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Pioneer Woman Statue

Ponca City, OK – Bryant Baker, Sculptor – Dedicated April 22, 1930.

Marland Mansion

Ponca City, OK - Constructed 1928.

Ponca City Library

Ponca City, OK – Constructed 1935.

Standing Bear Museum & Education Center

Ponca City, OK - Dedicated September 29, 2007.

Kay County Courthouse

Newkirk, OK – Constructed 1926.

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Marriage Records - Kay County, OK Newspapers

Applications dates are listed if found.
Copies of records can be obtained by writing to the address below,
include a SASE and $1 for each copy.
Kay County Court Clerk
P O Box 428
Newkirk, Oklahoma 74647

Some divorce records have been included

The Leader – Peckham
Dec 31, 1903

Allen - Lewis

B. O. Allen and Miss Lena Lewis were married at Newkirk Thursday afternoon. The Leader wishes them a happy and prosperous life.
[Application date December 23, 1903 Book 4 Page 458]

January 04, 1906

Appleton - Lorg

B.S. Appleton and Miss Alice Lorg were married at the Baptist Church at Eddy Sunday night by Rev. W.W. Dornian. One hundred and fifty invitations were issued and there was a large party in attendance. Many handsome presents were received. There is little doubt now but what Nardin will have a cotton gin next year. Over one hundred acres so far have been pledged with no effort to speak of to canvass the township. The 400 acres asked for will signed before it is time to begin planting and then the men to build the gin will be also be forthcoming. We have heard of several little patches of cotton being raised within 10 to 13 miles of Nardin, but from the fact that the cotton had to be hauled to Perry to market it, the small patches have been only experiments, but they have been successful enough to show the people that cotton can be made a paying crop in this locality.
[Application date December 22, 1905 Book 5 Page 433]

Blackwell Sun
May 31, 1906

Arnold - Poundstone


ARNOLD-POUNDSTONE-The J. W. Poundstone home was the scene of a very pretty wedding Tuesday evening, May 29, it being the marriage of their daughter, Miss Genevieve, to Mr. Lloyd Arnold. The house was fragrant with the perfume of roses and Jessamine with which the parlors were richly decorated. At three o'clock the bride and groom, proceeded by two lovely little flower girls, Genevieve and Ruth Poundstone, niece of the bride, entered the spacious parlors and stood beneath the arched doorway. Rev. Thos. F. Barrier. pastor of the Presbyterian church, performed the ceremony in the presence of a number of relatives and a few intimate friends. After congratulations, all were invited into the dining room where a bountiful supper was served. The many friends of the newly married couple were not contented to permit this to end the wedding festivities and about eight o' clock, the whole yard was filled with a merry crowd of uninvited but interested friends. The Bath bone Sisters entered the house first and showed their

[Application date May 24, 1906 Book 5 Page 582]

The Blackwell Sun
November 12, 1908

Bacher - Keith

Married, at Newkirk, Nov. 10,1908, Miss Blanch Keith and Mr. Fred. W. Bacher, both of Blackwell. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Keith who reside in the northeast part of town, and the groom is the son of E. E. Bacher, and is connected with his father in the business of the Blackwell Drug Co. Both of the young people are well and favorably known here and will receive the heartiest congratulations from their many friends. They will reside at 312 east College avenue. Their home having already been prepared for their return from their wedding trip.

[Application date November 10, 1908 Book 7 Page 138]

Blackwell Times-Review
Nov. 2nd, 1905

Beacham - Hayes

R. D. Beacham and Miss Iva M. Haynes, both of Nardin, were married at Newkirk by the probate judge.

[Application date October 18, 1905 Book 5 Page 378 Robert E and Ina M]

Blackwell Times Record
December 31, 1908

Beck – Wheat

The wedding of Miss Jessica L Wheat and Reverend Harris Graybill Beck, at the home of the brides parents, Mrs and Mrs Geo Anglemyer southeast of this city, Christmas eve, was one of the society events of the season. The ceremony was preformed by Rev. E H Cole, of the Methodist church of this city at 7:30PM and was witnessed by a number of relative and friends. A reception followed the ceremony and Mr and Mrs Beck were most heartily congratulated. Miss Wheat attended school in this city and has many friends and acquaintances who….
She is an accomplished lady and the young minister has chosen a helpmate indeed. Rev Beck is in charge of the Methodist church at Waukomis and is a gentleman of exceptional ability and attainments. We heartily join in the congratulations of the many friends.
[Application date December 22, 1908 Book 7 – Page 176]

Blackwell Sun
November 27, 1907

Beekler - Maze

Married, at the home of the bride's parents on Sunday, Nov. 24, 1907, at 2:30 p.m., Nina Maze and Wm. U. Beekler, Judge Al Voris officiating. The groom is the accommodating baggage master at the Frisco and the bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Maze. The young couple have a host of friends here who will wish them all the happiness in the world. Only the near relatives and friends were present. This was Judge Voris' first attempt at a marriage ceremony, but there is no doubt the knot was tied good and tight.

[Application date November 23, 1907 Book 6 Page 467 (William U Beckler)]

January 04, 1906

Bennett - Armstrong

W.L. BENNETT and Miss Gertha Armstrong of Eddy were married by Rev. J.S. White Sunday afternoon at the Latter's residence. They will make their future home at Eddy.
[Application date December 21, 1905 Book 5 Page 427]

Kildare Journal
July 9, 1897

Boster – Dossett

“Two Hearts that beat as One”
Unable to longer endure the cares and worries of farm life without a helpmate, our esteemed fellow-citizen, Samuel Boster, of Waltham township, determined to try anew the felicitous joys of matrimony and having selected Miss Blanche Dosset for mate, the ceremony was performed in Newkirk, Tuesday, July 6th 1897, and the happy couple are now embarked upon the holy sea of wedlock much to the surprise of neighbors. We extend hearty congratulations.
[Application date July 6, 1897 Book 1 Page 426 (Samuel Baster and Blanch d Dorsett)]


The Blackwell Sun
September 19, 1907

Brown - Freeland

FREELAND-BROWN- Married at the residence of Rev. E.M. Beauchamp, on east McKinley avenue, on Monday, Sept. 16, 1907, Miss Lola Freeland and Mr. W.H. Brown, Rev. Beauchamp officiating.

[Application date September 16, 1907 Book 6 Page 404 William H]

Weekly Republican Traveler [Ark City, KS]
September 21, 1893


Married by Moon Light
At 8 o’clock last evening a small procession consisting of a buggy and hour horseman called at the residence of Judge Parry and requested an interview. He was informed that the parties in the buggy, Mr. Aaron Brownawell and Miss Etta Toot, wished to get married. They procured the proper papers and standing up in the buggy requested the judge to proceed in the usual way, which he did and they were pronounced husband and wife with neatness and dispatch. [No Kay County application]

Blackwell Sun
July 12, 1906

Burk – Dorsett

Wednesday morning, July 4, at 9 o’clock, Mr. Ira Burk and Miss Ada Dorsett were united in marriage by Rev J A Overstreet at the residence of the bride’s parents. Mr. and Mrs. C A Dorsett, two miles northeast of Tonkawa. A wedding breakfast was served after the ceremony and the young couple drove over to Blackwell, where they spent the Fourth, going from there to Grenola, Kas. They will return next Monday and be at home on the Burk farm southeast of town. Mrs. Burk is the only daughter of C A Dorsett and wife. She is one of Kay county’s successful teachers and a very pretty and accomplished young lady. Mr. Burk is the son of P E Burk, one of the prominent farmers and stockmen of this county. Young Mr. Burk is an industrious and prosperous young man, who is capable of making a place for himself in the world. Mr. and Mrs. Burk came here with their parents at the time of the opening and have grown to manhood and womanhood about a mile apart and their marriage is the culmination of an attachment that has ripened with the advancing years. – Tonkawa News.
[Application date July 2, 1906 Book 6 Page 35]

Blackwell Times-Record
August 15, 1907

Burke - Browning


Miss Vivian Browning and Ernest A. Burke, of Newkirk, were married at the Brettun house in Winfield Thursday afternoon, Aug 1, 1907, at 2:30. Rev. D. M. Yetter performed the ceremony. Mr. And Mrs. Burke are prominent in Newkirk, he being the deputy district clerk of Kay county, and his bride the assistant to the probate judge. They came up on the 9:30 train Thursday morning and expected several friends to arrive on the one o’clock train which didn’t arrive because of the wreck. - Winfield (Kans.) Courier [No Kay County application]

Kay County Sun
Jan 4, 1900

Carson – Smock

Surprised Everybody

Geo. Carson is known by almost every man, woman and child in Blackwell, and has a friend in every one of them and they will all be surprised to learn of his marriege. It seems that George quietly slipped out of town and without even informing his parents of his intntion, journeyed to Lawrence, Kansas, and there took unto himself a wife, in the person of Miss Florence Smock, daughter of excounty treasurer S. J. Smock. The Wedding occurred on the 28th day of December, and the happy couple arrived here Monday evening asking for the Carson's parental blessing which they readily obtained. Mr. Carson has selected for his bride a young lady, who is well and favorably known in this city for her many accomplishments of hand, head and heart, and he is indeed fortunate in winning her for a life companion. George Carson, as we said before has almost as many friends as there are inhabitants of Blackwell, and he is a most, exemplary young man. The Times-Record joins with the many friends in extending to Mr. and Mrs. George M. Carson, congratulations and best wishes. [No Kay County application]

Cottle - Turner

Albert L Cottle and Barbara Jean Turner

[Application date August 3, 1970 Book 63 Page 490]

The Blackwell Sun
February 1, 1906

Coulter - Atherton
John B Coulter of Eddy, N M & Alma G Atherton of Braman
[Application date January 20, 1906 Book 5 Page 465]

Blackwell Sun
September 26, 1907

Crites vs Crites

John Crites vs. Nora Crites, petition for divorce.

The Blackwell Sun
February 1, 1906

Doolin - Anderson
Otto Doolin and Maud Anderson both of Osage reservation

[Application date January 20, 1906 Book 5 Page 464 (Otis Doolin)]

The Blackwell Sun
January 16, 1908

Downey - Ferguson

Married, Jan 8, 1908 by Judge Claude Duval at Newkirk, Miss Ella Ferguson and Alva Downey, both of Blackwell. Mr. and Mrs. Whipple of this city were witnesses. The happy couple went to Newkirk in the morning and returned in the evening, and at once repaired their new home on south A street, where a wedding supper was served and a reception held, those present as guests being Mr. and Mrs. Landrue, and children, Asia, Hugh, and Iva; Mr. and Mrs. Wasson, Mrs. and Mrs. Ferguson and children, George, Jesse, Charles, Madge and May; Mrs. Fisk and son Howard and daughter Josephine, Mrs. Holden, Sadie Beavers, and Otto and Flossie Johnson. The groom has been employed for some time by the City Transfer Co., and both he and his wife are well and favorably known. They have begun housekeeping in the home previously prepared by them.

[Application date January 8, 1908 Book 6 Page 504]

Blackwell Times Record
October 21, 1897

Edwards – Keyes

Married at the home of the brides father Mr C M Keyes, six miles northeast of Blackwell, at 1 o’clock pm Oct 21, 1897. Miss Maud Keyes and Mr J C Edwards of Sapulpa IT, Rev Keys of the ME Church officiating.
Miss Maud is very popular with her many friends and will be much missed in the social circle of Bitter Creek. Mrs Edwards is the depot agent of the “Frisco” RR at Sapulpa, their future home.
The many friends of Miss Maud join in wishing them a happy and prosperous life.
[Application October 21, 1897 Book 2 Page 32]


The Blackwell Sun
November 15, 1906

Endicott - Bainum

The marriage of Miss Jennie Bainum to Mr. Chas. L. Endicott took place Thursday evening at eight o'clock at the bride's home in this city. About forty relatives and friends assembled to witness the ceremony, which was conducted by Rev. T. F. Barrier of the Presbyterian church.
Promptly at eight o'clock while Miss Vivian Moore was playing Mendelsohn's wedding march, Rev. Barrier entered the room, followed by the bride's maid and groom's brother, Harry. After them came the bride and groom. Having taken their places before a beautiful bank of white chrysanthemums in a short but appropriate ceremony they were made man and wife. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Bainum and is an estimable young lady, having a large circle of friends who wish her much happiness. The groom is the son of S. T. Endicott, living five miles southeast of town. He is a prosperous young farmer. All extend to them congratulations and wishes of a long and happy life together.
[Application date November 7, 1908 Book 6 Page 158]

March 22, 1906

Fetty - Tucker

TUCKER - FETTY- A very quite and beautiful wedding ocurred in this city Saturday evening at the residence of Rev. J.W. Riley, the officiating clergyman. Mr. M.F. Fetty and Mrs. Daisy May Tucker were united in the bonds of holy wedlock. Mr. Fetty is employed at Ed L. Peckham's Farm Ranch and is one of his mosted employes. Mrs. Tucker, the bride is well known in our city and has a host of friends. They are well mated and well and favorably known to our citizens, and have the best wishes of their many friends. They will continue to reside in one of Mr. Peckham's properties.
[Application date March 12, 1906 Book 5 Page 516]

Blackwell Daily News
October 6, 1914

Frankenberry - Kistler

Miss Pearl Kistler and Creed Frankenberry were married at the home of the bride’s parents on East Blackwell avenue, Sunday morning at ten o’clock. They left at once over the Frisco for Richmond, West Virginia, where they will make their future home. Only the near relatives of the contracting parties attended the ceremony.
Miss Kistler has lived in Blackwell for years and was one of the most popular girls in the younger set. The groom is a prosperous young business man of Richmond, W. Va. Their many friends in this city extend congratulations and best wishes for their future.

[Application date October 3, 1914 Book 9 Page 363]

The Blackwell Sun
September 7, 1908

Frantz - Abell

Married, Sept. 7, 1908, at Howard, Kas., by the probate judge Miss Lillie Bird Abell and Mr. Ira B. Frantz, Mr. John Dial and Miss Ethel Abell of Moline, Kas., acting as best man and bridesmaid. Mrs. Frantz is the daughter or Mrs. Ida Abell of Moline, Kas., and a sister of Amsy D. Abell, formerly of Blackwell. She was reared in Moline and is an accomplished lady who enjoys a wide acquaintance in that vicinity, and many friends. Mr. Frantz is well and favorably known in Blackwell and vicinity and has many friends who extend congratulations. He is engaged in the jewelry business and expects to take further instruction in Kansas City this winter. Mr. and Mrs. Frantz came from Kansas to Tonkawa on Friday evening, where they visited over Sunday with a brother of Mr. Frantz. The bridegroom has just proved up on a valuable claim near Grady, N.M., and the happy couple start a life with a fair share of this world's goods, but have not decided just yet as to where they will permanently locate. [No Kay County application]

The Blackwell Sun
May 02, 1907

Fry - Kaufold

Kaufold – Fry Married, Easter Sunday, at Guthrie, Mabel Kaufold of Blackwell and Clyde E Fry of Oklahoma City. The bride attended the normal school at Edmond the past winter, and the bridegroom is one of Oklahoma City’s leading young men. Possessed of good business qualifications to insure success in life. Their many friends here and elsewhere extend congratulations [No Kay County application]

January 04, 1906

Garrison - Inman

Chas. Garrison and Miss Stella Iman of Rock Falls township were married Sunday evening by Rev. Myers at the home of the bride. The bride is a daughter of Esau Iman.
[Application date December 23, 1905 Book 5 Page 437]

Blackwell Times-Review
Jan 03, 1901

Geer - Jewell

Marion C. Geer, and Miss Maude Jewell were united in marriage at the residence of John Jewell, father of the bride, in Stroud, Okla, on Dec. 31st, 1900. They returned to the home of the groom, four miles northeast of this city on New Year's day. Mr. Geer, is one of our progressive and prosperous young farmers and his bride is a lady exceptionally well fitted to make him a good life companion. The many friends of the young people will join with the Times-Record, in congratulating them on starting in on the new century right, and will wish for them their full share of happiness and prosperity. [No Kay County application]

Blackwell Times Record
June 4, 1896

Gilbert – Browning

Married: May 31st, 1896 at Elder J M Via’s in Lowe township, Mr D E Gilbert to Miss Nellie Browning, both of Weston township, Elder J M Via officiating. The young couple were attended by Mr and Miss Browning, brother and sister of the bride.
[Dock E Gilbert Application date May 30, 1896 Book 1 Page 253]


The Blackwell Sun
February 1, 1906

Goad - Shaw
Grover Goad of Newkirk and Mary Shaw of Kildare

[Application date January 20, 1906 Book 5 Page 463]

Blackwell Times-Review
Jan. 16, 1908


Mr. Henry Grein, of Urbana, Ill., and Miss Emma McCloskey, were united in marriage Wednesday noon of this week, at the farm home of the bride's parents, mr. and Mrs. E. J. McCloskey, south of this city, Rev. E. B. Cole, of the Methodist church of this city, officiating.
Quite a number of neighbors and friends were present and it was a very pretty home wedding. The decorations were tasty and elaboorate, and the bride was most beautifully gowned. the wedding dinner was one that gave the townfolks, at least, a fair idea of the possibillities of a Kay county housewife's larder, and was fit for an epicure.
Mrs. Grein is an accomplished young lady who has many friends in this vicinity, and her husband is a most exemplary young man. They were the recipients of many nice wedding presents. [Application date January 14, 1908 Book 6 Page 508]

Blackwell Sun
December 1 1904

Grissom – Glover

Rev W H and Mrs Sandusky drove over to Eddy Sunday, where Mr Sandusky united in marriage Mr J P Grissom and Miss Maud Glover. There were a number of guests at the wedding. After the ceremony a sumptuous banquet was spread. The young couple will reside on the farm of the groom, in the neighborhood. The bride has many friends in Blackwell she having attended school here.
[No Kay County application]

March 1, 1906

Hardenbrook - Bracken

BRACKEN- HARDEN BROOK- Married at the Methodist Parsonage Tuesday evening, Feb 27, 1906, Harry A. Hardenbrook and Mabel Bracken, Rev. W. E. Woodward officiating. Both bride and groom are residents of Tonkawa, where they will continue to live for the present.
[Application date February 27, 1906 Book 5 Page 500]

Blackwell Times Record
October 18, 1894

Hisey - Churchill

Merry Marriage Bells
On Wednesday Oct 10th Judge Woodson of Newkirk performed the marriage ceremony which blended two lives into one, Miss Laura Churchill and A B Hisey were the happy bride and groom. The ceremony was followed by a bountiful supper at the residence of the brides father, J S Churchill in Carlisle township. The groom is the owner of a fine claim and the young people will reside there in the future. The Times Record sends best wishes for a long life and prosperity.
[Application October 10, 1894 Book 1 Page 88]


Salt Fork Valley News – Tonkawa
September 14,1900

Holdren – Newby

On Wednesday afternoon about 3:00 o’clock a beautiful wedding occurred in the new Christian church on West Grand Avenue. The contracting parties were Mr. Roy Holdren, of Nardin and Miss. Cora Newby of this city. Rev. Edgar Newby, brother of the bride, performed the ceremony. Only only a few close friends of the family attended the wedding and after which a sumptuous dinner was served at the home of Mrs. M.H. Newby, the brides mother. Miss Newby was gowned in a lovely white silk while the groom wore the usual black frock. The occasion was one of both joy and sadness to Mrs. M. H. Newby, joyful because all of her children were brought together in a happy reunion, and sad because of the parting of her daughter. A number of valuable and useful presents were received. Those from a distance who were present were: Dr. H. Warner Newby, from Guthrie, William Newby of Friend, Nebraska, Rev. Edgar Newby and family of Randall, Kansas, Mr. And Mrs. Peppard from Ponca City and Mr. And Mrs. Holdren of Nardin, Oklahoma. The News extends congratulations to the happy couple and wishes them a pleasant and prosperous journey through life.

[Application date September 11 1900 Book 3 Page 98 (G L Holdren)]

Salt Fork Valley News – Tonkawa
July 25, 1901

Huckleberry – Coburn

Mr. Paul Huckleberry and Miss Eva Coburn two of our popular young people slipped off from their friends Sunday last and drove to Newkirk and were married. Their secrecy of the affair was more for the novelty than anything else, as there was no apposing persons. The groom, resident of Tonkawa for more than a year and is one of our best young business men. The bride is the daughter of Mr. And Mrs. J.H. Coburn and a popular young lady. The news joins with a host of happy friends in wishing them happiness.

[Application date July 21 1901 Book 3 Page 321(Paul R Huckelberry & Mabel D Coburn)]

The Guthrie Daily Leader
Guthrie, Oklahoma
October 8, 1902

Youthful Bride Disappeared Suddenly Near, Arkansas City.Arkansas City, Kas [Kansas] Oct 8 Mrs. Edgar Hutchinson has disappeared from Ashton. a small station west at Arkansas City About six weeks ago Melvia Abshear. 15 years old. Was married to Edgar Hutchinson at Newkirk, after having run away from this city. As soon as they came back the girl’s guardian, M. M. Harvey, who has charge of considerable of her property, took her from Hutchinson and has kept here [sic] ever since. Hutchinson brought habeas corpus – proceedings to regain his wife and the girl was given permission by judge Lawrence, of the district court, to choose whether she would live with her husband or her mother and she went to live with her mother. Since the case was settled In the court the girl has been living with her mother at the home of her brother In law, M. M. Harvey, near Ashton. Friday night the girl went with her mother to the postoffice to get the mail for the family, and while Mrs. Abshear was In the office the girl remained In the buggy When the mother came out the girl was gone and It Is supposed that [sic] she went with Hutchinson, who had been seen In that vicinity, They have not yet been located. Harvey says that he believes that Hutchinson took the girl away by force and that she would not have gone with him of her own free will.

Kildare Journal
November 13, 1896

Johnson - Sparkman

Robert E Patterson and Minnie Keaton have been married by Judge Brown. Likewise W W Johnson to Harriet Sparkman. The latter couple live in the Osage country.

[Application October 28, 1896 Book 1 Page 309]

Times Record
October 17, 1918

Jones vs Jones

(First Published in Times-Record, Oct. 17, 1918)


In the District Court of Kay County, State of Oklahoma.
Aura Jones, Plaintiff, vs. James A. Jones, Defendant.
The State of Oklahoma to James A. Jones:
You are hereby notified that you have been sued in the District Court of Kay County, State of Oklahoma, and a petition has been filed in said action by Aura Jones as plaintiff against James A. Jones as defendant, and unless you answer or otherwise plead to said petition on or before Saturday, the 30th day of November A. D. 1918, the petition of plaintiff will be rendered accordingly in favor of the plaintiff and against said defendant, granting and decreeing the said plaintiff and absolute decree of divorce from said defendant on the grounds of extreme cruelty and gross neglect of duty, said divorce to become effective as provided by law, and further, plaintiff will be awarded the care, custody and charge of the minor children, Curtis, Lillian, Dewayne, and Fairy, and such other and further relief will be given plaintiff as she may be entitled to in equity, and judgment for costs will be entered against the defendant.
Attest: Plaintiff.
Court Clerk.
H.S. GURLEY, Plaintiff’s Attorney.

Blackwell Times Record
January 13, 1898

Kaul - Osborne

Married: At the residence of the brides parents near Newton, Kans., Wednesday, Dec 22, 1897; Miss Clara Osborne and Mr Otto Kaul of Blackwell, Okla., the Rev Mr Clark of Furley, Kans officiating. The happy couple left Friday morning for a short visit with relatives and friends in Southern Nebraska after which they will return to Blackwell, their future home. [No Kay County application]

The Blackwell Sun
August 15, 1907

Kelly – Paul

PAUL-KELLY- Miss Flossie Paul of Blackwell and Mr. Cecil A. Kelley, of Basswell, Ind., were united in marriage by the Christian church pastor at Newkirk, Aug. 8, 1907. They were accompanied by Miss Minnie Klofkorn and Walter Winkle . After the ceremony they drove back to the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. O.T. Winkler, 1 ½ miles north of Blackwell, where an elegant dinner was spread for them. Mr. and Mrs. Kelley will visit her parents and other relatives until Sept. 1, when they will leave for Stella, Neb., to visit the bride's sister, Miss Bessie Paul, and other relatives and friends, and from there to Boswell, Ind., to visit the grooms parents and other relatives. They will be at home after March 1, 1908, on their farm two miles from Boswell. The bride is a highly esteemed young lady and has a host of friends in and around Blackwell. Among the presents received were: Grandma Winkler, linen towels; Mr. and Mrs. C.T. Winkler, silver knives and forks; Mr. and Mrs. Rose Kelley, salad dish; Mr. and Mrs. Burkhalter and children, water set; Frank Gorden, silver sugar and creamer; Miss Minnie Klofkorn and Walter Winkler, silver olive dish.

[Application date August 8, 1907 Book 6 Page 363]

The Blackwell Sun
January 23, 1908

Klopp - Shinn

Married, on Jan. 11, 1908, at Ponca City, Miss Etta Shinn and Jay Klopp, both of Longwood township. The groom is the son of C. W. Klopp, a prosperous farmer of Longwood, and he bride is the pretty daughter of County Clerk Ed Shinn. The happy couple will go to housekeeping in Longwood township.

[Application date January 11, 1908 Book 6 Page 505]

The Blackwell Sun
February 1, 1906

Ledbetter - Abraham

Edw Ledbetter of Fredericktown, MD and Jennie Abraham of Hunnewell, KS
[Application date January 23, 1906 Book 5 Page 467 (Edward Leadbetter)]

Blackwell Sun
September 26, 1907

Leech vs Leech

Bertha Leech vs. H.B. Leech, petition for divorce.

Blackwell Sun
March 8, 1906

Littell – Payne

Married at Enid, Okla, Wednesday, Feb. 28, 1906, at high noon, Miss Leade Payne and Mr. J M Littell, both of Blackwell, the Rev Anderson of Enid officiating. Mr. and Mrs. Littell will make their home near Nelson, Nebraska. [No Kay County application]

Blackwell Times Record
November 11, 1897

Lund - Voris

Wedding Chimes
At the residence of the brides parents Mr and Mrs W S Voris, of Round Grove township, Thursday, evening Nov 4th., their daughter Miss Eva was united in marriage to Mr Porter Lund, of this city. The ceremony was performed in the presence of a large number of friends and relatives by Rev S G Keys. After the ceremony the guests were invited to the dining room, where they partook of a bountiful repast. The bride was attired in pink silk with chrysanthemums, and the groom in conventional black. The following presents were received. Link Clark and wife, hand painted stand cover, hall rack and parlor chair. J W McClintic and wife, of Perry, handsome lamp. Miss Ida Wilborn, of Perry, handsome Persian rug. Miss Golda McClintic, of Perry, Silver pin tray and tooth pick holder. O J Swanson and wife, crystal set. Frank Sink and Miss Edith Moore, china fruit dis. T J Hughes, silver pickle jar. Miss Agnes Lund, pair linen towels. W W Nichols, handsome parlor lamp. A O Lund and wife, set of silver knives and forks. Miss Lena Fitzpatrick, tooth pick holder. Father and mother of the bride, handsome silver cracker jar. Mr and Mrs Fitzpatrick , silver cake basket. P A Summers and wife, embossed bed spread. A Voris and wife, cut glass cake stand.
[Application November 1, 1897 Book 2 Page 41]


Blackwell Times Record
December 31, 1896

McAdams – Carmichael
Harms – Carmichael

Double Wedding
On Thursday, December 24, 1896 at 7 o’clock pm at the home of the brides parents, on and on-half mile north of Blackwell, Miss Lillian Carmichael and Mr J C McAdams and Miss Laura Carmichael and Mr P J Harms were united in marriage, Rev Keys, pastor of the M E church of Blackwell officiating. The happy brides are twin sisters, daughter of Mr and Mrs W P Carmichael. Mr McAdams has a fine claim five miles north of Blackwell, where himself and bride will make their future home. Mr Harms is a resident of Chatauqua County, Kans., wither he has taken his bride together to brave the realities of wedded life. The many friends of the young people wish them many years of happiness.
[James McAdams-Lillian Carmichael, Application December 21, 1896 Book 1 Page 338] [Peter J Harmes-Laura L Carmichael Application December 23, 1896 Book 1 Page 337]


The Blackwell Sun
December 24, 1908

McFarland - Myers

A Christmas Wedding
Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. A. M. McFarland, Miss Mary McFarland, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. McFarland, and Mr. and Mrs. H. Stauffacher, have gone to Breckenridge, Okla., to be present at the marriage of Arthur Leroy McFarland and Alice Vista Myers, at the home of the bride in Breckenridge, on Wednesday, Dec. 23, high noon. The groom has been in the grain business at Breckenridge, but has been living in Blackwell with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. McFarland, the past three months. The happy couple will make their home at Tyner, between here and Tonkawa, where Mr. McFarland will manage the grain business at the elevator.
[No Kay County application]

Blackwell Times Record
December 10, 1908

McFarlin – McAdams

Mr Erco McFarlin and Mrs Lillian McAdams of this city were united in marriage, Thursday, Dec 3, at the Methodist parsonage in Anthony, Kans., the ceremony being performed by Rev E C Pollard of that city. They left the same afternoon for Liberal Kans., and after a two weeks honeymoon they will return here and move to Ponca City where they will make their home. Mr McFarlin has been a marble worker for Hahn & Hohler of this city and is a top notcher in his line. Mrs McAdams is well known to our citizens and our readers we know join in hearty congratulations.[Also article in the Oklahoma Socialist] No Kay County application]

Blackwell Times Record
January 13, 1898

Merryman - Porter

Married: - Christmas day in Lowe Township, at the residence of Elder J M Via, Mr Elmer Merryman and Miss Ara Porter both of Carlisle township. The young people were accompanied by the Messrs. Artie and Maggie Porter, Mr Clarence Porter and Mr Joseph Williamson. Elder Via in a few chosen words sealed their vows and made them one. We wish the young couple joy and prosperity through life’s journey.
[Application December 23, 1897 Book 2 Page 77]


The Blackwell Sun
January 23, 1908

Miller - Baker

Married, Jan. 21, 1908, in this city. Miss Alice Baker of Eddy and Earl Miller, Judge Al Vorls officiating. The license was issued in Grant county and nothing is known of the young folk here. [No Kay County application]

Oklahoma Socialist
December 10, 1908

Miller - Porter

Married, at the Presbyterian church in Blackwell on Thursday, Dec. 3, 1908, at 4 p.m. Miss Mae Porter and Mr. Geo. L. Miller, rev. T.S. Hawley officiating. The wedding was private, only the family of the bride and a few intimate friends being present. Miss Hawley presided at the piano. Mr. Miller was accompanied by his mother, Mrs. Geo. W. Miller of Ponca City, and Mr. Harter of Oklahoma City and Miss Marion Lutterlough of Ponca City were best man and bridesmaid. After the ceremony a dainty lunch was served at the Savoy hotel and is worthy of every respect being of a happy disposition, well educated and accomplished. She has many friends here and at Ponca City, her former home, who will extend the heartiest congratulations. Mr. Miller is the "Big Ingun" of the 101 ranch and is widely known and respected in both the social and business world.

[Application date December 2, 1908 Book 7 Page 181]

The Blackwell Sun
February 1, 1906

Minor - Divorce

Hattie D Minor vs Harry P Minor, suit for divorce

The Blackwell Sun
September 13, 1906

Moffett - Wilkins

Misses Lula and Laura Wilkins went to Arkansas City, where the latter will be married to Dr. A. Moffett of Cherryvale, Kas., where the doctor and his bride will make their home. Miss Lula will visit other relatives in Kansas before returning home. [No Kay County application]

The Blackwell Sun
September 19, 1907

Moody - Tribby

TRIBBY-MOODY-Married at Los Angeles, Calif., Sept. 10, 1907, Miss Bessie Tribby of Tonkawa and Mr. Geo. Moody, formerly of Blackwell. A note from Verle Meade in regard to the matter says: "It was a surprise to everyone. They were married by Rev. Brown, assistant pastor of Bob Burdetts of the Temple Baptist church. The ceremony took place at the pastor's residence. It was a very quiet affair, only the pastor, his wife and myself being present. George will retain his position with the Southern Pacific railroad. They will make Los Angeles their future home. Miss Tribby is well known in Tonkawa, attended school at the preparatory school, is an accomplished young lady. Her father is a prominent citizen of Tonkawa. George's pedigree you know for yourself." [No Kay County application]

The Blackwell Sun
February 20, 1908

Moore - Johnston

JOHNSTON-MOORE and JOHNSTON-WELGE-Married on Wednesday, Feb. 12, 1908, at 12 o'clock noon, at the residence of the brides' parents on east Blackwell avenue, Miss Jessie M. Johnston and Richard G. .Welge and Daisy I. Johnston and M. L. Moore, Rev. E. B Cole of the M.E. church officiating. The home was handsomely decorated for the occasion with a white bell in the center of the parlor and white ribbons and green foliage. The ring service was used, the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Field bearing the ring and carrying white roses. Mrs. Cole played the wedding march. The brides were gowned in cream colored dresses and the grooms in black. About a hundred guests were present to witness the ceremony and a long list of presents, mostly silverware and china, were bestowed upon the happy couples as tokens of esteem. After the ceremony, the entire company was conveyed in carriages to the Hotel Savoy, where an elaborate dinner of four courses was served. The dining room and nine tables were handsomely decorated in red carnations and evergreens in profusion. Each guest was presented with a souvenir card and with a piece of the brides' cake in white crepe paper and tied with red and green ribbon and each guest also received a carnation. The dinner lasted until about 3:30. All the contracting parties are well and favorably known here and have hosts of friends who extend congratulations.

[Daisy L- M L Application date February 10, 1908 Book 6 Page 524] [Richard G - Jessie M Application date February 10, 1908 Book 6 Page 523]

Blackwell Times Record
February 16, 1899

Olson – Clayton

Married February 11, 1899 at the residence of Mr A L Horn of Braman, Okla., Mr James C Olson and Mrs Maggie Clayton. Elder J M Via, officiating. Mrs Jossie Horn prepared and served a most excellent dinner, which was heartily enjoyed.
Mr Olson is traveling in the interest of the Fraternal Aid association and is an all round good fellow. Mrs Clayton was clerk in the dry goods department of McKnight’s store in Braman. Mr and Mrs Olson took their leave in the afternoon for Kildare from thence they go to Lawrence, Kans and may make their home in Arkansas City. J M Via
[Application February 8, 1899 Book 2 Page 331]

The Blackwell Sun
July 02, 1908

Owens - Billings

BILLINGS-OWENS - Married at the home of the bride's sister, Mrs. O. A. Griss, at Wichita, Mr. Oscar E. Owens of Wellington, Kas., and Miss Edith J. Billings of Tonkawa, on Wednesday, June 24, Rev. Cudlipps officiating. The bride was one of Tonkawa's most popular young ladies, having resided there for the past eight years. Mr. Owens is in the employ of the Santa Fe as conductor. They will make their home in Wellington. [No Kay County application]

Blackwell Sun
August 18 1904

Parker – Baldwin

A pretty wedding occurred at the home of Mr and Mrs Baldwin, four miles west of the city, Thursday night at 8 o’clock, Miss Katie Baldwin being united in holy wedlock with Mr Chas A Parker. Rev W E Woodward of the Methodist churcch, performing the ceremony. Several guest were present and a bountiful supper was served. Mrs Parker, the bride, has been living in this community for three years and has many friends who wish her a long happy wedded life. Mr Parker, the bridegroom, lives in Imporia, Kansas, where he was embarked in business, and where he will at once return with his bride.
[Application date Aug 10, 1904 Book 5 Page 19]


Kildare Journal
November 13, 1896

Patterson – Keaton

Robert E Patterson and Minnie Keaton have been married by Judge Brown. Likewise W W Johnson to Harriet Sparkman. The latter couple live in the Osage country.

[Application October 27, 1896 Book 1 Page 311]

Blackwell Times Record
January 13, 1898

Prewitt - Jones

Rev G E Prewitt, pastor of the Christian church of this city, was united in marriage last Monday evening to Miss Nellie Marie Jones, Shell City, MO. They are expected to arrive in Blackwell to-day. The Times Record unites with other friends in extending congratulations.[No Kay County application]

Blackwell Sun
July 19, 1906

Priboth – Brown

At the hour of 9 pm Thursday evening, Miss Millie Brown was united in marriage to Mr Fred Priboth. The wedding ceremony was very beautiful. Miss Luella Porter of Newkirk played the wedding march and Rev J W McAtee officiated. After the ceremony and congratulations the happy couple, relative and guests retired to the dining room where a fine supper was served. After supper the guests spent the time in social chat and general good time and if the newly married couple may be as happy through life as the guests were that evening, they will be lucky indeed. The bride was beautifully attired in a rich gown of peu de chine, and the groom wore the conventional black. The house was prettily decorated with green shrubbery and roses and white carnations were in abundance. Mrs Priboth is the beautiful and accomplished daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G W Brown, a prominent farmer living two miles south of Braman. Mr. Priboth is a promising young farmer, living on fine farm on Bitter creek east of Braman. He is energetic and industrious and no doubt will make a good husband. The newly married couple received many useful as will as beautiful and valuable presents. About 250 people were in attendance and all enjoyed the occasion thoroughly. Those present from Blackwell were J a Potter and Wife, W W Yeager and Wife, Dr A P Gearhart and wife, Mrs. B C Payne, Misses Georgia Brizendine, Jennie Payne and Daisy Johnson and Messer’s. Harry Endicott, Lonnie and Burke Payne.
[Application date July 10, 1906 Book 6 Page 40]

Blackwell Daily News
October 6, 1914

Rhodd vs Rhodd

Margaret L. T. Rhodd vs. Louis Rhodd: divorce and custody of child; petition filed; summons issued.

Blackwell Sun
April 12, 1906

Riley - Rourker

Rouker- Riley- Marriage

Rourker- Riley- Alva W. Riley of Beaumont, Kans, and Miss Blanche Rourker, daughter of a well known Rock Island employee of Shawnee, Okla., were united in marriage last Thursday evening, at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Rourker. The bride and groom were old acquaintances, both having spent four years in high school together, and both graduated in the same class at Huntington Ind., in 1902. The groom is a popular mail clerk on the Frisco, and has a large acquaintance among the rail road people. The bride is a beautiful and Charming young lady and has a host of friends in Shawnee. They spent Sunday with the groom's parents. Rev. J. W. Riley has a house nicely furnished for occupancy. Their many friends extend their best wishes to them for a happy and prosperous life. [No Kay County application]

The Blackwell Sun
November 12, 1908

Robinson - Palmer

Married, at Enid, NO11, 1908, Mrs. Minnie Palmer and R. A Robinson, both of Blackwell, N. D. Asher, Justice of the peace, officiating. From Enid the happy couple went to El Reno and Hinton, thence to Caddo county. At Enid they visited with Mrs. W. C. Jackman, sister of Mr. Robinson. Mrs. Palmer formerly conducted the Central hotel on north Main street and Mr. Robinson has for the past three years been employed by Ferguson Bros. & Vickery as a plumber. They will make their home for the present on north Main street, where they will receive the congratulations of many friends.[No Kay County application]

Blackwell Times-Review
Jan 17, 1907

Shaw - Davis

Married, January 8th, 1901, in the parlors of the St. James Hotel, at Winfield Kansas, Mr. L. A. Shaw of Blackwell, O. T. and Miss Davis of Lamont, O. T. This match was quite a romantic affair. Mr. Shaw is the book keeper for the Oklahoma Construction Co. The brides paternal sire is working on the grade and Miss Davis was working in the commissary. Mr. Shaw soon learned to love her, and the affection was reciprocated. But there was still an obstacle to be overcome; for Mr. Davis, who had evidently forgotten the days of his own youth declared that he would shoot the first man who came to ask him for his daughter. In order to avoid the threatened catastrophe. Mr. Shaw decided to marry the girl first and ask her fathers consent afterward so he secured a team and the couple started for Ponca City at 6 o'clock in the evening, arriving there about two o'clock at night. From here they took the train for Winfield, where they were married, returning to Lamont the next day, and we suppose, secured the usual parental forgiveness. Mr. Shaw is well known and has many friends here, with whom we unite in wishing him and his bride a prosperous voyage oe'r life's sea. - Lamont Dispatch.[No Kay County application]

Blackwell Sun
June 21, 1906

Sitton - Gross

At the Methodist parsonage in Arkansas City at 8:30 Saturday evening, June 16, 1906, occurred the marriage of Miss Mabel Gross, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F C Gross of Blackwell and Mr. Keller Sitton of Arkansas City. The groom attended school here and also at Wichita, and has secured a position with a wholesale house at Arkansas City. The young couple went to housekeeping at once in their new home which had already been prepared by the groom. Their many friends extend congratulations. [No Kay County application]

Blackwell Sun
July 12, 1906

Sparks – Stoner

July 4 at 6 pm at the residence of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. E W Stoner at Winfield, Kans, occurred the marriage of Miss Edith M Stoner to Mr. Shelby Sparks, Rev E C Beach, pastor of the M E Church, officiating. Mr. Sparks is the son of Mr. and Mrs. S A Sparks of Blackwell and has many friends here. He is a traveling agent for the Jacques Mfg Co of Chicago, Ill, with whom he has been for a number of years. [No Kay County application]

The Blackwell Sun
May 07, 1908

Steger - White

Marriage Licenses

Orie Steger and Bertha White

[Application date April 29, 1908 Book 7 Page 2 (Orie Stiger and Bertha Wright)]

December 28, 1905

Taylor – Gordon

Gordon- Taylor- Marriage

GORDON- TAYLOR- Mr. Hugh Taylor and Mrs. Salima Gordon were joined in marriage Thursday evening at residence of Rev. J.W. Riley, pastor of the U. P. church in this city. The wedding was a quiet one and was a surprise to their friends. There was only one invited guest present. Mr. Taylor the groom is employed at the Indiana hotel, and is well and favorably known here. Mrs. Gordon has lived here several years and has many friends in this city who join both of them in wising a happy journey through life.
They left Friday morning on the Santa Fe for a short visit at Joplin, Mo, and Pittsburg, Kans. They will be at home to their friends after January 4th at Mrs. Taylor's residence on west McKinley avenue.
[Application date December 21, 1905 Book 5 Page 428]

Blackwell Times Record
August 17, 1899

Trump – Blood

Wedding Bells

At 4 o’clock on the afternoon of August 9th, Mr Chas E Trump and Miss Blanche M Blood of this city, were united in marriage at the home of the bride’s sister, Mrs J S Dickman, in Lincoln, Neb. By a happy arrangement of plans, the ceremony was performed by the pastor of the young people, Rev Jas R E Craighead, on his return from his vacation in Minnesota.
There were about twenty-five guests present at the occasion who gave evidence of their love and good wishes by many appropriate gifts. The bride was dressed in a beautiful and becoming traveling gown and the groom in conventional black.
At the conclusion of the ceremony most elegant refreshments were served, reflecting great credit upon the culinary abilities of the hostess and the caterer. Following the feast, Mrs Craighead sealed a wedding fruit cake together with the names of those present, in a fancy stone jar to be opened at some future anniversary. At six o’clock Mr and Mrs Trump left Lincoln for Omaha attended by the rice and good wishes of the guests. After visiting the Exposition at Omaha and stopping for a short visit with friends in Kansas City and Wichita, they returned to Blackwell where they well be at home to their friends after August 20th.

These young people are too well known in our city and the surrounding country to need introduction to our readers. Mr Trump being one of the prominent business men of the place and Mrs Trump having taught in our public schools last winter. [No Kay County application]

The Blackwell Sun
March 12, 1908

Turvey - Missel

Wedding Bells
A marriage license has been issued to Samuel H. Turvey and Lydia M. Missel, and the wedding occurred at the Missel home just south of town at 7 0'clock last evening, in the presence of invited guests. The groom is well and favorably known here having been engaged in the meat business for several years, but is now located in Arizona. The bride is also well and favorably known, and their hosts of friends will extend the heartiest congratulations.

[Application date March 9, 1908 Book 6 Page 541]

Ulrich – Jones

Edward Ulrich and Irma Jones
October 21, 1933
Newkirk, Oklahoma
Recorded in Book 25 Page 489

Marriage License

Blackwell Sun
October 20, 1904

Vandenburg – Shaw

Last Wednesday at noon, Myron Vandenburg, of Vandenburg Bros., of this city and Miss Bertha Shaw daughter of Mr and Mrs Clinton Shaw, living southwest of Hunter, were married at the residence of the bride’s parents. Rev James a Davis officiating. A number of the near friends and relatives were present. After partaking of an excellent wedding dinner, the young couple left on a short wedding tour for St Louis and other points. The bride is an accomplished young lady of eighteen and the groom, Mr Vandenburg, is one of the most popular young men of Blackwell. They will make Blackwell their future home. This paper joins with numerous other friends in extending hearty congratulations to the happy couple.
[No Kay County application]


The Blackwell Sun
January 23, 1908

Wafford - Wright

Married, at Newkirk, Jan. 21, 1908, Miss Beulah Wright of Blackwell and Bert C. Wafford of Enid, County Judge Claude Duvall officiating. The bride is the sister of Ellie Wright of this city and has many friends here who will extend congratulations. The groom is employed as a brakeman on the Rock Island railway, and the happy couple will make their home in Enid. They came to Blackwell Tuesday evening and will visit here for several days.

[Application date January 21, 1908 Book 6 Page 512]

Blackwell Sun
July 12, 1906

Wasson – Beavers

A nice little wedding occurred at the residence of Rev J Roberts at the corner of First street and McKinley avenue on Tuesday evening, July 3, Rev Roberts officiating and the contracting parties being Miss Ruby Beavers and Roy Wasson. Roy Beavers and Linda Manning were the attendants. The happy couple are well known in Blackwell, Mr. Wasson being employed at the ice plant.
[Applcation date June 27 1906 Book 6 Page 31]

The Blackwell Sun
August 15, 1907

Wasson - Stone

STONE-WASSON- At the residence of the bride's father, Fred W. Stone, four miles south of Blackwell, on Wednesday evening, Aug. 7, 1907, occurred the marriage of Miss Eva Stone and Mr. Cleveland Wasson. After a simple but appropriate ceremony T.F. Barrier pronounced them husband and wife. Congratulations from about thirty being over they repaired to the dining room where the table fairly groaned under a sumptuous wedding feast. The cutting of the bride's cake caused much merriment as well as anxiety (among some) until the ring which had been placed in it was found in the piece taken by Miss Lula Wasson. Just after supper suddenly by the north window the band from Blackwell struck up "Everybody Works but Father." The surprise was appreciated by all and the band was then prevailed upon to give quite a little concert. Mr. and Mrs. Wasson have rented Mr. Stone's farm, from which he will move his family in a few days to property which he has purchased in the west part of town. The bride and groom were the recipients of many valuable and useful presents. Their many friends extend to them congratulations and wish them much happiness.

[Application date August 6, 1907 Book 6 Page 360]

The Blackwell Sun
October 01, 1908

Watson - Harrrison

Married, at Newkirk, on Saturday Sept. 26, 1908, Miss Lou Harrison and Mr. C. B. Watson, both of Blackwell, County Judge Duval officiating. Mrs. Nell Blough of Chickasha, a sister of the bride, met them there and accompanied them to Blackwell for a two weeks visit. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Harrison of north Main street, and has been employed for some time in the Times-Record office as a typesetter. Mrs. Watson is a brother of "Jack" Watson and has for some months been in the employ of the Ferguson Bros. & Vickery company as a plumber. Both young people have many friends here who extend congratulations.

Application date September 26, 1908 Book 7 Page 104]

The Blackwell Sun
February 20, 1908

Welge - Johnston

See Moore - Johnston

The Blackwell Sun
February 1, 1906

Wetzel - Snyder
Geo Wetzel and Odessy Snyder both of Poncca City
[Application date January 23, 1906 Book 5 Page 466]

Salt Fork Valley News – Tonkawa
June 6, 1901

Whealy - Blythe

E. B. Whealy Married

E. B. Whealy, one of our very best young men, who is working as night man for the Santa Fe at this place, was married Tuesday of last week to Miss Hope Blythe, of Keats, Kan. The happy young couple has gone to housekeeping in the east part of town. The News extends hearty congratulations.[No Kay County application]

Blackwell Daily News
Jan. 18, 1917

Wheeler - Sherrarrd

Miss Grayce Sherrard and William Wheeler were married at the home of Miss Sherrard’s parents Wednesday evening, January 19, at six o’clock. Mr. And Mrs. Wheeler will reside in this city. Each of the contracting parties are well known in Blackwell, Mr. Wheeler being connected with the Linxwiler store on North Main street and Mrs. Wheeler having been a stenographer in the glass plant office for several months. Both were popular among the younger set of the city.

[Application date January 16, 1917 Book 10 Page 419]

The Blackwell Sun
July 22, 1907

Williams – Crawford

Marriage Licenses

Charles P. Williams and Pearl Agnes Crawford

[Application date August 15, 1907 Book 6 Page 368]

Blackwell Sun

January 9, 1908

Williams – Robinson

Homer Williams and Miss Lula Robinson were married at Winfield on Dec 31. The groom is the son of Mr and Mrs J R Williams of this city and is engaged in the barber business at Tonkawa; where he will make his home. The bride is a daughter of Mrs Nancy Robinson of the Lost Creek neighborhood
[No Kay County application found]


Blackwell Sun
April 2 1904,

Williams - Isenberger

At the residence of the bride’s parents at west Paden avenue and South Second street, Wednesday evening, April 19, Miss Maud Isenberger and Mr Walter Williams were married, Rev W E Woodward officiating. The wedding was strictly private, only the immediate friends and relatives of the contracting parties being present. A number of young folks, however, got news of the wedding and proceeded to charivari the happy couple until this demands were satisfied. Both Mr and Mrs Williams are popular young people here and their many friends will congratulate them.
[Application date April 18, 1905 Book 5 Page 219]


Blackwell Sun
January 17, 1907

Wright - Curtis

CURTIS WRIGHT-Miss Kate Curtis and Mr. O.T. Wright were united in marriage Jan. 23, at the residence of the bride's parents six miles east of the city. These young people are well and favorably known and their many friends extend to them their hearty congratulations and best wishes for their future happiness.

[Application date January 22, 1907 Book 6 Page 222 (Katherine)]



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