952

There is also a Mae Rader 1879- 1962 She may be part of your family.
All of the above is from the Kay Co. Cemetery Inscriptions.

The following is from the Miller-Stahl Funeral Home
Mae Rader 1879 7-19-1962
Robert Edward Rader 1870 10-25-1952

This from the Kay Co. marriage records
R.E. Rader / May Ford 11-26-1901

Robert E. Rader Jr. / Laura Stalnaker 10-20-1927 (Think this is probably the son of Robert/ Mae(May)

Hope this will help you some. If I can help you further, let me know.

Shirley Harlan (PGS)

I want to thank you for all your work. Please send me your address and I will send something to submit into your genealogical society newsletter and also a small donation
This would be my family. I would love to know if there is a local DAR chapter – they may have found or copied part of the Rader family Bible. That would have been a find!
Thank You Judy Frisch

Yes, there is a DAR chapter in Ponca City, also Tonkawa, & Blackwell is in w/Ponca. This is one of the DAR ladies (Donna Humble). I talked to her abt. your question of the Bible, but she doesn't know of any that was copied.
I live in Blackwell Shirley Harlan
236 Stevens
Blackwell, OK. 74631

Will pass the donation on to the PGS. All donations are appreciated since we are a fairly small group.
Thanks again~~~~Shirley


See Crockett and Somerville

See Shook

Glenna [] September 2011


I'm trying to do some research for my 86 year old aunt.
She was born 1925 in Ponca City,but doesn't remember much about living there. Her father never talked about his family so she doesn't have a lot to go on other than she believes she is of Indian heritage. Her father was Charles James Reece. His father was Charles Reece who married Nellie Keplinger (?). Nellie remarried a David Thompson in 1921.

I'm looking for a burial location and death date for Nellie. I believe she died somewhere around 1932 or '33.

Thank you for any help.

The only thing I can find is a marriage application taken out in Kay Co. for
Nellie Keplinger / David W. Thompson 5-2-1921 Book 13 Page 203
I don't find either of them buried in Kay Co.

Denise Krueger [] May 2008

I'm trying to locate the burial place of Lafayette Richardson, who died 03/11/1911, most likely in Ponca City, OK. Also looking for other Richardson's who died in Kay County, names of George W; Margaret (Brown) Richardson; Delbert; or others with that name. The others would have been in the Blackwell or Kildane area.

Thanks so much! LaFayette has been lost to the family for a long time. Would love to find out if there are still related Richardson's in the area. :)

I haven't been able to find out a thing about Lafayette Richardson or the others you mentioned below.
There are numerous Richardson's buried in several of the cemeteries I checked, but I would need some 1st names & at least a birth date to check for any others than the ones you mentioned.
I will be glad to check some more for you if you'll supply me with names. I have marriage records, also, if you think some might have been married in Kay Co.

Shirley Harlan
Corresponding Sec.

Hi Shirley-
I've found that LaFayette died in Oskaloosa, IA but here are names of the other Richardson's related to him that I'm seeking:

George W Richardson, b Illinois 1832, son of Solomon Richardson b 1800 in North Carolina. Solomon's wife's name is Rebecca, b 1808 in South Carolina.
George's wife is Margaret (Brown), b 1832 Ohio.
Their children were
Doran W Richardson, b 1857 Wisconsin. My lost LaFayette lived with him in 1910 in Oskaloosa, Mahaska Co, IA. I find Doran back in Oklahoma again in 1920 in Cooper, Kiowa County OK with a daugther named Neva. Doran had the following children: Margot b May 1882; Ruby M Born May 1884; Oren W Born Dec 1885; Cleta O b Dec 1887; Niva B Born April 1890; Paul R B Feb 1892; Ruel A Born Aug 1894 and Evart b April 1898. .

George (M?) Richardson b 1858 Winslow, Stephenson Co, IL
Albert (Lester?) Richardson b 1860 " " "
Joseph Richardson b 1861 or 1866, Same
Delbert, b March 1870 Atkinson, Henry Co, IL
Cora Richardson b 1873 Dallas, Taylor Co, IA
Pearlie Richardson b 1876 Dallas, Taylor Co, IA
Asbury Richardson b 1878 Dallas, Taylor Co, IA
Tonee Richardson b 1882 Dallas, Taylor Co, IA/

Another son of Solomon Richardson was James D Richardson b 1/23/1839 Rock Island, IL. Married Katherine Lukens in 1875. Their children were
Riley Richardson b 1882 Haddam, Washington Co, KS
Eliner b 1884 " " "
Minnie b 1887 b Kansas
Melis or Menla b. 1889 "
Corba b 03/12/1891 born in Kansas. He married a woman named Florence, b 1895 in Kansas and had at least one child, named Olive, born 1918. Corba is in Waltham, Kay Co in 1920.
Ervin b 08/01/1894 " died in Springfield, Green Co, MO. He married a woman named Julia, born 1900 in Oklahoma and had at least four children, Kenneth W Born 1920; Norman J born 1922; Dorothy K born 1925 and John P Born 1929.

There is another son, don't know if they ended up there. Joshua Richardson, b 1830 Tennessee, wife Eliza b 1835. Their children were
Francis M Richardson b 1856 Illinois
Isa b 1858
Richard born 1861
Rachel b 1862

We're also missing another son, Solomon Richardson Jr, b 1837 in Rock Island, IL.
Hoping to find decedents of these lines, to see if anyone has old photos of the elder Richardson's.
Any help would be very much appreciated. This line has been lost to our family for 150 years. :)


Hi Denise,

Will start with the marriages I found from the Kay Co. marriage book
Corba Richardson / Florence May Adams 3-10-1914
Irvin Richardson / Julia Tongt 6-4-1919
Minnie Richardson / Edward S. Rixse 4-7-1933
These dates are when they applied for license.

All the following are buried in the Newkirk Cemetery (Kay Co.)
James D. Richardson 23 Jan 1839 d. 1920 w. Katie
Katherine (Lukens) Richardson 1852-1928
Riley Richardson buried 14 Feb 1962 (has no stone) no dates for b. or d.
Corba R. Richardson 12 Mar 1891 19 Mar 1971 F. of Lola & Jeanne
Miles Richardson 12 Apr 1889 5 Jan 1972
Minnie (Richardson) Rixse 1886-1978
Edward S. Rixse 1882-1956

Block Lot Space
J 7 10 Corba
J 7 11 Miles
J 7 12 Leona B.

Block Lot Space
I 25 1 Infant Richardson buried 30 May 1929 ns
I 25 4 Riley Richardson ns
I 25 5 Robert Richardson buried 19 Apr 1951 ns
I 25 6 S. Lukens nd ns
I 25 9 James D. Richardson
I 25 10 Katie Richardson
I 25 11 Minnie Rixse
I 25 12 Edward Rixse

I was not able to find any of the other names you sent. Must not have stayed around this area of Kay Co.

Corresponding Sec.

God bless you! It's a great start on tracking them down. If you encounter anything else on the Richardson line that happens to fit, please let me know.

With Gratitude-

Sue Ridgeway [] May 2011

Hello –I found my grandparents on the index of marriage applications on your site. Is there a way to get an actual copy of the marriage application/license?
My grandfather was Guy Ridgeway, and my Grandmother was Nellie Logan. The index indicates they applied for the license on 9/16/1905.

The index only indicates that the application is in Book 5 page 352 – I was hoping to get more information on my Grandfather – we do not know who his parents were – or where he was actually born.
Thanks so much,
Go back in to the area where you found the marriage app. and scroll down until you find where it says "Miscellaneous Records" and click on "Kay County Okla. Vital records" That wil tell you how to get a copy of their marr. license. Be sure to give them all the information of names, Book, & page. That will help them to find it a lot quicker.
I can tell you they are buried in the Blackwell Cemetery. Along with several others that I am assuming are probably their sons. If you don't have any of that information, let me know & I can give it to you along with b. & d. dates.

Thank you Shirley – yes, I did find their graves, and I did get a death cert for my Grandfather, but his mother is not listed, and his father is probably fictional. The death cert says he was born in 1870, the gravestone says 1872. He told my father he was born in WV, but the death cert says Virginia.
There is no record of birth for him as a Ridgeway in WV for sure. So, I was trying to find his mother’s maiden name on a document – that would confirm my research that he was illegitimate, and that he adopted his elder half brother’s last name. The research indicates that his half brother was a John Ridgeway who lived in Kingfisher County – and one of John’s sons – a Bennie B. - is buried in the Blackwell cemetery too.
However, John’s father, a Benjamin Ridgeway, died 7-9 years before my Grandfather was born. John’s mother was a woman named Hannah Ridgeway Trimbley Maxwell Nutter Bayliss (nee Cooper), (she actually married all those men and had nine children), who died in Noble County around 1911. Hannah and John were both born in Ohio, but lived in WV and Kansas for many years. There is a KS census record in 1880 listing a Hannah Nutter and a son (born in Ohio) named Guy Cowley (or Crowley). John Ridgeway and his family are listed on the same page of that census record. In the 1870 census in WV, there is a Hannah Trimbley listed with her son John Ridgeway, and a boarder named John Crolley. I believe these two might be Guy’s parents, but I have no way of confirming it yet.
It all sort of fits – and everyone seems to have moved to the same area of OK at the same time – Cooper, Ridgeway, Snodgrass, Black, etc. – all Hannah’s family. The last tie in with Hannah and John, would be my Grandmother’s family – the Logans and Mackeys. They had moved from Kentucky, and settled in Kingfisher County, OK. I think all of this is too much of a coincidence to be discounted.
Unfortunately, all Guy’s immediate family has passed – and I never knew any of his extended family, so there is no longer anyone from that era who would know the facts. I suspect that he did not reveal the truth even to his own children because of the stigma of being illegitimate at the time. I never met my Grandfather, and my father, who was his youngest son, died young. My father was born in 1920 – well after Hannah had passed. He never said a word about his paternal grandparents, and we were too young at the time to ask him much.
Very interesting and revealing stuff this family research; I feel like Sherlock Holmes. Thanks again for the help.

See Almack and Darland May 2008


Mahala [] July 2004

Peter J. T(isdale) Roberts (son of John Cantrel Roberts of Granite, OK, and Wise, TX) married Ellar?? in 1899 in Oklahoma. We aren't able to find her name, and are searching for a source for OK Territory marriages. Willing to post the family tree (Smith Robers Hayes Crow et al) or it's on Where can we look for this source?

I have checked the Kay county, OK records and did not find the record in question.
I'm assuming that since Granite is in Greer County, that you have checked all available listings there? As far as I can find out there are no combined Oklahoma Marriage records. I think that most if not all of the counties do have marriage indexes available, so if it was me I would start fanning out to counties from Greer county with queries like you sent to me. The usgenweb website is a good place to start asking for lookups
You can also find genealogical societies thru your search engine...some of these have online indexes. Or send queries thru their emails.


Jimmie Vivian Roberts-Scheuber

Researching the family of Jessie ROBERTS and his half sister, Elizabeth "Lizzie" HENDRIX. Lizzie was born February, 1885 in Indian Territory, Oklahoma according to 1900 Murray County, Oklahoma census. She was living with her mother, Mary VAUGHN ROBERTS and Bill ROBERTS. By 1910, she was probably married, since she did not show up on the census of Johnson County, Oklahoma. She was married to Jesse PEUROS or PARIS or PARISH, who may have been a native American. She had one son, Ike PEUROS or PARIS or PARISH. She was married between June 1900 and June 1910, possibly in the Davis, Oklahoma area. Her mother was Mary E. VAUGHN and her father was John HENDRIX. He may have also been called James B. ROCHESTER or Bill ROBERTS. Last known residence was Waurike, Jefferson County, Oklahoma or may have been Ponca City, Oklahoma. She died after 1928, place unknown

Jimmie Vivian ROBERTS-SCHEUBER108 North 6th Street Patterson, CA 95363

See Shook



Herbert Geisler [] April 2004

I am searching for any information on my grandfather. I was told that he and two of his brothers worked at the 101 Ranch. Probably sometime in the twenties.
Any information on a George (Janson) Rogers, James Rogers or a Buck
(probably a nickname) Rogers or information on how I might get a list of participants in any of the Wild West shows would be very much appreciated.
Thank You. Cynthia

The Rogers were not listed on any of the information I have. Unfortunately, there is only scattered information about the 101 Ranch. The best location to get information is through:

Kristina L. Southwell, Manuscripts Librarian
Western History Collections, University of Oklahoma
630 Parrington Oval, Room 452
Norman, OK 73019
405-325-3641 has a listing of the 1911 and 1925 show and we are going to be putting up a 1916 listing soon.


[Email bounced] Feb 2004

I am looking for an obituary notice or any other info on Clyde (possibly Isaac Clyde) Roller, my husband's uncle. He was born in Phillipsburg,KS Aug. 1893 and died in Tonkawa,OK in May 1972 according to the social security death index. We are trying to locate remaining family members. In 1911 when my father-in-law was born his older brother Clyde had already left home, hence the very loose connections. Linda Roller 1115 McDougall Dr. Lander WY 82520-3534 (307)332-4185


Irene (Rose) Warner [] Jan 2004

I am looking for information on a granduncle - Stephen Thomas Rose, Nov. 4, 1866, Ohio. He is on the 1910 Newkirk Twp. Census. I would like to know a death date and where he is burried if possible. His wife was Elelia E. (Suiter) Rose and she was born April 18, 1870 in Lawrence County, Ohio. They had children: Florence, Clifton and Garrett. Thank you

No Information Found


Simon []

I hope you can help me?, one for the local historians. My Father first learnt to fly for wartime operations at Ponca City airport /air base in 1941. He was in the city on 7 Dec when Pearl Harbour was announced. He still has a model of the Pioneer Woman statue. Does anyone have any records, details or information about the RAF at that time? Until 7 Dec 1941 they were officially "not there", so information might be scarce. I would be grateful for any history available

Eleanor Zuvanich [] November 2009

I am searching for information regarding George Russell, Born about April 1869 in North Carolina. He came to Oklahoma before 1900, He lived in the counties of Noble and Kay where he worked, raised his families and died.
George Russell was a town marshal in the 1930s. The town is unknown, but is thought to be in either Noble or Kay counties. This family lived in both Marland and Bliss.

He was married to Lizzie and lived on the Ponca Reservation, where is worked as a farm hand and laborer, when the 1900 Census was taken. George and Lizzie had three children: NORA, CLAUDE AND NELLIE. Later he married Mary Jane Dunlap and had several children.

The date and place of his death is unknown. Any information about George after the 1930 until his death would be greatly appreciated..

Thank you,

Eleanor Zuvanich

The info is kind of spotty and I'm not really sure if SOME of these people are yours, since you didn't send me any kind of birth or death dates to work with. But anyway you can decide it they are your people or not.
I found Nellie Russell / Floyd Nave in the Kay Co. marr. application records 4-18-1942 but not the other 2, Nora or Claude.

Nellie & Floyd must have left this area at some point in time and went to Sumpter Co. KS. since I found them buried in the Mulvane Cem in Ks. Her dates Feb 19 1909-Jul 15 1993
His dates Feb 2 1908 9-19-1994. However, I am just assuming this is your Nellie, but I would hardly think there were 2 different Nellie Russell's in this same area.

This I do know for sure, Mary Jane Russell is buried in Ponca IOOF Cem. but in the Catholic section, which is in the southeast part of cem. Section 2 Lot 32. Her dates are March 3 1883-12-24-1973.

Next to her is Herbert G. Russell--He died in Spokane, WA. 1-6-1967 b. 9-9-1914
He has a Military Marker Oklahoma Sgt. 463 Base Unit, AAF, WW 2 ( I'm assuming a son)

Next to Herbert is Emma Russell Zuvanich, died in Muskogee, OK. b. 1916 d. 1985, buried

Last lot is for Grace Vera Britcher, 8-28-1909 d. 8-29-1992
Owner of the lot is Grace Jones

There is a Evabelle Willie Russell--Section 2 Lot 25 12-10-1920 d. 3-25-1944 That lot is also owned by Grace Jones. (Connection, maybe ??)

There is a Robert and Mary Ann Russell in Section 3. May not be yours though.

I found nothing on Geo. or Lizzie. She could have remarried (if they divorced)

I would suggest you give Noble Co. a try, since Noble Co. line starts not too far south of Marland.

Hope this is of some help.

Thank you so very much for the information on the Russell family. Indeed--these people belong to me.
As always, when I get one piece of new information, it creates more questions. Does Noble Clounty have a historical society? If so do is they have an email address that allows me to correspond with them?
Agian, thank you for the research and new information.

Isn't that just the way it is!! More info you get, the more murky the waters get. Must be a genealogy thing :)
I don't know anything about Noble Co. You might try to Google it.

I kind of have a feeling since Geo & Lizzie were divorced between 1900-1910 she more than likely married again. That would certainly cause a huge problem trying to track her.

Have you tried tracing the kids??

Let me know if I can be of any more help.

I was fortunate to find a funeral card for Lizzie which gave vital information. Now I know she remarried and what her husband's name was. Also I know the date of her death and where the service was held. This information may be a clue to the history and where about of George or it may not.
The Nellie and Floyd that are buried in Summer Co., Kansas maybe the daughter and son-in-law or the original Nellie when dates are analyzed. (I use the rule of thumb that there is a new generation every twenty years).

You have been very helpful and I thank you for the information she have found for me regarding the Russell family.


Talk about lucky!! I told you she probably remarried, but to find out who, was pretty much of an impossibility. Now maybe you can find out something.

One of the best ways is by an obituary. Usually lists kids names, & sometimes bros. & sisters. I'd advise you when you know where she is buried, try to get an obituary for her. You might also try tracking down all the kids & get obits on them. Possibility it might mention where their father is.

Best of luck


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